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James Mason

Siege, 13

Regarding the historic events of yesterday, a correspondent e-mailed me this: ‘Our enemy is consistent. All that hot air about “religious freedom” and “equality” and “free speech” and “freedom of assembly” was simply a ruse so as to empower them into becoming the supreme power in America that they are today. If we ran America, would we allow our biological enemies to march? I should hope not. We cannot expect the enemy to play fair. I believe that Alex [Linder] made this point in his interview with Jan.’

Charlottesville will work in a way that makes the Alt-Right angrier, a chance to start reading the revolutionary voices that America has produced. Below, James Mason’s article titled ‘We could save a lot of time if…’

…if we could really admit that the Enemy has WON! Between the death of Rockwell and the turn of the decade of the Seventies the complexion of things changed. The struggle phase for the Reds and the Blacks ended and they assumed dominance. Whereas they used to influence things from behind the scenes, they now go about it quite openly.

The only reason we still have a fighting chance is because the Enemy has not yet had the time to fully realize the keystone tenet of his program and philosophy: the complete bastardization of all races of man into a single, brown mass, devoid of all identity. Except for a mere time factor the Jewish Enemy has won totally and outright. It’s no longer a contest in the United States; it’s a matter of REVOLUTION, a struggle to overthrow the Enemy and for survival as a race. We stand at rock bottom and if you seek the reason then look no further than those fools trudging along in the ways of the dead past.

One hell of a lot of the best of precious spirit, intentions, time, money and effort went pretty much down the drain during the Sixties and Seventies. It was because of a feeling and attitude of ‘part-time struggle’: go out, risk your neck in some escapade but still be able to go home to your warm bed and carry on a normal life. Comrades of the past twenty years have sacrificed EVERYTHING that one could expect to be sacrificed in a full-scale war. But it was all too little, too late, wrongly directed and, mainly, it was not TOTAL.

If a good cause were enough, we’d have won a long time ago. But it isn’t enough. One of life’s more harsh realities is that in this dirty struggle the ultimate prize will go to he who is the dirtiest. We seem to have fallen for our own propaganda aimed at man’s nobler instincts. We’re supposed to fight “clean”.

Our own foremost racial philosophers will tell you that truly noble instincts exist in only a small minority of Whites and not at all in other races. And most of those Whites have had their instincts perverted by the Jews and their universal, all-powerful brainwashing and taste-making apparatus. Instead of carrying on with cultist garbage, useless publicity stunts and the like (which nobody out there fighting for survival against inflation, unemployment and taxes could understand or give a DAMN about), let’s direct our energies toward recruiting them all as soldiers of the revolution WITHOUT THEIR CONSENT.

Vol. IX, #4 – August 1980

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23 replies on “Siege, 13”

I could not believe what I watched yesterday at Fox News: two mulatto anchors in programs—programs repeating at Fox channel throughout the evening—blaming squarely what happened yesterday on ‘white supremacists’.

The farce only got worse when these mulatto women spoke with ‘respectable’ people in the US government: some of them even linking the deaths of the helicopter accident to the ‘supremacists’!

As to the man who run his car over the crowd, these politicians immediately amalgamated, in their minds, that event with the ‘supremacists’ to the point of speaking in plural, as if that isolated incident equalled the will of all the nationalists that travelled to Virginia.

It is the last time that I watch Fox News on the weekends. The level of lies even in this so-called conservative outlet is unbelievable.

Wait, Cesar, are you content with DailyStormer’s pacifist rhetoric? Would’ve you liked this white nationslist rally to have been free of violence?

When I for one read about this story on Wikipedia yesterday, I was happy that some guy drove his car through the antifa, the Islamist style! We need violence! We need blood! We need arrests and deaths! We need martyrs!

And here I come to DailyStormer, and those cucks say “we were peaceful, but the evil antifa threw shit at us, boo hoo”. That cuck mentality is so deep, it’s unbelievable.

