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Hypocrite Molyneux

Further to ‘Tucker on The Daily Stormer’. The Orwellian making of Andrew Anglin a non-person continues. Yesterday he complained:

Please continue to spread the fact that I am on here [Gab], giving updates. Tell everyone…

I want to reiterate that I am shocked that A[lex] J[ones], [Stefan] Molyneux and others on the right are not openly coming to my defence. Only Tucker has.

This is coming for all of you next.

I want to add something to what I already said in ‘On Stefan Molyneux’.

Molyneux is perfect as the first stepping-stone that a recalcitrant normie has to step on while crossing the Rubicon from Normieland to National Socialism. However, once you are already at the other side, a psychological phenomenon occurs. The hypocrisy of the Alt-Lighters, including Molyneux, becomes extremely annoying.

This documentary from the mainstream media about Charlottesville is, as expected, biased against pro-whites. But I confess that I found so inspiring the very first minute that now I wish I should have been in that magic night ten days ago!

The mystique of that moment will never be conveyed by someone like Molyneux, whose YouTube videos are quite boring for the highly red-pilled man. So much talk about free speech in hundreds of his videos… but when a Neo-Nazi like Anglin gets ‘vaporised’ in the internet, a word used by Orwell in 1984, he doesn’t say a peep.

Purple-pill your normie friends with Molyneux if you like. But once they are firmly at the middle of the river call their attention to the ‘best article on the Jewish question’, linked on the sidebar below the laureated coin of Pierce.

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That’s exactly what I said in my article ‘On Stefan Molyneux’. But do you have a reliable source saying that RamZPaul also has kike heritage?

By the way, Anglin’s DS posts, which now can only be seen after downloading Tor, are being quoted at VNN. He even wrote an open letter to Moly:

Molyneux, you are dependent on YouTube. They could shut that down any minute now. Then you fall back on your own website. And then ICANN takes that away. Then like me, you are an unperson.

He once stated in a YT video that a DNA test he took indicated probable incidental Ashkenazi ancestry; so WNs who assert that he’s Jewish are perhaps blowing this trivia out of proportion in accord with some “one-drop” mentality.

Both Alex Jones and Moly the hypocrite have lost all credibility, as Anglin explained yesterday:

To this day, neither Alex Jones or Stefan Molyneux – two figures who have put themselves out there as defenders of free speech – have mentioned my name or the name of this website, let alone reached out to give me a platform to talk about being unpersoned. That is not something I am going to forget, and I hope that you don’t either. Of course, if this had happened to them, I would have come to their defense. And if it does happen to them, I will come to their defense still. But it should be understood that both these men are frauds. They do not believe in their stated principles.

Those who do not talk about freedom of speech non-stop had less of an obligation to come to our defense than Jones and Molyneux.

Source: here

I’m not sure whether you were replying to me, and I don’t know if you realized this but, I was referring to the question of RZPs Jewishness.

Denise and C.T.

RamZ said himself his step-father was a jew (bad enough), but other than that all I’ve seen is accusations. Per my comments in other articles, it matters little. His fatuous antics can be dismissed whether he is a jew or not. Anyone on our side who has truly transitioned into serious racialism will find the scent of his weakness repugnant.

Ha! A “new movement” not associated with scary nazis. Just more Boomer liberalism with less muds. What a powerfully motivated movement that would be! Obese boomer Whites could form a phalanx of Lay-Z-Boy chairs and roll down the street in protest…in the reclined position…sporting diet sodas and potato chips…decked out in the colorful regalia of their favorite nigger-ball teams.

The truth is, a stunning proportioning of people in the Alt Right really would just shut up and go away if the shockingly conspicuous amount of discrimination against white people were to end. They would gladly go on about their multicultural existence, but buoyed by White Student Unions and White social groups to match their mud pets. They would waddle along like that in perfect Christian happiness until our enemies outnumbered us badly enough to launch the final phases of our extermination!

We should be oddly thankful for the gross double-standards and the screeching, bottomless paranoia and endless race-baiting of the jew rats. It enables anyone with any strength of character and critical thought to follow the trail to our point of view. In time, our cause will attract enough of the hard Aryans with true dignity. That will not be a majority. In fact it won’t be even remotely close to a majority of our own people, much less the population at large. But we don’t need the flabby masses of lemmings to revel in the Trinity of Conquest. We will have enough of the iron Aryans we need to do what MUST be done.

if sir adolf were here now 100 years later l am pretty sure he would alter and adapt policy positions to better align those with this time. he was a smart guy and thats what a smart guy would do. the difficulty lies in discerning how he would change his thinking and in what areas. andrew anglin talks like a thug and brings discredit upon ‘dissenters’. plus hes not tough and he certainly isnt sophisticated, not in his style of speech that’s for sure. gloating over that poor girls death was really fucking off. fuck him

Anglin was a success: more hits he got in a day that several racist websites combined. While I don’t like his style it certainly sells. I hope he’ll be back soon. Even anti-white wikipedians are saying in their talk pages that it’s the first time in history that someone has been de-platformed in the whole web. Very dangerous move from the System.

Tough talk. The DS was all about sarcasm and cynisism. If you can’t take that, do not read the Stormer. That was obvious from the start. What Anglin did with his cynisism on her death was take away all the power out of whining WN’s and wannabe nazis-comments. An enemy died. Fuck her. When a rigt-winger dies, gets beaten up, goes to jail whatever, the gloating in the media is sickening, and the leftists and jews go all the way in being cynical about this “nazi”. Anglin did the same, and he is being vaporized. Not for being a nazi, no, for being distasteful. The net is full of distasteful – entartete – content. It is ridiculous. Heil Anglin!

Watching stefbot (sorry, I like nicknames in cyberspace of the Internet) is like watching an inferior life form. That doesn’t even strive to better itself!

As you explained in your amazing article about suicidal nationalists years ago, they may appear 90% Nazi (another short nickname, sorry), but then they show some abominable flaw. Turd Flinging Monkey talks about sex differences, yet is anti-racist. Stefbot talks about child abuse and race differences, yet is a capitalist Judeo-American. Black Pigeon Speaks is an anti-Semite and anti-feminist, yet supports gays (as per his video about Rebel Media). Putin is against gays adopting children, yet floods Russia with non-Whites.

The only guy who comes close to you, Cesar, that I’ve found so far is probably E;R. He’s a great YouTuber with his superb editing skills, a sense of humor and great diction, and he has an interest in films like you.


There’s also the Mürdoch Mürdoch series of cartoons, humorous NatSoc propaganda. The channel has been taken down by the left. It’s good, I’d say, 95% NatSoc. Their ideology ranges from exterminationalism to secessionism (all races should coexist, just separately). But they’re also self-ironic and self-critical. The three main characters (true NatSoc) try to cooperate with famous YouTubers such as PJWatson and Lauren Southern and right-wing public figures such as Richard Spencer and late William Pierce in their fight against liberals, making it quite an amusing adventure and showing different stages of one’s ascension from a normie to a Nazi.

But you, Cesar, go 110%, even deeper than Himmler, your ideology is incomparable. And I don’t think you’re wrong, if we are to succeed, it wouldn’t look like Hitler’s triumph, but that of Mohammed or Lenin, the victory against all odds thanks to the zealous hate of a relatively small band of warriors who start the world fire. Too bad the “revolution” is an antiquarian word.

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