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I know next to nothing about how the internet works. But I am dismayed that after Andrew Anglin’s The Daily Stormer was taken down a couple of days ago there are no articles on any notable WN site that I know explaining what is going on, or when if ever will the Stormer be back through normal channels.

Update of 7:40 am.
Finally I found a legit thread at VNN Forum. My guess is that WN sites are just that: sites run by white nationalists. We need something closer to a NS sympathiser, even though Linder is not a national socialist, to address something so obvious. After all, Anglin’s site got nearly a million visits after the Charlottesville event—something that envious admins of WN forums don’t get even remotely.

I hope you are back soon Anglin, our differences aside. We salute you from this humble site.

For further updates see Andrew’s posts at Gab:


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It was back up briefly @ dailystormer.wang (haha!) but that was shut-down as well.. Anglin said on the DailyShoah that they were going to be trying for Dailystormer.lol most likely next..

It is not about servers. The data for the website is (as far as I have understood) hosted by Anglin and Weev themselves. It is about domain registration. The analogy for the domain would be for example the contact adressbook in your phone. So that instead of calling +123456789 you just choose “Johnny” in your address book. This way you type the domain name “dailystormer.com” in your broser instead of server’s IP (internet address, e.g. 123.456.78.90).

GoDaddy dumped Anglin from the domain. Then they tried to register with Google which seized it from them. The same happened with .wang domain.

That means that now Google Inc. is the owner of the dailystormer.com domain!

Probably not, but the law does not apply to bad goys in the land of the free lol.

On the day of Charlottesville they also attacked the redice.tv and redicemembers.com sites. It happened through the Iphone of Henrik, the website owner, so probably the NSA backdoors were used.


Other crackdowns on alt-right portals:
– infostormer.com (no more available)
– VDare (!) has been denied service from paypal
– KulturKampf podcast – throw out of soundcloud; they just discuss european literature and philosophy (!)
– a purge of twitter accounts

I too miss the dailystormer. I was used to checking it and reading articles and comments before going to bed, and checking the radio shows, often listening.

Unfortunately, the whole government handling of the Unite-the-Right rally was a setup, a coordinated attack, by our evil USA government which included that city mayor and Virginia governor, and ZOG in general.

I’m still mad about it all. Also frustrated.

It’s tough being an old, powerless guy like myself who can’t do anything other than give a little money here and there. I applaud all the heroes on our side who manned the shield walls against the antifa scum. I wish I was young again and could have stood with them, but I’ll have to wait until my eventual reincarnation for that.

At least there was some karmic payback that day: the police helicopter and that car action, so that the criminal police who actively worked against our people, and the acid-throwing antifa scum, did not escape unscathed.

Thanks for the notice. I took a quick look and it looks good so far.

A .ru domain is fine with me. I just hope the Russian government isn’t under enough Jew control and rescinds that. If it lasts more than a few days then good.

Can’t believe this shite, the Stormer has been down before, but even the .ru domain doesn’t work! Contrary to my habit I hadn’t visited the Stormer for days,…. Good thing is you, Cesar, are up and running.

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