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Not demo-cracy but media-cracy

The reason I don’t like to comment on the news is that just commenting on it validates the System. For example, commenting on recent elections in the US validates democracy. And if you hate democracy you can afford not to comment on any of the elections in any Western country.

But what happened yesterday is something I cannot ignore. Prematurely all the media declared Biden the winner before the legal process of Trump’s lawyers, caused by irregularities like Big Tech censoring the truth, demonstrable fraud, ridiculous turnouts, dead voters and mockery of the proper legal remedy.

Since I live in a banana country I remember the fraud of 1988, after the vote for the president. Cuauhtémoc Cárdenas beat Carlos Salinas de Gortari although the latter was declared the winner. I still remember that day.

While the votes were being counted in this banana country, a ‘failure in the system’ was reported with the count of the votes as they were carried out. Before the ‘failure’ the numbers favoured Cárdenas. When the system was restored, Salinas de Gortari emerged as the winner.

The incident, known as ‘fallo del sistema’, sparked accusations of fraud in the election of the President. In 2009, former President Miguel de la Madrid confessed that the PRI lost the 1988 election, thus confirming the electoral fraud orchestrated by his government to impose Salinas de Gortari as the winner.

In 1988 many were waiting for Cárdenas’s call to defend the vote at the polls, but it didn’t happen because, according to his collaborators, a civil war could have been unleashed.

What strikes me greatly is comparing what happened here more than thirty years ago with what happened yesterday in the neighbouring country to the north. Apparently, it is no longer the government that governs the US, but the media.

Even in a banana country like Mexico many complained in the mass media (there was still no internet). The difference could not be greater with the US, where even Fox News joined yesterday to proclaim victory for Biden before the courts reach a ruling on the lawsuits of Trump’s lawyers (by the way, is Rupert Murdoch Jewish?).

One might think that the racialist right would complain. But yesterday Kevin MacDonald just said he was feeling depressed (I won’t link him or the other white nationalists I mention below).

Greg Johnson in an article with a long title (‘The Counter-Currents 2020 Fundraiser: This Weekend’s Post-Election Livestreams with Jared Taylor, Sam Dickson, Mark Weber, James Edwards, & Many More’) links to podcasts of this weekend. But those podcast webpages are very hostile to the visitor, including that of James Edwards. If you click it, a maze of links appears and if you click a link again, commercial-type voices appear, not Johnson’s voice. For a long time I gave up going to Edwards’ site because of how hostile it is to the visitor, but in none of the links that Johnson puts up does his voice appear (surely you have to listen to them only within the hours when the interviews are announced on the respective sites).

Jared Taylor’s webzine on the other hand hasn’t even said anything about what happened yesterday until this early morning when I write.

If we visit Twitter there is some more information if one sees what Trump’s sons are saying or what they are re-tweeting. But the media is censoring others who are complaining about the stolen elections.

If the media, including the internet, and not the American courts decide when to declare a winning candidate, the situation in the US is infinitely more serious than I imagined.

If I lived in the US I wouldn’t have voted. But I find it incredible that there was much more media opposition in Mexico in 1988 than in the US today.

It seems that Jewry has come to absolutely control not only the MSM but of social media and, except for white nationalists, no one seems to complain about those who control the media.

Although the Mexican media are a hundred percent anti-Trump, at least yesterday I got to see on television Rudy Giuliani’s conference dubbed into Spanish for the Mexican audience for a long time: something I didn’t see on Fox News where they apparently eliminated, yesterday, the Saturday show of Judge Jeanine so she wouldn’t say something similar to what Giuliani said yesterday.

The United States is really fried for not having rebelled, since Hitler’s time, about who controls the media. Richard Nixon and Billy Graham had a chance and did nothing. And the saddest thing is that people like Hunter Wallace and Richard Spencer, who should know better, have joined the Biden triumph chorus because Trump had disappointed them.

Only The Daily Stormer has been complaining yesterday and today as in 1988 millions of Mexicans complained about the fraud. But voices like Anglin’s are not heard in the MSM. When it comes to mass media Mexicans had far, far more liberty thirty-two years ago than Americans today!

Today’s world is infinitely more surreal than what I imagined, and the next few months will likely be more surreal—and more totalitarian. In this MacDonald is right to feel utterly depressed. My only hope is that the dollar will collapse making Biden the fall guy. The interregnum that began in 1945 will end with a crash in the 2020s that will resemble the hyper-inflationary crash of the German mark of the 1920s.

The rest will follow from there…

22 replies on “Not demo-cracy but media-cracy”

Thanks for the interesting perspective on Mexican media in 1988 vs US media today. People using the “banana republic” meme today don’t know how good the banana republics had it!

We have reached the point of the Soviet Union, where everyone knew Pravda was lying, but read it anyway because you could just assume the opposite of what you read was the truth. Unfortunately that works only at the headline level and leaves out all the useful details.

Despite “repressive” governments, life under say, Franco or Brezhnev, continued to be spiritually normal; while Westerners were given “freedom” and promptly went astray.

I’ve been reading about “liberal media bias” since the 80s, from both Left (liberal = corporate) and right (liberal = commie) and as you observe, the great mass in between seems not to care a whit.

Perhaps “white nationalism” should be reconfigured as “Jews own the media and I won’t stand for it.” The real problem is not anti-white activities but the Jewish media hegemony that makes it unstoppable; eliminate the latter and the former takes care of itself.

BTW I was able to access those links live yesterday, but I’m not familiar with the sites otherwise so I don’t know if they archive or transcribe livestreams. You should try the one today at noon PST with G. Johnson and J. Taylor, but that one will presumably be archived as earlier ones have been.

