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Civil war Kevin MacDonald Racial right

On hypocrisy

by Robert Morgan

Kevin MacDonald: ‘This could possibly turn out well. Civil wars are messy and disastrous in many ways, but we have reached the point where compromise and discussion are impossible’.

It’s good (I guess?) to see KMD talking out of the other side of his mouth about this for once. But how to have a civil war without violence? Without breaking the law? That’s a real problem for him. Ordinarily (examples Breivik, Tarrant, and Roof) MacDonald and his coterie of admirers vigorously denounce any move towards war. His pal Greg Johnson has even written a number of essays doing so. This one’s typical.

Kevin MacDonald: ‘The divisions in the contemporary U.S. are too great to heal… unless we can somehow develop a consensus that the country should fractionate into more politically homogeneous areas’.

Okay, never mind. A peaceful solution is possible after all! Hooray! I can hardly wait to hear the magic words that will cause the country to ‘fractionate’. But wait, aren’t the Jews in total control of everything? It seems like I heard that somewhere. Well, never mind about that too. The magic words, you see, will send their power up in a puff of smoke too! Poof! And that will be the end of them. Oh, happy day!

C.T.: ‘Sometimes I think it would be ideal if the main sites on the alt-right and white nationalism closed (including this one [The Unz Review]) in order to funnel traffic to mine’.

I seem to recall that your own site got shut down for a week or so some time back when it started to get a little too radical.

C.T.: ‘I’m not saying this is the time to imitate Tarrant and Co., but it is the time to amalgamate our spirit with The Turner Diaries, at least as an academic discussion’.

Here, I’m just objecting to the rank hypocrisy of KMD saying that a civil war could be a good outcome, while whenever any move in that direction is taken, guys like him and Johnson always use the opportunity to take a nice, long, leisurely crap all over men like Tarrant, or Roof, or Breivik; men who initiate such actions.

They want nothing to do with them! I have to wonder just what these supposedly learned gentlemen think the beginnings of a civil war would look like if not murder and terrorism. Of course, they are academics, and they are accustomed to fight with words and ideas, not bullets. They are also part of the merchant right, and actually doing something instead of talking about it would be bad for business. Might get the website shut down, and the books banned! LOL. Gotta avoid that at all costs!

If, by ‘amalgamating our spirit with The Turner Diaries’ you mean becoming an outlaw like Earl Turner, then that isn’t something that can be done just as an academic discussion. Actually being an outlaw is miles away from anything of which MacDonald, Johnson, and their fan clubs are capable.

It’s been a while since I’ve read The Turner Diaries, but as I recall Earl Turner killed people, and didn’t just write essays or novels. This is the white man’s problem. Technological civilisation has made him soft. He shrinks from violence and worships ‘law and order’. He prefers to write essays and spin tales instead of taking the steps necessary to save his race. It’s a problem that can only be addressed by destroying that civilisation, since for reasons I’ve repeatedly explained, it can’t be reformed.

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It’s an unmistakable trend that white nationalism has become softer over the years. Compare Pierce, Rockwell, Lane and Oliver to Jared Taylor, Greg Johnson, Richard Spencer and Kevin MacDonald. In temperament and character it’s night and day. The former were willing to deal with uncomfortable truths and advocate actions which were at appropriate to a grave situation. The latter tell you to vote for a mainstream political candidate while rattling the tin can. If we have anything going for us in the absence of money, military or media it can only be truth but WN “leaders” are still trying their best to obfuscate and implicitly or explicitly deny reality. These charlatans serve as a boogeyman and punching bag for the system while rendering effective opposition impotent.

Maybe we are worrying too much because I kniw when the shit hits that old fan I am going to get slap fucking happy and ready to go out and redeem this great land. Thus, I think the paper and pen jokes will fall into place as we need those to look after our sisters, women, and kids. We need to be broken up into many, many, many, many cells as we will be battling niggers, spicsters, towell heads, and any other dumb and stupid creature the Jews will have shit-stirred and worked up into a frenzy hissy fit to go kill us white men while the Jews, their Jewesses, and snotty brat little kids go shit their cowardly draws and hide in the homes and catch flights to fucking Israel and hope to come back so they can bring the Israeli military with them and thank the niggers, specs, and arabs for the victory by stabbing them in the back via an Israeli military attack on them. But, victory will never come their way and that is promised by our Yahweh. Don’t borrow trouble gentlemen, but do keep sis Johnson’s faggoty ass away from any propaganda campaigns as he is just too damn much for any good white lad to stand.

