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Kriminalgeschichte, 10

Today at dawn I discovered that David Irving has said that Rupert Murdoch is Jewish. If true, that would explain a lot of things I did not understand about Fox News, as it means that in the US there is not a single powerful TV network under the command of an Aryan.

In white nationalism the Jewish parasite is considered the primary cause that is exterminating whites. But who are worse: the parasites or those who behave like cattle because of their set of values? How on earth could the Aryans started to hand over their media to a subversive tribe right after Napoleon’s emancipation of them?

Hollywood released the movie The Time Machine when I was just two years old. The world of beautiful Eloi frolicking under the sun impressed George, the main protagonist of the film, soon after reaching the year 802,701 CE. But the Utopia was soon over when, carried off by the current of a river, blonde Weena screams for help but none of her male, blond companions show any concern. George rescues her and she tells George that her people are called the Eloi. Later George learns that the Eloi are the cattle of the Morlock cannibals.

Hating the Morlocks is easy, even to the point of wanting to exterminate them. But what about the extraordinary passivity of the Eloi? Two different species are required for the parasite-cattle dynamics, and in the case of the 1960 film, two wills. White nationalists are dedicated to investigate the Morlocks. I prefer to analyze the Eloi.

For example, it bothers me when Hunter Wallace praises Julius Caesar to the degree of embedding, in several entries of Occidental Dissent, clips of the famous series of HBO on Rome. That is not the historical Rome but “Holly-Rome”—I have complained a lot about white nationalists not reading Who We Are.

In Imperial Rome, in addition to the genocide of the Aryan Celts which the Romans, comparatively swarthier, perpetrated, I wonder if white nationalists know that Caesar also supported the Jews in many ways, and that Augustus generously endowed the Temple of Jerusalem, as Karlheinz Deschner writes in the first volume of Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums. In the section under the heading ‘Interpretatio Christiana’ Deschner tells us about the origins of Christianity:

Not the Jews, but the Christians now became the ‘people of Israel’, from which the Jews had apostatised. In this way, they snatched from the Jews the Old Testament and used it as a weapon against them, an extraordinary process of forgery that is called Interpretatio Christiana: a unique phenomenon that has no history in the history of religions, and which is practically the only original feature of Christianity.

‘Your Scriptures, or rather, not yours, but ours!’ wrote Justin in the second century. Justin is sure that ‘although they read them, they don’t understand them.’ To the literal sense of the Scriptures they opposed, in an exegetical operation that rises the hair, a supposed symbolic or spiritual sense, to be able to affirm that ‘the Jews did not understand’ their own sacred texts.

But not only the texts were stolen but the body remains of the Maccabees who had fought against our hero Antiochus! Deschner writes about the ‘relics’ of the Maccabees:

…preserved from the second century BC. in the great synagogue of Antioch, were declared Christian. Moreover, at the end of the fourth century, these relics were moved, so that the Jews were unable to worship them. And they turned the Jewish commemoration into a festival of the Christian calendar, which survives to this day.

The Christians snatched from the Jews whatever might be useful for the anti-Jewish polemic. As Gabriel Laub jokes, Christianity would not have been possible ‘if there had existed in the Old Testament times something like the international convention of copyright’. In the first century, Christians were already speaking of ‘our father Abraham’ and asserted that ‘Moses, in whom you have your hopes, is in fact your accuser.’

All of this hair-rising interpretations were systematized in Christian theology. For theologians and Christians, if there is an Old Testament it is only to announce things that are going to have their fulfilment in the New; and the passages of the Old that just do not square are eliminated. And since the Jews were the least squares, they were suppressed for ‘apostasy’.

As I have said: Interpretatio Christiana. One religion expropriates another and then insults, fights and persecutes the expropriated religion. This was necessary, because in Christianity what does not go back to paganism belongs, without exception, to the Jewish faith: its God, its monotheism, the days of fasting, the festivities like Easter, Pentecost… Even the word Christ (from the Greek christos) is nothing more than a translation of the Hebrew maschiah or ‘messiah’.

