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Heinrich Himmler Quotable quotes

Himmler, my patron saint

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“When I contemplate the small portraits and see in their firmly composed faces the expressions of my ancestors, which compel no more notice of these times, it seems as if we have descended from a high, high ladder – a ladder which we must yet again climb. Nowadays, it is seldom that we can even appear to be like they were. They were on intimate terms with All Father (Odin) and did not need to call on halo-wearing intermediaries when they wished to speak to him. And even then, they did not know how to beg; they were too strong, too proud and too healthy for supplication.

Blessings prayed for are not true blessings! They wanted nothing of gifts; either they already had everything they wanted or, if they lacked something, they got it for themselves. Their creed was a saying as brief as a wink and as clear and deep as a mountain stream:

As for their religion, there was no necessity to put it into words, which suited a people who were naturally frugal with their words anyway. They carried their spiritual consciousness deep within their souls; it served them like a compass needle which always steers a ship on its proper course.

Was that not a better religion than one which must be written down in a thick book, lest it be forgotten – and which one cannot properly understand until a priest comes and interprets what is written there? And even then, an act of faith is required to believe that this intricate interpretation is correct.

In their day, faith grew from the blood and it was knowledge. Today it must be learned, for it is an alien faith, unable to strike roots in our blood. It is dogma and doctrine which none can know and which most of us silently renounce, because it is contrary to nature and reason. Tell me – have we become better since taking on this new religion? A great wordless sorrow resides in the breast of most of us, a boundless sense of homelessness, because the way of our ancestors lives on eternally in our Nordic blood like a dream.

We want, once again, to be free of sin – like our ancestors were. We are tired of being humble and small and weak and all the other things demanded of us by a god who despises his own creations and looks on the world as a den of corruption. We want to be proud again, and great and strong, and to do things for ourselves!”

Heinrich Himmler / Wulf Sorensen
The Voice of our Ancestors

Truer Words Were Never Spoken!

As for me, Hitler is My God and Himmler is My Archangel. A jab at Christianity using with great irony its own denominations. Also faithful to your calling to replace the sickly, repulsive Jesus with The Elegant Aristocratic Visage Of The Fuhrer. If I were to use “Pagan” terms I would anoint The Fuhrer and The Reichsfuhrer SS as Zeus and Apollo respectively. The First for being The Physical Manifestation of the Collective Archetypal Racial Subconscious of The Aryan Peoples as the famous Esoteric Hitlerist Miguel Serrano stated(I think this statement was also present in an article published by The National Vanguard) and The Ultimate and Supreme Authority to Lead the Ethno-Racial Revolution and Govern the Newly Secured and Established Aryan Homeland/Ethnostate, and the Second for the Rejuvenating, Revitalising and Reinvigorating Lebensborn Initiative[As Apollo (and his Son Aslcepius) was the God Of Health, Medicine and Healing] and for helming the Heroic Elite Racial Military Order and Vanguard which were to recruit Aryans exlusively. Seriously, The SS were without a shred of doubt The Most Noble and Virtuous Military Organization in History perhaps only barely approached by The Spartans. Not to mention that The Third Reich was despite its short length, The Greatest Civilization the world has ever seen, with The Most Brilliant and Charismatic Leader(Greatest Person in History). I regard it as The Perfected “Reincarnation” of Greco-Roman Civilization which it definitely surpassed(in my humble opinion) in All Attributes but still could not last more than A Thousand Years unfortunately.

I cannot deny that I am equally obssesed with the life and work of both Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler thanks to you Dear Mr. Cesar. Your words and the texts you feature on this site have been my moral-teaching compass for the past one year and a half since April of 2019 when I first encountered your website after a random search about Aryans/Nordics on Google Images where a picture in one of your posts suddenly appeared.

Once I Clicked, my life changed forever. I was urged by my eye-opening discovery to delve further into the rabbit hole and explore as much as I possibly could, every nook and cranny of “the world outside the Matrix” which the Chosenites and their lackeys vehemently try to conceal. I had already been embracing National Socialism but it was you that made me leap instantly from Level 5 to Level 9 in Fellow Commenter Mauricio’s List. I am also proud to say that the line separating me from Level 10 is extremely thin, almost inconsequential.
I have been freed from the Jewish shackles and now serve the 14 Words.
I would not condone the active genocidal elimination of lesser whites by Aryans though. Not yet at least. Let those who are weaklings and who have their blood compromised die in the coming Holy Racial Wars.

Ever since that day I cannot recall, your blog has been my main go to pertaining to political matters and for guiding me in putting under scrutiny and evaluating from a Racial perspective individuals, ideas, movements and ethnic groups on a variety of topics stretching from today back to Antiquity and for supplying me with arguments to dismantle the unsound claims of passive, cowardly, degenerate even White Nationalists who still cling to Neochristian Ethics as you call them. However, I must admit that proselytism to our cause is a futile effort.

Anyway, You have become my Ideological Mentor! Thank you for inadvertently Enlightening me, cultivating my spirit and boosting my knowledge and undestanding of the Racial/Genetic/Biological Truth, The Ultimate Truth from which all others in our human experience derive. I still have not read in full your Literary Masterpieces(The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, Day Of Wrath and Daybreak) or Pierce’s Who We Are due to time constraints but I wish to do so soon. By the way, do you have Arthur Kemp’s March Of The Titans in PDF form?

It is only now that I have gained the courage to comment and this post was the most appropriate. Transvaluation Of All Values!
Hail Victory! Hail The White Race!! HEIL HITLER!!!

Wow! Thanks, and I wonder if you would not mind if I publish part of your testimony as a separate entry (if you want to make certain changes, let me know by mail).

When I visited Kemp in England he was very kind and gave me the PDF of his latest book, but not March of the Titans. An outdated version of MOTT appeared online for a season, but Kemp apparently took it off the net. I own the 2011 print edition, although I have uploaded excerpts from the online version: here.

Caesar, try this: anonymousfiles.io/PuWiPgBf/

The same link, but with closing slash. I’ve just checked and there’s no problem with downloading.

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