interesting the seeming parallels between the present blm/antifa unrests and the pre-ww2 bavaria and germany unrests as the bolsheviks tried to spread their russia revolution into all of europe. in chapter 6 “The Bolshevik Revolution Spreads throughout Europe,” of the book The Myth of German Villany, the author Benton L. Bradberry states,

After the Bolsheviks had seized control in Russia, an opposing army was raised led by Czarist officers. They called themselves the “White Army,” in opposition to the Bolshevik “Red Army.” Their slogan became “kill the Jews and save Russia.” Russia was now engaged in a civil war, the brutality of which knew no bounds, and the tentacles of the emerging internationalism of Communism were spreading out of Russia like a giant octopus into every corner of Europe. The revolution which had just been put down by the Freikorps could well have ended with a Bolshevik takeover of Germany. The German people were convinced of a Jewish-Bolshevik conspiracy against Western Christian civilization, and of its existential threat to Germany. A widespread surge of anti-Semitism developed among the German people as a result, combined with a distinct shift to the right in German public opinion. On July 2, 1922, in an interview while in exile with a reporter from the Chicago Tribune, Kaiser Wilhelm II said: “The Jews are responsible for Bolshevism in Russia, and Germany too. I was far too indulgent with them during my reign, and I bitterly regret the favors I showed to prominent Jewish bankers.”

the commie bastards use this tried and true strategy and tactics repeatedly. simple as a,b,c…to see if one knows a bit of history. now we hear zukerberg is mimicking soros in funding judicial appointments in blue areas. and we all know how that works: don’t prosecute rioters and wreckers, as long as their blm and antifa, useful idiots in the commie-driven attempts to wreck amerika. so are covid mask mandates and lockdowns. imagine the unrest of the masses after biden’s lockdown tanks the economy in 2021 and the commoners are hungrier and tireder and colder of homeless camping in their tents. why, they will be that much more ready to suck the commie bastards teats.

as soon as i see the american version of the Feikorps, i’m joining one of those units. (not skilled at such lawfare tactics, i’ll gladly volunteer to sweep floors and clean toilets.)

would someone please enlightment why these commie bastards so much want white amerika to fail? i fail to get their issues with whitie. seeing, as these litvaks are kinda white skin, too.

thx, ct. the increasing unrest and media narrations & censoring brought me back to see what you and your readers are saying about all of this.

Highrpm, that is where the Bible comes into play. They are satan’s children through that later lineage of the Canaanites and the Canaanite tribes who Esau had a shut load of kids with and they were all mongrels like the Canaanites. The Canaanites fornicated with the fallen angels, you know the verse about the Nephilum and there were also the Repham. This produced non-God made mongrels and that is what the Jews are because their ancestor Esau fornicate with their women against the prohibition of his Isaac and Rebecca and ultimately through Yahweh. Jesus Christ/Yahweh in the flesh told us all if this a second time after the Old Testament granted the Jews have tampered with the scriptures to no end which the Bible said they would do just that. But, enough is left in these final days for us to understand scripture. All Israel, including you as you must be a pure Adamic man through either Shem, Ham, or Japheth or some mixture of the three is saved otherwise you would not be asking this question as mongrels and the other species we affectionately call humans do not ask such things as they have no spirit only the white man does. But, we will have a lot of men quite ashamed in the new Kingdom of Christ who shit all over their Adamic/Israelite brothers in all the ways we have felt pain from or fellow kindred. Thus, there is a reward for doing good and that is not being ashamed in God’s new Kingdom. You may think that I am goofy, but then you would have to call James Mason goofy too and I learned all this stuff prior to James Mason. My point being is James Mason had to learn it to otherwise you are going to be weak kneed in the day of battle. But, you will get it my brother and brother, one last thing, we will fucking absolutely destroy these cock suckers and I can guarantee you that. Don’t you worry my friend, it will all fall into perfect order-trust me. Now, get happy, and say Hail Victory! God bless you.

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