But that’s the point. When earlier in this decade I listened to Radio Free Mississippi, even though the host wasn’t particularly smart I loved his show because I could get access to any old interview whenever I wanted (just as you can listen to Harold Covington’s old podcasts in Radio Free Northwest). Today’s more ‘sophisticated’ hosts make surfing their sites almost impossible. And I’d never wait for a specific hour to listen to an interview. Just imagine that you could only read the above article at noon, Eastern time!

Since you mentioned the NWF, it has come to my attention that the NWF has shutdown and all of Covington’s podcasts are now gone (unless someone archived them somewhere.) I only visited there occasionally and apparently this all happened Sept/Oct sometime.

That’s a very bad news, as Covington’s podcasts were good inspiration for would-be revolutionaries. Can anyone ask Andy Donner what happened?

I still recommend his novel The Brigade. It is must-reading for people like us.

I can’t get the last podcast to play properly from the wayback machine, but by looking at the comments it seems Mr. Donner has become disheartened by WN in general and will be leaving/left the “movement..” It would appear that the NWF had been slowly collapsing after the death of HAC.

I had thought that the NWF would last and not suffer the fate of previous organizations after their founders died but it only took a little over 2 years after the death of HAC for it to end. I guess it’s yet another example of the general malaise of the spirit of Whites in America.

One of my dreams is to have money to found a publishing house. If that were possible, books like The Brigade would be on my list of the first ones to be published. Or is it still possible to get it elsewhere after the NWF closed?

“Apparently, it is no longer the government that governs the US, but the media.”

Those who control the media effectively control the government, in a symbiotic power grab which began well over a century ago. Note 3rd hour guest, Steve from the UK: LINK

True, but the POV of this site is that American Christians easily handed over their media to Jews because they worshiped their god. Without the Christian problem there is no Jewish problem, especially since those who conquered America came with a puritanism that worshiped the Old Testament.

If all forms of Christianity were eliminated (and all forms of Islam, etc. etc.), but the Jewish crime syndicate cult of many millennia (by whatever name) was allowed to thrive, it would create new forms of mythtardation to again cajole and mystify the masses into slavery.

Yes, but that would be the result of neochristianity, which enforces Semitic values on secular Aryans.

The whole point of this site is: No Constantine and his house in subsequent emperors, no JP today. What brought ethno-suicide to the Aryan citadel was precisely Judaeo-Christianity (Constantinople being the paradigm of a melting pot of races unlike Republican Rome).

As I have said many times, the whole American continent conquered by the Vikings would see no Jewish takeover today because the Vikings didn’t worship the enemy god.

Much of the Constantine faction reformed into the WASP elite (and fellow travelers) of our time. In colonial America Jewish power was a minor, though important, factor. However, eventually the WASPs were infiltrated, outmatched, and subsumed by Jew elites, who now effectively control the narrative.

P.S. Some Viking knowledge of geography likely came via Jewish traders.

“As I have said many times, the whole American continent conquered by the Vikings would see no Jewish takeover today because the Vikings didn’t worship the enemy god.”

And where are the Vikings today? Stockholm syndrome?

What makes you think they wouldn’t have become Christians if they conquered the American continent first? Seeing that Vikings became Christians too, your theory doesn’t make sense. Is ARYAN DNA that rotten?

It’s somewhat hilarious that you are amazed at the surreal nature of Christian America where negroes are allowed to go out with English roses. How hard is it to understand – there is no American government, or media, or Jews – just the all-encompassing spirit of Jesus the Rotten One. The rest stems from this.

The working model of reality is called “the conclusion of Christianity”. Not the arcane bullshit of useless legalese. The USA exists in reality only as long as Jesus and still-vigorous inertia allow it. If I were to borrow from the Bolsheviks, the only kind of democracy is possible when led by the Communist Party – “the American government exists only as long as it accommodates the nigger’s dick in White pussy”. The categorical imperative of one German theologian Immanuel Kunt.

Outside of that, I must confess that I loved Rudy Giuliani at first sight (when I first saw him yesterday, I never cared about American politics to tell apart their stupid heads). There’s something about seemingly-honest old Italian men. Still execution material, don’t get me wrong.

Indeed: in the 1980s and 90s, when I was younger, I admired that Spaniards or Creoles living in Mexico spoke much more frankly than young people, and more honestly. Now that generation has passed away and I only see the Body-Snatched Pods, like my cousin my age that I have talked about on this site.

For anyone who wants a 100% clear explanation of how the Commucrats are corrupt and trying to steal the election, listen to Mark Levin’s podcast of 11.05.20. His podcasts are available at LINK and the file name of that podcast is WWO2002540392.

I know, it’s an anomaly, I can’t understand it, Mark is Jewish, but he’s a constitutional scholar, and I’ve never heard anyone stand up for Trump as vociferously as he does. You might say he defends Trump as passionately as Goebbels defended Hitler.

Along with Andrew Anglin, Mark Levin is one of the few who are fighting mad about the Communist treason threatening this country. And unlike most of the wooly-minded so-called conservative talk show hosts and so-called Republican politicians, he hasn’t rolled over and submitted to the Communists who are herding them all to the slaughter.

Because of his knowledge of the Constitution, Mark explains exactly how Trump can bring about the honest result of this election, the re-election of Trump as president.

Regarding the Vikings. Genetic sequencing demonstrates that they did successfully make love to a negligent number of most likely Indian girls. But Vinland was a limited, obscure experiment, to be sure.

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