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The demise of the Northwest Front

If American white nationalism were not charlatanism, in these times of electoral fraud its proponents would be writing dozens of articles against democracy and in favour of the revolution.

Not only do they not do any of that, but except for Stormfront they hardly comment that the only revolutionary site with a specific plan for how to do the revolution has shut down (James Mason and his epigones never had a specific plan).

It is true that the Butler Plan was flawed as becoming independent in the Northwest leaving Uncle Sam with all of his toys of mass destruction wasn’t going to work, and Harold Covington’s character was as flawed as the Butler Plan.

But that is not the point. The point is that no one today, after the late Covington’s Northwest Front closed recently, is talking about the only option to take back the western lands after the worst betrayal against the white race since prehistory! It is very significant that if we click the address of what used to be Covington’s webpage, we find the ignominious message: ‘The Northwest Front has been shut down. Consider Life After Hate’! This recent comment by a Nietzschean on this site hits the nail:

It’s an unmistakable trend that white nationalism has become softer over the years. Compare Pierce, Rockwell, Lane and Oliver to Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer and Kevin MacDonald. In temperament and character it’s night and day. The former were willing to deal with uncomfortable truths and advocate actions which were appropriate to a grave situation. The latter tells you to vote for a mainstream political candidate while rattling the tin can. If we have anything going for us in the absence of money, military or media it can only be truth but WN ‘leaders’ are still trying their best to obfuscate and implicitly or explicitly deny reality. These charlatans serve as a boogeyman and punching bag for the system while rendering effective opposition impotent.

I would suggest that visitors to this site read my excerpts from The Brigade—Covington’s masterpiece—that by the way I don’t see how to purchase it in print. Covington’s novels were one of the first victims of internet censors. Even MacDonald got to comment on it when they censored the novels a few years ago.

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wiki labels metzger as a skinhead. well, bezos is skinhead in looks, too. gee, maybe i’ll shave my head and start waxing it.

Kai Murros’ Maoist past comes to mind. I wonder how much of the right’s hatred of Maoism stems from their cucking before the notion of a violent revolution! One would think the rural White America vs. degenerate nigger agglomerations scenario would bring up some fantasies. Nope, only the crickets chirping and “propertarianism” (John Mark’s gone, too).

Afterthought wrote:

> Selling Whitopia to whites shouldn’t be that hard, but it is turning out to be far harder than it needs to be. We must reassure folks that life will be very similar to the life we all know except without the people who hate us and want us dead. The laws will remain stable during a period of transition, and after an interval, we will open them up to modification through a fair and just process. Christianity will be respected again while non-Christians will be free of vexation for not practicing the majority religion. In other words, the new nation will be what we thought America was, only much much better.


Conquering Aryavarta for Aryans will be hard. We must stir our folk’s spirits that future life will be nothing similar to the life we all know. The laws will be abolished, and after an interval, we will enact Nature’s Law to govern the race. Idealist Christianity will be despised for the spider it is, while anti-Christian veneration of holy matter will be enshrined as our creed. In other words, the new nation will be the antithesis of never-White America, we will found a country our sins against our blood once made us unworthy of having.

I’m sorry for posting a second comment. But I have checked the SF link, and what do I see?

> It is sort of funny to see those REED SEEJ types praise James Mason so much when he admitted to being attracted to underage girls (as low as 15).

This is worthy to be an epitaph for our wretched race. Being attracted to girls should not be anathema. Even in Mediaeval Europe when they considered the image of that crucified Palestinian with bloody, crooked feet the pinnacle of art, they had the dignity to marry 13 year olds, not the 35 year old bimbos with tanned skin fresh off a nigger dick.

Of course: WNsts are so ethno-sucidial that they carry upon their shoulders the neo-Xtian guilt against normal Eros.

When I was a baby Sleeping Beauty premiered, which features a 15-year-old princess just turned 16 as the absolute paradigm of Aryan beauty, even in animation. Today’s degenerate males would never dream to be like the prince who seduced her in Disney’s film.



“Julian was the last Pagan emperor of Rome. He was the nephew of the first Christian emperor of Rome (if we can believe our history). He was very unhappy that Rome had succumbed to Christianity and that the aristocratic, Roman, manly virtues had been replaced by an overly-sentimentalist slave morality that valued equality over excellence and posited that all things Roman were bad, while they celebrated values that denigrated life and their own people. In Julian’s time, Rome was increasingly less Roman. The Senate, and the government as a whole, had long since become nearly completely dysfunctional. The military was led, or at least directed, by men who used it more for their own personal gain than for the good of the people. Julian’s most personal fight was perhaps against those in his own family who had adopted and “married into” the foreign religion for pragmatic reasons — to advance their own cause. And even though Julian fought against the encroachments of the Rome-hating ideology, he himself was far more Christian than he realized. Or, more precisely, he had secretly converted from Christianity during his youth, but he was unwittingly steeped in the mystical-philosophical mush (Neoplatonism) whose intercourse with Judaism birthed Christianity.”

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