Anglin has to be peaceful. He recently got 800,000 hits in one day and CNN alluded to DS. If he promoted violence he could lose the SPLC lawsuit.

The attitude Mason is referring to is a major problem I have with most people in the movement. Their false optimism is annoying. The truth is we are in a terrible, terrible situation. And the future looks bleak. Racists are a tiny minority. We face jews who directly hold or inordinately influence all the levers of power, a vast ocean of non-white usurpers and, most painfully, an overwhelming majority of our own people, the people we are trying to free.

Compare attendance of any of our events to attendance at a “furry” convention. That’s right, a gathering of perverts who like to play dress up in animal and cartoon outfits will draw more participation than a rally to promote the interests of our race. And even if our numbers grow it won’t fix the problem because we will not become a majority. There will be no waking the masses. That’s absurd.

I want you to imagine the environment in the South in the 1960’s when nigger children were forcibly integrated into White schools. Racists came out in the thousands to protest. Oh, and we had the vocal support of the local and state governments. And our views could be spoken in public anywhere without fear of reprisal. Can you imagine being in a position that good again? AND WE LOST!

You need to understand that the hippies of the 60’s and 70’s had the backing of the mainstream media, just like antifa does today. And of course, they had the educational establishment and jewish money backing them as well. That’s definitely not the situation we are in. We are small, cash-poor movement painted as evil. The White people we are trying to rescue see no difference between us and a bunch of explicit satanists.

There will also be no “march through the institutions” either. That worked for the cultural marxists because of jewish money and media control and because the White man was blissfully unaware of this process. But having assumed cultural dominance in this fashion, our enemies are on the lookout for any such progress we try to make. That’s why any academic who doesn’t follow the program has his career destroyed. Likewise for anyone in entertainment.

I see people believing that if we have enough urine and feces thrown at us, get beaten up enough, get arrested and imprisoned enough, that victory will be granted to us somehow. Really? We don’t even have the rights that are supposed to be ours. Meanwhile our enemies don’t have to follow the law. And racists think they can win by being safe and legal. There’s nothing safe about being legal.

We racists are aliens in hostile territory. We need the collapse to win. But the collapse won’t magically provide us with victory either. Violence will decide who rules what land when the collapse comes. All we can do is use those means to quicken the collapse and then to seize power in the time of uncertainty that will be upon us. Read Louis Beam. Read James Mason. Be ready.

For reasons I cannot fully understand, WNsts have not taken seriously what Austrian economists have been saying for a long time. Most of them believe that the collapse scenarios are just wishful thinking, as if the US economy is in good health.

Only my old pals (now ideological enemies) at Counter-jihad know that you got to prepare yourself with precious metals. It’s so easy to watch Mike Maloney’s course on YouTube on why a financial accident is coming yet WNsts cannot see the writing on the wall.

@ Cesar,
My sense of things is that in recent years, there are more racists who believe a collapse is coming our way. How prepared they are for this scenario is another question. As you say, precious metals (real money) will be crucial. Racists should be prepping in other ways too. I think there are probably some good candidates for racial radicalization in the prepper community as well. So I think that’s a good thing to be involved in.

Yeah, I often hear the Alt-Right talk about doing an inverse of the “peaceful” counter-cultural revolution of the 60’s where we play the part of Marxists and hippies that overthrew white culture. That’s just not going to happen. Jews took power because oblivious WASPs let the Jews seize control of all our institutions right under their noses because they were trapped in the Christian prison of universalist morality.

Jews won’t make the same mistakes. Yesterday made this clear: ZOG hates us and won’t even protect it’s own laws if it means letting pro-white voices be heard.

