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Reply to Spencer

Richard Spencer has said that this 2015 speech—:


—is one of his favourites. Halfway through the video he apparently accused the Judeo-Christian tradition for the calamity that fell on the West today: a sense of guilt that leads whites to seek their extinction around the globe.

It is curious that Matt Heimbach was in the front row listening to Spencer during that conference of American Renaissance. In the Q&A section, almost at the end of the video another Christian made the remark that in the Middle Ages white people did not feel guilty. Spencer replied that regarding ‘our capacity to become our own worst enemy, I don’t blame Judaism and Christianity on that. I think that goes much deeper. That might be some internal aspect of ours, that we were able to disembody shame and eat it and keep it inside ourselves or something like that. I do think that the modern guilt phenomena is a post-Christian phenomena.’

In this site I have said that Christianity is like AIDS: that whites were carriers of HIV, a virus for the white mind, since the beginning of our era but the outbreak only occurred in modern times.

Consider, for example, how the Renaissance popes were virtual generals who just went into the fields to kill their enemies in battles, and how the present pope is their antithesis: Francisco I follows infinitely more closely the gospel of Jesus. It is no coincidence that the current pope was the first in the history of the Roman Catholic Church to adopt the name of St. Francis of Assisi, the saint who tried to bring the words of Jesus into practice in all their purity. What Christians ignore is that this neo-Franciscanism so to speak or out-group altruism is precisely the HIV phase of our times.

Let there be no doubt: white nationalists, including what Spencer said at the conference and many others, subscribe the Christian ethics of loving one’s neighbor as oneself. They are perfect examples of what I call neo-Franciscanism, a secular love for the Other. Unlike Charles Darwin, Roger Pearson and other eugenicists, white nationalists wish the best for the black and the brown races as long as they thrive in their respective countries, and are even ready to help them as much as possible.

The AIDS / HIV analogy has to be true, for there is no record of pre-Christian whites having suffered from out-group altruism and tremendous guilt in the thousands of years of pre-Christian civilisations. As I recall when as a child I went with my family to Mass, I was very annoyed by the striking on the chests that, except me, all gave themselves pronouncing the words ‘Por mi culpa, por mi culpa, por mi grande culpa’ (Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa in the original Latin).

Imagine the billions of times that, over two millennia, whites have uttered these insane words while reciting the Confiteor on the par of literally striking themselves on the chest. Does Spencer and company really believe that after abandoning the religion of our parents no residue is left of that ‘malware’?

Spencer sometimes quotes Nietzsche. But he never quotes the Nietzscheans of today as we do. There is a special quote that I have been quoting over the years: a page that I stole from a Swedish blogger who is no longer active on the internet. It is worth repeating:

With Christ as part of the equation, the Christian ethics of the Gospels became balanced. Humans were seen as imperfect and it was Christ who covered for us with his self-sacrifice. In Secular Christianity [modern-day liberalism] each person has to be like Jesus himself, doing self-sacrifice, since there’s no other way to fulfil Christian ethics.

White nationalists do not realise the havoc caused by removing Christ from the equation: the psyche of secular whites was left with naked guilt, especially after altruistically they handed over their mainstream media and Hollywood to the subversive Jews!

When I was living in California, I once heard Charles Stanley’s sermon on television, and was very impressed that he said in front of millions of viewers that he deserved hell, eternal torture according to his fundamentalist interpretation of the Gospels (his words ‘and burn and burn…’ still resonate in my mind). But he added that Jesus could save us from the fire. I was so impressed by this sermon that I ordered the recording from his church by regular mail, which at that time was made with those audiocassettes that have since fallen into disuse.

The race realists who go to the American Renaissance conferences are clueless of the infinite harm that such ideas have caused in the Aryan psyche. It is not surprising at all that, once the millennial theology is rejected, the worm of guilt has not yet been extirpated from the secular mind. And once Christ is left out of the equation, the only way that the secularists may atone for their sins is by inviting, with the help of the subversive tribe, the coloureds into their lands.

From this point of view it is not homicide by the Jews what the Aryans of today suffer. It is assisted suicide.

I do not tire of repeating it: there is no historical evidence of suicidal guilt before Christianity, so Spencer’s response at the conference is refutable. With the exception of Revilo Oliver, the psychological sequels of the dismissal of Christianity is a subject not studied by white nationalists.

Next Sunday I will add one more passage from the anti-Christian novel Julian to this site.

8 replies on “Reply to Spencer”

Do the ever-improving methods of child rearing have absolutely nothing to do with the ever more compassionate Whites? Millennia ago our ancestors had human and child sacrifices, and then a century and a half before the Führer’s birth, many felt vaguely awkward when the French quartered Damiens.

Thing is, your ideology is about a compassionate man brutally exterminating lesser races because he knows they’re ultimately more disgusting in the long run than the act of this extermination (dog farms in China). But can such a man ever exist?

