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I had said (cont.)…

that ‘I don’t talk about the news’ but I find myself violating that promise again because of the election disaster yesterday and today. Few are talking about the consequences that the disaster will have. But Greg Johnson wrote today ‘Is America a Banana Republic Now?’ which is worth reading.

From the point of view of this site—America delenda est—this is good news.

Remember: the collapse of the dollar is a psychological issue. As markets perceive that the Fed no longer has any interest in keeping its promises, and that the US is increasingly becoming a banana republic, the international confidence in the dollar as the reserve currency will be lost.

Also remember: since the US started with the worst kind of Christianity imaginable, a philo-Semitic Christianity (Richard Wagner’s pagan, anti-Semitic Christianity was the exact opposite), in addition to having fought two anti-racist wars in the 1860s and 1940s and a Cold (anti-racist) War raging now, the priest of the 14 words can only smile at seeing that bastard nation fall.

As an American southern nationalist put it in 2012: ‘We invite King George III to come back and resume the throne. He could dissolve the Union, arrest the pretender in the White House [Biden?], and round up our so-called “representatives” in Congress. In exchange for an apology and a promise to never misbehave again, we get lower taxes, a less intrusive government, secure borders, and an end to all the madness that has flowed from the “self evident” idea that “all men are created equal”.’

To which I added: Alas, King George is no longer with us.

7 replies on “I had said (cont.)…”

Dear former colonists.

Thank you for your kind offer, but I must refuse. I have awited the demise of your bandit state for many years; the method of its death is deliciously ironic.

Yours, Plato-nically,

George III

It must be said though that America was the first European Nation to shake off the yoke of Christian theocracy.

The Atheist, Monroe, inaugurated “The Monroe Doctrine” which prohibited the Christian theocracies of Europe from colonising the (secular) Americas.

However, “Radical Republicans” like Lincoln, Remsburg and Ingersoll, although (Noahide) atheists, were, in my opinion, really just hyper Christians. These guys campaigned for women’s votes and Negro equality.

Enfranchising women cut the white man’s vote in half, never mind the swarms of brown sub-humans in America.

That Biden seems to have won, that somebody this creepy, gropey, senile and stupid could win a US election, just proves just how disenfranchised the White Man in America is. His vote is no longer enough to win an election.

…. proves just how disenfranchised the White Man in America is…..

The demographic time bomb in USA means Trump matters little in the long term, the average person in western nations today (and every coloured-immigrant) is a coddled, spoilt, overfed, grown up child, incapable of independent thought, or able to discern conflicting facts.

These average-morons have infiltrated every organisation in the west, the mass media seems to be especially full of these entitled mid-wits.

Seeing “pro-white” people in the US and GB not recognising their current political parties are ireemeemably rotten is pathetic. At least in Germany and France they have something alternative (although not perfect).

“The Atheist, Monroe, inaugurated “The Monroe Doctrine” which prohibited the Christian theocracies of Europe from colonising the (secular) Americas.”

That was merely to keep European states from further colonisation; Christianity was already there. The South and Central Americans nations were created by European love of gold and souls and the North was conquered by Christians of a different hue. Shaking off the “yoke of Christian theocracy” is meaningless, the whole landmass on that side of the Atlantic was controlled by people who had been infected by the Christian infection for well over a thousand years.

You are probably correct. I haven’t studied this aspect of history in depth. Munroe does seem to have been an atheist though. I don’t think that any Gods or anything supernatural was mentioned at his funeral.

I rarely comment on the dirge that is politics and its pundits…but America needs to burn. It is beyond any saving. I for one want Joe Biden to get in because it is only through chaos and destruction that anyone can truly understand what a gift it is to be alive and have the choice to be otherwise healthy. You are right, most western nations are filled with spoiled people who need to suffer.

Poor Trump tossed and turned four whole years between an unfinished wall at the Mexican border and a tumbledown wall in Jerusalem. Now onstage is an old Bolshevik, Biden, together with his faithful Jew, Mr. Alzheimer. This is a democratic choice of the USA citizens. Like citizens, like choice.

And what about those conservative and armed, angry Americans? Will they make a civil war at once? No. They will make numb their asses, sit and polish their barrels, re-re-re-count their blank and practice cartridges and pray to their Jewish god to save (by heavenly fire!) America from the cursed jewmen and from the reparations for blackmen.

They will, in imitation of the top Christian patriarchs, approve gay marriages, bless their enemies, wash their feets and then drink this water.

There is nothing new or unpredictable.

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