@The River Runs Black,
Yes, Christian morality was definitely used against our people to take what is ours. It’s also a huge part of what holds us back now. The Christian influence in the movement is too strong as well. If you go to IRL events: lots of Christians. There will be people there who are not, but too many Christians…

I’ve grown skeptical about the idea of putting our religious differences aside in a pro-white cause. If left in positions of power, these people will establish a white theocracy, which will just carry the mind virus of universalism with it. I can also tell you that when a collapse scenario is upon us, Christians will be some of the most dangerous, unpredictable people to be around. Gripped by religious fervor, they are capable of anything. They might hit their knees and pray until they starve to death, or they may attack the non-believer.

One of the reasons I have confidence that only the most extreme, revolutionary voices in this movement will eventually win out and assume leadership is that only they have a realistic solution to our race’s dilemma. Racial survival will involve killing of our enemies and violent revolution. Therefore if the ‘movement’ truly wants their race to survive they will eventually turn to the most radical and revolutionary figures amongst them.

One very important point James Mason makes is “in this dirty struggle the ultimate prize will go to he who is the dirtiest.” I cannot emphasize this point enough. One of the major reasons Hitler lost the Second World War was, I believe, that he played by the rules and treated his enemies fairly. The Judeo-Allies on the other hand broke all the rules of warfare and terror bombed and raped their way to victory over the Germans. Nature cares nothing for whether the method used to gain victory are honourable or not, the real world recognizes only the fact of triumph, no matter how attained. It may be that the mammoths were made indignant by the mobs of cowardly little savages who trapped and exterminated them, but mammoths nevertheless became forever extinct. We must use ANY method to achieve survival, no matter how dirty, as Mason says.

This is my dirty method:

Once the ethno-state settles in North America, in times of Peak oil it will have to steal the oil wells from some Latin American countries.

In order to avoid repression on the minuscule white population in the countries at the south of Río Grande, it will be necessary to send missiles on the MSM buildings of those countries—and place flags of Israel in the factories that the ethnostate confiscated from Latin America.

Concurrently to nuking the southern governments, through the radio the State would say in Spanish that the Israelis stole the oil, thus the pissed-off Latin Americans with take revenge on the kikes of their respective countries: two birds with one stone.

The prize goes to who plays dirtier! But we can imagine the Two Matthews and the Wallaces; the Johnsons, the Spencers and the Dukes of that ethnic state, if they were to command it…

No: the ones who should command it are people like the characters of the novel of Pierce.

@ Joseph Walsh
Excellent point about Hitler. I’m still flabbergasted by the Dunkirk decision, let alone his adherence to Geneva Convention rules his enemies refused to follow. In war, he needed to be more lightening, less sun. VICTORY is noble.
Another reason more revolutionary leaders will rise is that our competitors will be thrown in prison (if not killed) by the system. And they will be quite confused as to how they got there since they kept things safe and legal. Ha!

In the past Linder discussed this very subject with Hadding Scott at VNN; Scott believing that WNsts have failed in the US because they had resorted to illegal means.

I don’t understand how Hadding could even construct such an opinion. When the law is whatever your enemies say it is, following the law can not lead to Victory.

As you make reference to Savitri Devi’s terminology of Hitler being more Sun than Lightning you are correct. Hitler was an idealist, not a practical politician. Devi did say that the coming leader would have more ‘Lightning’ qualities and act with a ruthlessness and cunning unprecedented in world history that would make even Genghis Khan pale by comparison. I guess that is what is needed to defeat the Jews once and for all. However we can’t rely on Devi’s prophecies of a Great White Leader to come, we have to save ourselves.

We have lost the Culture War, The Control of Government War, and The Psychological War concerning Race. The enemy owns government, the media, and academia. The Jews had the immense advantage of a political culture devoid of Race Consciousness, interested only in the prevention of anarchy and tyranny. That insipid phrase “All Men Are Created Equal” is the most destructive meme in history, because it implies actuality as opposed to mere ‘rights’.

And then,we never fought back, primarily because we never identified the enemy. The Jews conquered the attitudes of a quiescent culture, secure in its presumed future, sleep-walking toward obsolescence.

