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White nationalism is deluded

Zionist Occupied Government? Pffft!
Zionist Occupied Culture? Closer.
Zionist Occupied Soul? Bingo! The Inner Jew.

—Sebastian Ronin

I don’t want to spend much time in this entry, but I was listening to what Millennial Woes and Greg Johnson say about Charlottesville when, after minute 35, Johnson criticised the only Nazi flag that someone carried to the rally, and the few Roman salutes.

I then wrote down some of his remarkable phrases. Johnson spoke about ‘The common sense of the American political spectrum before the Second World War’ and that ‘We can graft white nationalist politics on the trunk of the vast bulk of the American political and cultural tradition’.

Really? This runs completely opposite to what we believe: that the cultural genes of the American dream—capitalism and a form of Puritanical Christianity that introduced the Old Testament into the West—are the double-helix of white decline. Alluding to German National Socialism, Johnson also said:

We do not need foreign transplants, exotic and highly stigmatised from other parts of the world.

That is to say: If the Jewish media lied and lied and lied ad infinutum and ad nauseam about the Germans, don’t disabuse Americans of the lies! Don’t educate Americans all mornings, afternoons and evenings about the Hellstorm Holocaust! Better remain asleep and continue to honour the current narrative.

What we stand for is as American as the Constitution… and we need to emphasize that because that is how you reach the norm.

So we are now appealing to the masses of normies? I thought we should be leading them.

And frankly when people make a fetish or a cult of foreign regimes, foreign ideologies, that is not the solution… And if we stop being inauthentic and searching around of things that are foreign to us and actually learn about our own history and culture and tradition we will find that everything that we need [emphasis in Johnson’s voice] is already there and already resonates with the vast majority of Americans.

Millennial Woes responded. ‘Yeah: I agree’.

White nationalism is deluded. There’s no question about it. The fact that they believe that Jewry is the primary cause of the decline is nothing else than blindness about the double-helix that created the US. It was precisely the combination of materialism plus Christianity what I call the ‘Aryan problem’. If white Americans want to save their race they’ll have to reject both. It’s the sin of believing in capitalism and the religion of our parents what has caused the Jewish problem in the first place.

But I am talking to myself. Only if I could speak fluent English I’d plan for many more radio podcasts where I would be hammering on these ideas with my guests just to see how could they respond. For the moment I can only add that, in order to save white Americans Murka must burn and, phoenix-like, construct an all-white civilisation on the ashes once both the suicidal religion of today’s Americans and their greed are gone with the wind.

3 replies on “White nationalism is deluded”

I agree with you. People like Greg Johnson are deluded. For myself, I wasn’t inspired to become pro-white until I learned more about Hitler, primarily from his own writings, speeches etc. I really haven’t found anybody else in American history that inspires me the same way that Hitler does. Besides, if America really had all that “common sense” before World War II that Johnson alludes to, how did we end up fighting in it? I think you answered this question in your commentary above.

But of course: Stefan Molyneux is worse than Johnson. He said today: “National Socialism is just the competing criminal ideology to communism”. What a fucking idiot!: He also says in that video that Hitler was bad because he didn’t accept the “freedom” of capitalism.

The swastika’s presence should be criticized because nobody there was fit to fly It! To riff off of Mason, the uniforms and discipline weren’t present to honor our sacred banner. If only Greg or Woes could envision the concept of a sacred symbol that wasn’t a rainbow!

“The common sense of the American political spectrum before the Second World War” , what hokum! America never once excluded jews in a meaningful way and any racial gains it made were in spite of their welcome presence. This “common sense” was only briefly achieved by 1920s eugenicists and naturalists like Madison grant.

Even Alex Linder is coming around to Sunic’s and your own view of America. On August 11th he remarked that “Essentially, the jews fused with the remnants of the worst sort of post-Puritans, the northeasterners who created the public school system and pushed the insanity of abolitionism.” This madness, this evil, was always the trunk that Johnson wishes to graft his own white nationalism to.

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