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‘Racism is evil’

Barry Lyndon meets King George III

After Charlottesville only Tucker of Fox News is barely tolerable to watch, who yesterday mentioned once more The Daily Stormer in the context of free speech. I even find President Trump intolerable to watch. In his speech yesterday he said that ‘racism is evil’ in the context of ‘white supremacy’.

Yesterday I also watched some scenes of the 1975 film Barry Lyndon. I could not believe the beauty of many of the film’s exteriors, which were shot in Ireland, England and what was Prussia. Kubrick drew inspiration from the landscapes of painters such as Watteau and Gainsborough.

It is impossible not to compare the two images I saw yesterday: a brief shot of a Prussian city when Europe was healthy and awesomely beautiful, and the few seconds of the American president saying the exact opposite of the truth. (‘Racism’ should be considered the noblest of virtues in these dark times.)

I must paraphrase what Hunter Wallace said five years ago on the fourth of July: ‘We [Americans] invite King George III to come back and resume the throne. He could dissolve the Union, arrest the pretender in the White House, and round up our so-called “representatives” in Congress. In exchange for an apology and a promise to never misbehave again, we get lower taxes, a less intrusive government, secure borders, and an end to all the madness that has flowed from the “self evident” idea that “all men are created equal”.’

Alas, George is no longer with us.

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“Barry Lyndon” of course was a thinly veiled allegory about jews passing in society, only to be shamed and unmasked later. Kubrick must have envisioned the unmasking of his people and then sought to warn them. Most of his films center around (often literally) masked hierarchies.

As an aside, Kubrick borrowed a NASA camera to capture indoor candlelight for Barry Lyndon. No film prior had accurately done so. This goes a long way to explaining the dreamlike feel of the move.

I thought that Barry Lyndon was merely based on The Luck of Barry Lyndon, a 1844 picaresque novel by William Makepeace Thackeray.

I have studied Kubrick closely, since after 2001: A Space Odyssey he became the hero of my childhood, long before I knew of his Jewish origins. There are terrible messages in some of Kubrick’s films, but as I can gather from his biographer and others, he picked Barry Lyndon because the character was not a hero. Kubrick wanted to film something without heroes of any sort where his visual genius could shine by itself.

Incidentally, I watched Barry Lyndon on the big screen about a year after it was premiered in the US and Europe.

Kubrick often chose to reinterpret novels as the basis of his films. Barry Lyndon is about an Irishman faking his way into the peerage. Yes he’s an anti-hero of sorts, but it’s too hard to ignore that theme from Kubrick. Have you read the base novel? I’d wager that the film departs from it quite a bit.

Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” exposes the cult that dominates the NWO. He died shortly after. According to Nicole Kidman who starred in Eyes Wide Shut, Kubrick revealed to her that pedophilia was widespread in the ‘Establishment’ as a control method.

Jay Weidner, an ‘alternative history’ researcher, asserts that Kubrick’s films use symbolism to explain ‘facts not in evidence’ to the usual viewer. He further asserts that Kubricks unique understanding of optics found in the movie 2001 led to him being ‘recruited’ by the NWO to hide/reinvision moon landing scenes that revealed evidence of E.T.

Barry Lyndon is a wonderful movie and is perhaps most important in revealing how the aristocracy dominated society before the Industrial Revolution prompted a middle class. My favorite scene is when Lyndon, dragooned into the Prussian Army, saves the life of an officer to be rewarded with a pittance while being declaimed by his commander as a wastrel. Barry answers that though a scoundrel he be, he would never-the-less die for the regiment.

Clearly, that is the attitude the corporate monarchs devouring culture and devising White Genocide want us to have!

“… led to him being ‘recruited’ by the NWO to hide/reinvision moon landing scenes that revealed evidence of E.T.”

The guy is a utter loon.

I will look into that film Barry Lyndon, I like some of those older British movies made when their culture wasn’t as antiwhite as it is now.

Another possible explanation for The Aryan Problem

The three magi who visited Jesus were Zoroastrian priests. The christian tradition, if not rooted in zoroastrianism, does mirror it with a stark divide between good and evil and an attempt to root out evil(circumcision of the heart Romans 2:29).

Zoroaster was trained as a priest in ancient Persia where there was a clear class structure where people inherited warrior identity and priest identity ect. I think the division of society where the priest class is separate from the warrior class, and its very genetic, can result in people in the priest class seeing emotions associated with war as being evil emotions because people in the priest class may be physically weak and as a result feel vulnerable to those who are physically strong and capable.

And this is related to how modern psychiatry pathologized tendencies associated with tough working class males because psychiatry was developed by upper class males who were somewhat sheltered and shut off from the rest of society and so certain tendencies got pathologized that they were afraid of or did not understand due to having grown up in a different social environment.

And so societies that developed these ingrained class structures where warriors were almost a separate species within the social organism I think ended up pathologizing aggressive emotions. Zarathustra/Zoroaster decided these emotions came from demons. Many modern psychiatrists decided these emotions were mental illnesses. The christian dualism between good and evil is rooted in Zoroastrianism quite possibly and so christianity may be an expression of an Aryan problem. The aryan problem it is a manifestation of may have been used by the jews to subvert the Roman empire. So I am not excusing the element of jewish subversion.

If we look at religions such as Norse and Celtic paganism, Judaism, certain types of Hinduism, Islam, and Greek paganism we can see that evil is not pathologized but rather it is seen as a force that should exist in balance with good and that just as a person has two hands a person has both a good side and an evil side and hopefully the evil side does not have to come out but it is a part of who we are and we have to accept that there are times to be bad as well as times to be good.

“Hate” is persona non grata in the USA. But can a person truly love if they do not hate the enemies of those they love? Hate is the flipside of love. It is the complement of love and not the opposite. If I had to name what The Aryan Problem was I would name it: Zoroastrianism. Perhaps the Eloi are Zoroastrians who have completely purged themselves of all evil.

Ever since Daily Stormer was taken down I went back to reading that alpha male site Return of Kings… and holy f!ck what a bunch of cowardly little cucks those guys have become since Charlottesville. Articles on why they need to distance themselves from “neonazis”, and why the alt-right should adopt Gandhi’s pacifistic tactics in order to elicit sympathy.

Who would have thought a bunch of “alpha males” would be so image conscious about what the left thinks of them. Un-f!cking-believable.

These delusional cucks honestly think there is some neutral safespace on the right side of the spectrum where they can just hang out, reaping the benefits of being right-wing without the responsibilities of having enemies. What a bunch of women.

Anyway, DS or its radical equivalent will return. And when it does “alpha” “male” cuckboys of the PUA-parasitic manosphere will not be welcomed.

Ever since Anglin was taken down, 95% of his alleged allies have stabbed him in the back. Screw the alt-right, I want the extreme right back.

This site is one of the few.

Thanks Matt Edge and welcome to this forum.

Tom Baugh’s black hats/white hats dichotomy comes into play here. I believe that until the movement gets black hats together with white hats (DS would be one of the latter) it won’t be taken seriously.

The black hats of course would be the illegal branch terminating the TV anchors who spew anti-white messages.

If I get psychology right, after the first anchors are brought to justice the anti-white media will start to restrain itself, as happened after the Danish cartoons.

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