So now that the enemy has the high ground, how do we establish our future? By listening to the origin of our culture that the majority of the White population inherently believes in. Christianity is not our enemy – it is our friend. You don’t convert people by arguing against their most cherished beliefs – you convert them by assuaging their convictions while plausibly showing how those beliefs have been manipulated. This is why Hitler insisted National socialism was motivated by christian conceptions.

The key is the concept of Christian Identity that teaches with as much Biblical reference as any other doctrine that Cain was the child of the Devil and the sire of the Jews. Add to this the relevance of Rhesus Negative blood, statistically the province of Europeans, and we have the means to show by Christian Doctrine and biologically that we are Gods children on Earth and distinct from all others.

Such an emphasis stigmatizes the Jews while not alienating the Christian whites that can animate, fund, and popularize our struggle.

Christian Identity is the key to defeat ‘Pauline Christianity’ as Jewish propaganda and the Jews themselves.

We are still the majority, with the greatest resources of money and intelligence. All we need is the right strategy to ‘wake up’ our own numb racial brethren. Christian Identity is that strategy.

Matthew Crawford,

You cannot invent a new Christianity in these desperate times. All the major churches will try to rebut you. Just listen to Fox News tonight. I promised not watching it on weekends and kept that promise to a certain point: but it was tempting to peek on 5- to 10-second segments (before and after watching Game of Thrones) and it’s the same story all over again: demonising the Alt-Right for what happened yesterday.

For a long time the churches have done exactly the same with evil racists: both Catholic and Protestant. A minuscule group like CI cannot and will not take over Christianity. It’s an illusion.

Most of my life I was a Christian, Matthew, or more precisely someone who struggled with Christian dogma to the point of losing my mind in the 1980s. You are not an apostate. Nor have you spent most of your life under the lacrimae lunae. I can understand you but you cannot understand me for the simple reason that you have not experience the long, long agony of apostasy.

I am the exception anyway. Paradigms don’t die: they are replaced as those who stick to the old paradigm start to die, and I believe that this is the last century for the religion of our parents. If my predictions come true—a convergence of catastrophes (financial, an apocalyptic energy devolution and finally a political crisis)—, after billions die by the end of the century it will be crystal-clear that altruistic Christianity’s and its secular offshoots inflated a demographic bubble, especially in the Third World, that burst.

However, if you are honest as I was in the 1980s and 90s, you would take a good look at the secular approach to the New Testament, of which not long ago I added another entry in this site.

But NT exegesis wasn’t the main factor to give up my faith. It was the realisation that I was suffering from a parental introject what did the trick. The ultimate truth is that religion is not about the external world, Matthew. It’s about the structure of your inner Self. Once I knew myself by means of a long night under the severe tears of the Moon—and I had to write two thick autobiographical books in such horrible journey—I saw that ‘God’ is but the projection of the Self from a human being at a given stage of the human theodicy. In other words, theism is altogether wrong: there’s no personal God. The only real person was my biological father whose religious mind was introjected in me.

I won’t try to explain this in a mere comment, Matthew. But a fraction of my books have been translated to English, where I barely touch this subject.

Matthew Crawford,

Christian Identity is a rather clever twist. Rather than seek to avoid the fact that Christianity is rooted in worship of the chosen, you pretend that you are the chosen people whose racial consciousness is so unabashedly advocated in the Old Testament. But if you are going to pretend to be jews (not jews, you say, but Hebrews!), you should just follow the Old Testament, as horrible as that is. Because the problem is not that the New Testament has been perverted, but rather that Jesus is a pervert who really did intend for his followers to be wandering, penniless pacifists with no healthy sense of the real world or any drive to preserve themselves. That’s why no one can technically follow the insanity offered in the sermon on the mount. But what Christians can do is make that sermon part of their mentality, which is disastrous…And as racial as the Old Testament is, the New Testament really did dispense with that. Jesus himself dispensed with it (if he existed at all).