Manu Rodriguez has told us in this blog how Christianity infected the Aryan mind. But only a thorough reading of the history of Christianity may reveal how it turned whites into the cattle for a parasitic subspecies of humans. Just listen to the recent pronouncements about Charlottesville by Paul Ryan, Terence McAuliffe, Lindsey Graham, George W. Bush, Mitt Romney and even Jeff Sessions and countless others—the Eloi!

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Trouble is that I don’t give much credibility to the claims in WN forums (“Roosevelt was kike”; “Eisenhower was kike”, etc.), and MacDonald confused me in one of his scholarly articles saying that perhaps Murdoch was non-Jew.

I have read that Murdoch’s maternal grandfather was Solomon Greene, a Melbourne bookmaker. Whatever, could Murdoch, owner of small circulation Australian newspapers, have bought into British media in the 1960’s, let alone into New York in the 1970’s without (((powerful connections))) ? Murdoch is certainly an arch Zionist and very guarded about his family history.

I have also read that two Jewish genealogists have traced FDR’s antecedents to Jews in Amsterdam. Jews like to boast of these things. You normally get a lot of these facts from Jewish sources. Eisenhower, apparently, was nicknamed ‘The Jew’ in his West Point Year Book, graduating near the bottom. It may only have indicated a meanness with money. Eisenhower certainly had a Talmudic hatred of Germans.

But it’s good to be sceptical with all these claims unless clearly proven. Misinfo gets repeated and repeated. The legend becomes fact.

I did not know but truthfully I disliked him because he married a gook. Now that I know he is a heeb I totally despise him.

The never ending accusations in our movement are annoying. We constantly call each other jews or feds as a reaction to any tactical or philosophical disagreement we have with one another. This is especially prevalent, of course, in the conspiracy theorist corner of racialism. I take it as a sign of stupidity that these low brows never take off their magic jew-goggles. The fact that agents and informers do infiltrate our movement adds fuel to the fire, of course. But unless you are aligning your personal interests with them it’s largely unnecessary to try and root out anyone. We simply have to deal with ideas espoused by any party as they arise and apply sound judgement to them.

I take this attitude in regards to the murky roots of Christianity. Is it a movement started by people of a genuine faith? Was it an intentional weapon devised by jews to use against the Roman empire? Was it a weapon used by the Roman empire against the populace? Or against jews? Did Jesus even exist? The truth lies somewhere in history. I’m very intellectually interested in this history, but we should understand that perfect knowledge of the roots of Christianity aren’t crucial. All we must do is evaluate Christianity itself (historic and current) and ask ourselves if this way of seeing reality and the resulting moral dogmas are harmful for our people or helpful. It’s objectively clear to me that Christianity is a grotesque moral disaster that is literally leading to our genocide. This is true regardless of whether or not the religion is some kind of “jewish trick”.

Crypto-jews like Rupert Murdoch ARE a real problem. But like so much of what ails us, it is a problem birthed from Christianity. Whenever the population of a host society was ready to deal with the Jewish problem in the only effective manner possible (violence), the parasites would run to the Church for protection…and they would receive it! In many cases protection would be offered via conversion to Christianity.

Here we have the heart of the problem. Christ Insanity prevents people from looking at the world in a biologically realistic way. Therefore, the jew was not a separate entity from the White man, he was just another “human” in need of Jesus. The crypto-jews were able to keep their faith in the privacy of their homes and hearts while wearing a Christian mask publicly. It’s incredible that some of these pernicious jews were able to cling to their identity over the course of generations. Over time, perhaps some of these jews collapsed under the weight of Christian dogma and accepted the faith in their hearts. But this is actually even worse for the White man. Now you have a biological jew infected with Christianity, which certainly makes for a malevolent entity. How many perverted “Whites” fall into such a category is now unknowable. Thanks a lot, Jesus!

As Aryans with Aryan values, we could see the world as it is. This means we could see the jew for what it is: a harmful biological threat that needs to be eliminated. And we would not have any unnatural psychological barriers preventing us to take the course of action required to deal with jews and all our biological competitors.

