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Why I don’t talk about the news

Talking about the news is a matter for commoners, not the crow.

These days I rarely read entire articles that come from the pen of white nationalists. And indeed, today I didn’t read the entire article that MacDonald published yesterday, ‘Why It’s Important for Trump to Win’. If we imagine that there is such a thing as the three-eyed raven, with all that wealth of knowledge about the human past, then the fact that the most powerful nation spearheads the suicidal passion of whites is seen from the crow’s meta-perspective of all history and its general meaning. Commenting on the news, on the other hand, is myopia.

Unlike the raven MacDonald doesn’t live beneath the weirwood tree; he’s unaware of the history of Christianity (soon I’ll continue with instalment 130 of my Deschner excerpts). He’s clueless about how the religion that instilled the doctrine of eternal torture in whites and forced them to worship Yahweh has been transmuted into runaway self-hatred once it became secular.

Similarly, my visitors are unaware of why debunking psychiatry or understanding the trauma model that I have been promoting on this site is important. Just think of the second paradigmatic case of girls in Colin Ross’s class to understand the self-harming attitudes of today’s white man. That chapter appears less than thirty pages after Paulina’s missive in the original Whispering Leaves book.

If we understand how there are adult women who self-injure—the case of the second girl when she grows up—, we will understand why virtually all whites self-injure today through an ethno-suicidal ideology originated in the Levant. It is this psychohistorical meta-perspective, the third eye of the raven’s vision to use George R.R. Martin’s character, that distinguishes this site from other racialist sites.

And by the way, America delenda est.

One reply on “Why I don’t talk about the news”

Robert Morgan has commented on The Unz Review repost of MacDonald’s article and I responded first by quoting him:

A cynic might say that he [KMD] is worried about the prospect of a Biden-Harris victory mainly because his web site could get shut down.

Perhaps. WN in general and KMD in particular would be more credible if they recognised:

1) that the JQ and the Christian Question are one and the same;

2) white nationalism (‘let’s have a white nation’) should be ideologically revolutionary, not reactionary as WNsts are;

3) the US has been the worst nation in Western history, having already waged two hot anti-white wars, in the 1860s and the 1940s, and is waging a third anti-white cold war this century that’s gradually turning hot.

Today Morgan responded:

C.T.: “2) white nationalism (‘let’s have a white nation’) should be ideologically revolutionary, not reactionary as WNsts are”

Yes, you may say it should be, but because of the Christianity-derived culture that’s very difficult.

Christian ethics is incompatible with The Turner Diaries, which Morgan also mentions in his response. Ultimately, WN is doomed to lose because of Christian ethics. The Dairies way is the only way forward.

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