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Tucker on The Daily Stormer

Tucker Carlson of Fox News has just opened his evening TV statement criticising the tech firms that silenced The Daily Stormer: Google and Godaddy. “We should be very concerned by the prospect of big companies using their power to enforce ideological conformity.” Tucker mentioned twice the SPLC and invited Mark Steyn to the show, who commented: “PayPal for example kicked off VDARE.com.”


Update of Sunday 20, 2017: Yesterday Anglin, whose site is down again, complained “Strangely, neither Alex Jones or Stefan Molyneux have contacted me to talk about this while my website was down and I had no voice. No one did. When I was in the hole, and all over the national media, not a single supposed free speech advocate with a reasonably-sized audience reached out to me and offered me a chance to tell my story.”

5 replies on “Tucker on The Daily Stormer”

What a massive coordinated attack this has been. Somewhere in this country or world, a group of Jews planned and plotted what has been happening beginning with Saturday’s actions.

It’s been an awful week for the right so far.

Our right to free speech in the USA has been largely removed, at least temporarily if not permanently.

Sweetie – you cannot be afraid, The Kikes are not going to relinquish power readily or easily. RaHoWa is HERE. NOW. Didn’t you always know we were going to have to fight to live?

Given how coordinated this is, it’s obvious that this was coming at some point.

This is probably an OK time for it to happen

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