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Ancient Greece Miscegenation Nordicism Pericles Who We Are (book) William Pierce

Three-eyed raven, 4

Editor’s note. This is exactly what contemporary white nationalists, unlike those American eugenicists of yore, are still unwilling to acknowledge.

This should be the ABC of racial studies, but when will nationalists be willing to travel with the Raven and learn the lessons of the remote past?


As the prosperity of Athens grew, more and more foreigners crowded into Attica, with intermarriage inevitably occurring. A temporary halt to the pollution of the Athenian citizenry by the offspring of aliens came in 451 B.C., when the great Pericles pushed through a law restricting citizenship to those born of an Athenian father and an Athenian mother. Only four decades later, however, in order to make up the enormous losses suffered in the Peloponnesian War, Athens bestowed citizenship on tens of thousands of foreigners.

And in the fourth century, although the citizenship law of Pericles remained on the books, every variety of Levantine mongrel was claiming Athenian citizenship. The banking industry of Athens, for example, was entirely in the hands of Semites, who had taken Greek names and were awarded citizenship for “service to the state,” much in the way Jews and Negroes have been elevated to the British “nobility” by the score in recent decades.

Intermarriage was rife, and the darkening of the Hellenes of Athens was well under way. Racial, moral, and cultural decline went hand in hand. The second-century historian Polybius described his countrymen as “degenerate, pleasure-seeking beggars, without loyalty or belief, and without hope for a better future.”

In the reign of Augustus, the Roman writer Manilius reckoned the Hellenes among the dark nations (coloratae genies). And so the Athenians, like the Spartiates, passed from the pages of history.

If it is difficult to believe that as great a state as Athens could pass from Nordic genius and glory to mongrelized squalor in a few centuries, just think for a moment of the racial transformation of America which has taken place in a single century. And imagine what America will be like two or three centuries hence (barring a White revolution), when Whites are a minority, outnumbered by both Blacks and Chicanos. America’s technology and industry may coast along for a century or two on the momentum acquired from earlier generations, as Athens’ culture did, but the American people—the real Americans—will have passed from the pages of history.

The passing of the Hellenes must be regarded as one of the greatest tragedies of our race. A great-hearted and noble people, filled with genius and energy, they seized upon the resources in labor, material, and land which their conquest of the conservative Mediterranean world offered, and they wrought one of the most progressive civilizations this earth has yet seen. Indeed, many of their creations remain unsurpassed to this day.

This catastrophic mixing of bloods has occurred over and over again in the history and prehistory of our race, and each time it has been lethal. The knowledge of this has been with us a long time, but it has always failed us in the end. The Hellenes of Sparta and Athens both strove to keep their blood pure, but both ultimately perished. The only way they could have survived would have been to eliminate the entire indigenous population, either through expulsion or extermination, from the areas of the Mediterranean world in which they settled.


Note: The above quotations of William Pierce’s book are contextualized in The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour (available: here). If life permits, next Tuesday I will comment on another passage from the history of the white race coming from the pen of the American ‘Raven’.

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More nordicist propaganda, it is true that the populations of countries like Greece and South Italy have a significant percentage of middle eastern ancestry. However the Greeks themselves were not Nordics, they were mostly Mediterraneans, Dinarics and Alpines.

You don’t understand ancient art. In Egypt paintings all males are depicted swarthy and all women white: a convention of ancient art. The same with Etruscan and Greek painting. That’s why we must use literary texts which show that Greeks described their gods and heroes as nordics.

“The face of Classical Europe (I) Were the Greeks blond and blue-eyed?”

Moreover, the bones studied in modern times demonstrate the Nordish theory.

“The face of Classical Europe (II) Were the Romans blond and blue-eyed?”

I look Alpine although my father was a Red Nordic type. I don’t understand the resistance to Nordicism. If you are accused of being a White Nationalist or racist you can just counter that by saying you’re a Nordicist, and if you don’t look exactly like one, all the better.

Varg Vikernes claims red hair is a sign of negroid blood, a race-mixing that took place ages ago, in Neanderthal times. It makes sense, some of the off-spring from newly mixed niggers and whites have red hair and freckles, but for the rest look like niggers. I have green eyes, an anomaly that indicates race-mixing as well. I probably inherited them from the raping the spanish inflicted on the local populace in the 17th century.

I think the ‘race of the fire’, the red nordid, was not influenced by African genes. Have you read the most scholarly post of this blog (an abridged translation from the mini-book by Europa Soberana)?

I have not read that post, is it on this site and if so where?! It just happens that there is a race-mixed couple that takes their mongrel kids to the school I take my kids to. One of their girls, a first generation mixee, looks like a niglet, but with red hair and freckles. I imediately was reminded of wath Vikernes said. He talks of the legend of Heimdalr, who travelled south ( during the alledged ice-ages ) and had children with , I believe he called her ‘old mother” but I could easily be wrong. He travelled down south three times – there being three ice ages – and only the third time was his off-spring strong enough to survive in the north.

I am lucky to live in the Netherlands, where special education is affordable. These mongrels luckily are not in my childrens school, only next to it. And thanks for the link.

Modern Greeks are more related to Northern Europeans than the Ancient Greeks were..who were a more Mediterranean population than modern Greeks. This is a scientific fact.


Your narrative of history is as true or scientifically accurate as the book of Genesis is to how the Earth formed. Clown.

You’re the clown.

That article you link refers to the Minoan & Mycenaean civilisations from the Bronze Age.

Neolithic Greece
Greek Bronze Age
Ancient Greece

The articles I mention refer to what happened in Ancient Greece after the Dorian (i.e., Nordish) conquest. You’re the clown because obviously you missed this fact, stated by the authors mentioned or linked above, who recognised that the Greek Meds that the Aryan Dorians conquered were swarthy.

Please don’t comment again unless you do first your homework.


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