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After the events in Charlottesville, white nationalists have become the target group of the System forces. Not only The Daily Stormer (which for the moment can be seen: here) but Radio Red Ice, VDARE, NPI, American Renaissance, Mike Enoch, Counter Currents Publishing, Pax Dickinson, The Right Stuff, PolNewsForever, Altright.com, Vanguard America, RootBocks, Weev’s Linkeldn account, IdentityEuropa, Instagram, and Xurious have either been shut down or affected by the cancellation of their PayPal service.

Also, two of Richard Spencer’s upcoming conferences have been cancelled; in the case of Christopher Cantwell, both his Facebook page and his PayPal account have disappeared. In addition, Hatreon which provided donations for dissidents is offline; the Swedes Daniel Friberg and Christopher Dulny were banned from entering the US for their presence in the white nationalism movement, and the Paranormies account has been ousted from Soundcloud (Soundcloud is the same service that houses The West’s Darkest Hour Radio Show).

At least Trump has been brave in not joining the demonization of the Alt-Right like most American elites have. I believe, like James Mason, that the whole matter can be understood much better if we concede that the Enemy has won (since 1945), and that only a civil war can save the white race from extinction.

White nationalists horribly err when blaming the few swastikas (only three apparently) that some flaunted in Charlottesville. The myopia of these anti-swastika pundits borders psychosis. The original sin lies in the religion of our parents; in the liberal culture following the French Revolution, and in the American culture in particular that emerged from a version of Christianity friendly to the Jews.

White nationalists do not realise that practically all contemporary westerners are the product of a Christian and a liberal culture that has carried the principle of the human soul in a Christian sense—as opposed to the biological notion of the human psyche as Himmler explains—to its logical conclusion.

If there was a Pope of all Western culture today, whether religious or secular, he would be similar to the High Sparrow character of Game of Thrones: If you cannot equate those below with those above, humiliate and destroy the Aryan nobility of Westeros so that, this way, everyone will be equal. Studying the history of Christianity is fundamental to understand the atheistic world of today. I would go as far as claim that, if there is a key for the contemporary world, it is precisely the mendicant orders, such as the Dulcinians, which became fashionable after St. Francis tried to follow Jesus’ words in all of their purity.

White nationalists do not realise that the eschatological times we are living in are nothing but the last death rattles of Christianity, just as a dying star expands and burns all the planets near its orbit. It is Christianity what is dying, and before it becomes the white dwarf that will become the next century, it is giving us a hell of a fight by burning the whole West, including the precious blood of westerners through miscegenation. The madness of importing foreign people is not suffered in China or the countries under Islam: it is a folie en masse that only affects whites, upon whom sixteen hundred years ago a Levantine faith was imposed.

I am tempted tomorrow to continue the series on Deschner’s history of Christianity, but perhaps not with translations of whole chapters. I might limit myself to quote the anti-Semitic texts of the first fathers of the Church. Those millennial texts are a treat if we compare them with the version of Christianity that conquered the United States: the worst Christianity of all times! It’s the worst precisely because it transmuted the anti-Semitism of these early theologians into the philo-Semitism brought to this continent by the spiritual sons of Cromwell.

Write down my email address! If the System continues the crackdown, my WordPress, Twitter and Facebook accounts could be nuked. But if you save my email, I’ll to let you know the new address of this site.

cesartort [at] yahoo.com

12 replies on “Crackdown!”

This is what a (I guess female) correspondent from Europe wrote to me today:

Dear César,

The Jews sometimes argue that the 20th century was “the Jewish century.” I should argue that it, in fact, has been a Jewish 2 millennia.

The Jews went from being an obscure group of nomads who never built anything, and who plagiarized their religion from better religions – such as the Babylonian religion: In the Babylonian religion, the Jewish god, El, has a wife, and, also, Moses is Sargon the Akkadian.

The Jews went from this to becoming – through their proxies Christianity and Islam, a universal – or “Catholic” religion. About 3 billion humans have been duped into worshipping the Jewish god.

The Catholic fixation with sin; the Catholic belief that perfectly good; natural and psychologically healthy behavior will send you to hell stems from Jewish uselessness in battle.

The Jewish god is a failed war-god. He is full of bluster. Time and again this entity makes predictions concerning the destruction of Israel’s enemies, and the triumph of Israel in battle.

This is why the Old Testament is worse than the Talmud. The Old Testament is naked exterminationism aimed at gentiles. However, after the defeat of the Bar Kokhbah revolt, the Jews realized that a worldwide messianic military defeat of the Goyim would not be possible.

The Talmud tones down the exterminationism of the Old Testament.

The Jewish god predicts that “the rod will not depart from Jesse,” i.e. that the Davidic royal family would rule over Palestine forever. This did not happen. Why did it not happen? A sane individual would say that it is because the Jewish war god is useless. However, the Jews – and Christians – believe in the excuse that it was because of “sin” and “heresy.”

That is one of the esoteric meanings of ‘Jesus’ incidentally. Should one place the Latin suffix, ‘-us’, which means ‘of’ onto ‘Jesse’ then you get ‘Jesse-us’ or ‘[root] of Jesse.’ Again, is Jesus a fictional character?

The Jewish god prophesies the complete destruction of Tyre – never happens.

The Jewish god predicts that Egypt will become a famine stricken barren uninhabitable wasteland: never happened.

So we white Europeans have inherited this neurotic obsession with sin and orthodoxy – which would mutate into political correctness and antiracism – from the Jews.

So, yeah, Christianity is dying. False religions have a shelf-life of 2,000 years. This is what the precession of the equinoxes is about. The Piscean Aeon was a Jewish Aeon. Hopefully the Aquarian Aeon will be an Aqu-Aryan Aeon.

I went to dailystormer on the dark web using Tor, and their website had changed to a notice saying they were now back on the web at: https://dailystormer.lol

And it works. They have a new DDoS company that believes in free speech. You’ll see their name, BitMitigate, when you use https://dailystormer.lol, on the opening webpage.

BitMitigate has replaced the evil CloudFlare who’s CEO caved to Jew pressure and booted dailystormer from the DDoS protection that Anglin was paying for.

Yes: I have been updating the Wikipedia page on The Daily Stormer, specifically the “external links” section where the latest domain should appear.

Thanks mate, this works as it should, only I was not able to reach the comment section, I get a “502 gateway error” message, but that is probably only a matter of time. Cheers!

https://dailystormer.lol is still up and working.

For anyone who gives money to rebelmedia, it’s just another Jew-in-sheeps-clothing ripoff. Here’s an expose by a Brit just-quit employee of the Jew owner’s Rebel Media, who says that Jew is pocketing the donations: link

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