But you missed the whole point. I’m criticising whites because they don’t want to kill them. Remember the film? After finding Weena in the subterranean caverns, George begins fighting the Morlocks. His efforts inspire others to defend themselves, which is something that the Eloi mentioned in the post and millions others would never dare to.


Since any film worth watching is being remade they should have a 2017 update for Time Machine: The Eloi arrest George and charge him with a hate crime. The End.

I will address “The Eloi Question” or “The White Question”. There has always been a divide among whites between freemen and serfs, or as the nords would put it: between freemen and thralls. The thralls are basically the eloi whites. The confusing aspect about the situation is that the middle and upper class whites tend to be the inheritors of the cultural legacy of thralls. The fact they are inheritors of thrall culture is evident in the fact that they are very conformist and bound by political correctness.

It is lower class whites who tend to avoid political correctness and “speak frankly” and we all know that the franks were a social class of European freemen. So it tends to be lower class whites, the so called white trash, who are inheritors of the culture of freemen. This is why they tend to advocate on behalf of the rights of freemen as put forth in the constitution. Freedom of speech etc.

Species in nature seek to reproduce themselves. Hence serfs seek to reproduce serf culture and freemen seek to reproduce free culture. So the left right divide in America and elsewhere is inherited from the historic struggle and tension between serf and freeman.

And I think many serfs actually did support the freemen so I am not equating being a serf with envying the freeman but I am saying there is a conflict that relates to a tension some serfs felt towards freemen. A sort of envy.

This class conflict would exist with or without jews however many within the jewish community have been exploiting these tensions. And we can see the neo-marxist whites are eager commissars for their jew overlords however these same commissars have demonstrated that they have no problem switching loyalty from jew overlords to muslim overlords and serving the muslim agenda. I think the overwhelming motivation of the white neo-marxist is simply hatred and envy towards white freemen.

This hatred and envy was fully enacted within the civil war where a serf-thrall northern culture totally decimated a culture dominated by white freemen in the south. And they did this without much prompting, if any, from the jews.

Furthermore the white leftist serfs have been trying to make it so they define what being white is. They have been trying to make their values be equated with white values while claiming that freemen whites are white trash and hence “not the authentic white”. These white leftists are the eloi white. Even the antifa are eloi. The antifa are not doing anything socially unacceptable. They are simply “hating nazis” which is seen as socially acceptable. They are not free.

These white leftists are the eloi white. Even the antifa are eloi. The antifa are not doing anything socially unacceptable. They are simply “hating nazis” which is seen as socially acceptable. They are not free.

There was an excellent YouTube video on psychology I saw years ago about the drive to imitate the ideological fads, however irrational, as a good groupthinker; but didn’t save the link and have not found it again. And yes: antifa are just spewing the two minutes hate of the current zeitgeist, they are unfree.


That’s an important assessment you make. Many Whites have a vested interest in preventing another National Socialist Germany from coming about. If a caste of Aryan Overmen like the SS were to come into being many of our own race would feel resentful toward it and want to destroy it because they would be inferior to it. This is why it was so easy for the Jews to get so many Whites to go off and “fight Hitler”. There were Whites who looked at Nazi Germany and HATED it. They don’t want to be superior over other races, it frightens them and so they make willing collaborators with the Jews for our extinction. As long as they can live out their lives in comfort they don’t care if their race goes extinct. As long as they don’t have to endure another Nazi Germany.

Right on. Exactly.

The first REAL slaves in the states were White. Let us not forget that. Ever. When ‘whites’ stop trying to enslave and better one another things will pan out in our favor.

Much of the “class” problem is based upon a history of white leadership working with Jews to the detriment of their people. Think tax farming and usurious banking, which was ‘pragmatically’ allowed and often even used to further elite class (only) pursuits.

Problem #1 – the Jew – is Enemy #2
Enemy #1 is our Race Traitor Elite!!

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