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Iconoclast America

All across America a great iconoclasm is happening. What started with murmurs of disapproval and the banishing of suspect symbols has become an out and out torrent of rage against collective memory. In towns and cities across the South, Confederate monuments that have stood in their silent watch for a century or more are being dismantled and removed in the dead of night by cowardly municipal councils hoping to appease the howling mob.

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The ‘Left’, luxuriating in the compromised NWO -oriented police depts. told by political functionaries from the Hippie baby-boomers to ‘stand down’ is not the problem. These Soros created groups have neither the numbers or the will for a real fight. They are dilettantes!

The ‘Right’ is the problem. 150 years after the 2nd American revolution the public has bought the Left’s ideology concerning slavery. The false concept of ‘All Men Are Created Equal” is a magical meme that has seduced the popular imagination. No one comprehends “The War Between The States” was a just battle to maintain the Rights of Property without which liberty is useless.

The result has been the ever-increasing encroachment of the Feds ever since; the 13th, 14th, 16th amendments, the establishment of the District of Columbia corporation to manage the new bureaucracy, the U.S. code of 1875, the private bank misnamed The Federal Reserve, Social Security to number the populace, and the National Security Act to manage external war and internal control of what has become the American Empire. Now with the Patriot Act the 4th and 5th amendments are dead and the country is sinking into outright tyranny. Any objective viewer understands we are being stage-managed!

But the broad public only reacts to personal problems or economic downturns. Consumer society has sapped their will. We are sybarites! We are philosophically ill-prepared to fight the ‘Left’ because we agree with their concepts however much we denigrate public extremism.

Religion is the answer! Religion is the only psycho-componet that can overwhelm ordinary patriotism. Christianity as the base faith of Western Man has to be re-actuated with the information inherent to the concept of Christian Identity, that Cain is the child of the Devil and Father of the Jews. Then people can acclimate themselves to the obvious fact that the Jews have promulgated the social changes that are destroying us.

Christianity only defends the nation insofar as it concerns it’s own existence. We cannot possibly expect it to emancipate mankind by itself. Even Hitler said that the revival of Germany had begun with a change of faith. Furthermore, there’s a strong possibility that the anti-clerical Thomas Paine penned the Declaration of Independence, if not jointly.


Matthew Crawford,

I agree with you until you get to the last paragraph…

Lesson to the white man: have a care how you use your words, especially with founding documents. It doesn’t take much imagination to see such a phrase being applied broadly and ecstatically.

Even so, “All Men Are Created Equal” wouldn’t find purchase in the minds of any healthy society. But to Christian maniacs already entranced by a universal religion, it played like music and was only amplified by successive generations. The founding fathers were either atheists or deists, for the most part. But they knew the sheeple that populated their lands were jug-headed simpletons whose hearts belonged to Jesus.

Hitler made a similar concession when he made the political decision to publicly coexist with a religion he privately felt was harmful to the Aryan psyche. He believed that science would eventually take care of Christianity. He was right (in a fashion), but he did not foresee that those who ceased to believe in the kind of idiocy you are promoting (“Cain is the child of the Devil and the Father of the Jews”…seriously?) kept the poisonous moral dictates of the mind-virus and ended up being even worse than fearful, faithful young-earthers, snake handlers and angel conversationalists.

The Greeks laughed off the jackass Paul when he tried to convince them to worship an ego-maniacal rabbi. And so did the Romans, until Christianity was imposed on them ruthlessly from above by their emperors, and then spread at the edge of the sword throughout Europe. If we can return to our original, natural state of mind, constitutional scribblers won’t have licence to equate muds and kikes with White men.

So no, Christianity of any stripe is not the answer. It’s the problem. We have to do what our founding fathers and the National Socialists were afraid to do: shamelessly and rigorously denounce the mind-virus that has enslaved us for centuries. When SHTF, we should count ALL priests and preachers in the same camp as policemen, teachers and media personalities. No forgiveness. No mercy.

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