Of course: read what I have said about the Nazis’ compassionate laws about animals (here).

As to the ‘helping mode’ of childrearing to use deMause’s term, yes: they produce feminised western males. But you forget that precisely because this overman may want to eliminate all unnecessary suffering on Earth, concurrently he may become an exterminationist. Haven’t you read Day of Wrath (tomorrow I’ll add another chapter of it)?

My point is that National Socialists of Germany were never Overmen. They were Germans first, and the NSDAP was firmly grounded in the relatively healthy German state. Your ordinary German soldier was not that well-versed in the tenets of NS, and even the SS men were not vegetarians. They faced far weaker dilemmas.

I’d say, the NS were for Germany what Trump is for America – mostly conservatives with minor commendable quirks (anti-feminism, the Nuremberg laws, animal welfare, etc.). Himmler’s vision was a fantasy as much then as it is today. It’s just that they had a mighty country with rich culture and long traditions.

Now the German nation in particular and Europe of old overall are both dead, and we’re left with random memes and thoughts in cyberspace. There is no ground to build on. Just naked Christian morality. This challenge is unique.

There is nothing wrong with compassion per se, but in men at least it should be constrained by cold logic and limited to one’s own in group, with your capacity to give increasing the closer to yourself the in group becomes. Those inclinations would also be balanced by HATRED of anything that threatens that which you love. Your hatred is a natural defense mechanism. Just as love leads you to produce children, protect them, form communities where they will be safe, hatred motivates you to protect these projects.

Christianity perversely exalts love into an all-encompassing goal instead of life instead of a tool gifted us by nature. While our equally useful tool, hatred, is seen as evil. Since love is universally good, and hate is universally evil, out group altruism is an inevitable side effect of this line of thinking. Christianity thus alienates us from our very nature and locks us into the death spiral that results from organizing your society around the values of what is essentially a suicide cult.

This includes most racists, of course. Why should we run around trying to tell our enemies we believe “everyone” has a right to their own nation. Can you imagine the Vikings saying something this hilarious? You either have the means to create a nation through force and protect it through force…or you do not. If our competitors are able to create such nations, they will only constitute a potential future threat. But we plead with people to believe us when we say we are not motivated by hate, but only love for our own people. This always makes me want to throw up. I’m sorry, but I hate my enemies as much as I love my own people. And that is the natural proportion of love and hate.

A correspondent from Europe unwilling to post it by herself sent me this today:

Leo X was one such renaissance Popes. I think that Nietzsche referred to him affectionately in his writings.

Leo X said that Jesus Christ was a myth; wrote a manual on how best to seduce women – the Pope of Pickup! – and kept a courtesan or several in his court.

Popes like this protected Europeans from the cancer of the Naked Gospel: it was clothed in Ceremonial Classical Latin that the common folk could not understand.

After Luther, though – which Nietzsche condemns when praising Leo – the Catholic Church had to compete with Protestantism in which was the more faithful realisation of New-Testament Christianity.

It should also be mentioned that in Hitler’s Table Talk entries Dec. 14, 1941 and Feb. 20-21, 1942, Hitler points out how some of the Popes and Jesuit fathers were moderate in their containment of Christianity, protecting the great masters of art and creating beauties.

Luther’s reformation was a double-edged blade. On the one hand, it was a powder keg that led to the great German awakening. On the other hand, the Catholic Church was facing it’s dissolution (even in it’s clerical circles) and since it was only the priesthood which had direct contact with the scriptures, it would have meant the complete disappearance of the Bible from European circles. Instead, we have seen an increase in the Protestant sects and it sparked the unnecessary Thirty Years War.

Luther’s awakening in his later years should have revealed something to our wizards and charmers. From Dietrich Eckart’s dialogue and preserved writings, one can easily discern a level of genius that is unrivaled today. He was anti-Christian to the core, only salvaging the great personality of Jesus, without which Christianity is nothing but a Jewish fossil. I’m convinced some of it really did come from Hitler, Robert Ley in a 1944 book credits him with coining “Lucifer’s tragedy.”


Bolshevism From Moses to Lenin
“No matter what others may say, I assert this: a time will come when all the elite nations of the world will have such a leadership; and then everyone will be astonished to see that, instead of grating on one another as has previously been the case, they will treat one another with respect and consideration.”

The Earth-Centered Jew Lacks a Soul
“The mission of the German nation will come to an end—and this is my firm conviction—with the last hour of mankind. But we could never reach it if we lost world-affirmation, the Jew among us, because no life is possible without world-affirmation.”

Hitler, Memoirs of a Confidant, p.g. 172
“It cannot be otherwise, and everything in me points to the conviction that the German Volk has a divine mission. How many great prophets have foretold this! Once, in deep sorrow, Goethe wrote: ‘The German Volk will fulfill its universal mission only when it is compelled to do so by God’s sword!'”

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