But we won’t overcome jews by pretending to be them. And the idea makes my skin crawl anyway. I’m of Norwegian/German and I won’t trade my heritage by pretending to be a semite. The ten commandments are a step down from the nine noble virtues. Aryan values are what we need, not semitic values. And the same scientific discoveries that smash the out of Africa theory of human origins also dispenses with the kinds of scientific claims made by William Finck or any other proponents of CI.

Think about the words of Rabbi Marcus Eli Ravage:

“Our tribal customs have become the core of your moral code. Our tribal laws have furnished the basic groundwork of all your august constitutions and legal systems. Our legends and our folk-tales are the sacred lore which you croon to your infants. Our poets have filled your hymnals and your prayer-books. Our national history has become an indispensable part of the learning of your pastors and priests and scholars. Our kings, our statesmen, our prophets, our warriors are your heroes. Our ancient little country is your Holy Land. Our national literature is your Holy Bible. What our people thought and taught has become inextricably woven into your very speech and tradition, until no one among you can be called educated who is not familiar with our racial heritage.

Jewish artisans and Jewish fishermen are your teachers and your saints, with countless statues carved in their image and innumerable cathedrals raised to their memories. A Jewish maiden is your ideal of motherhood and womanhood. A Jewish rebel-prophet is the central figure in your religious worship. We have pulled down your idols, cast aside your racial inheritance, and substituted for them our God and our traditions. No conquest in history can even remotely compare with this clean sweep of our conquest over you.”

“Paradigms don’t die: they are replaced as those who stick to the old paradigm die, and I believe that this is the last century for the religion of our parents”.

Brilliant C.T. – reminds me of that book from the early 1960’s describing how the history of science did not demonstrate that theories changed UNTIL the preceding generation advocating it died.

Extraordinary statement Justin – Thank-you for the reposte.

The extended quote from the Rabbi defines his belief of how the semites conquered our culture. It is based upon the inanity of contemporary beliefs and typical of their conceit. Our God told us to massacre the ancestors of the people we today identify as Jewish as you recognize.

Your villification of Jesus as a pacifist is the meme that normative Christianity asserts, and it is wrong, but I won’t argue the details because historically we know so little of the truth. But in personal relations, these morals work.

The point is that to take on the Jews we must redefine the religion that they polluted through control of the megachurch’s, the nonsense of ‘Fundamentalism’ that they created for the uneducated and thoughtless. The Catholic Church is controlled by the same anti-white agenda.

We must redefine Christianity because it is the central belief of our culture which in repudiating we only assist the Jews in marginalizing us. By the correct exegesis of Genesis we can assert our primacy as God’s Chosen People and the misnomered ‘Jews’ as Cain’s children born of the Devil. The evidence is there; the Doctrinal assertions are valid. They can be properly debated in any rational quorum.

There are two points additionally that must be considered: The first is the exceptional book ‘Political Ponerology’ by Lobacewski being the study of evil in politics. The thesis demonstrates that psychopaths have a mindset that allows them to control institutions. Lobacewski shows that Jews have a 3% average of such abnormality while it is statistically uneventful in other ethnic groups. I believe it is exactly this deficiency, this spawn of evil, that the Architect of Eden was attempting to isolate in creating Adam, our racial Father. We are indeed different from them Justin!

To verify this distinction racially and morally, we can reference Rhesus Negative blood types, predominant amongst Europeans but not other ethnicities. This demonstrates our particular nature as God’s chosen.

These facts, properly explained and publicized, deserving admittedly greater investigation, are the tools by which our people can realize their own significance and thus mobilize themselves for the defense of our genome and culture.

You’re nothing more than a Whitey trying to appropriate a Semitic Death Cult. You’re like those Niggers pretending they wuz Egyptians and Hebrews.

Also, Christianity encourages dysegenics by its hostility to infantcide, abortion (Niggers and Beaners are much more represented as abortion getters in America), and support for Niggers.

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