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Degenerate art Music Obituaries

Roger Scruton (1944-2020)

Author of The Aesthetics of Music (1997), Scruton also wrote many books on philosophy, art, politics, literature, culture, sexuality and religion; he also wrote novels and two operas.

However, Scruton errs in this video by speculating how to correct the problem of degenerate music that ubiquitously is scorching the Aryan soul. There is only one way to correct it: banning degenerate music as the Nazis banned it. Scruton simply recommended educating people in classical music. Well, my father, who disliked degenerate music, was a music pedagogue for children and yet my siblings and nephews, who studied in his music school, listen to degenerate music.

I expose such a flawed approach in music education in my second autobiographical volume, ¿Me Ayudarás? I must add that the libertarians in white nationalism, that is, those who fear Nazi collectivism, are wrong. They start from the assumption of the Enlightenment that Man is good by nature. The reality is that Man is not so good (again, see the book linked in this paragraph) and we need a Fourth Reich to control him. Consider, for example, how many white nationalists enjoy hearing degenerate music!

It seems a lie, but on this issue a woman like Carolyn Yeager, who admires National Socialism, is far closer to the truth than the men of white nationalism.

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Isn’t it ironic that it is a Jew, Peter Singer, who was writing in support of animal rights, whereas this Anglo (Roger Scruton) was opposed to the concept of reducing suffering of the living?

Do you know of anyone who wrote about the problem of degenerate music after 1945, aside of W. L. Pierce? Namely, the definition, characteristics, a retrospective on the history of classical, etc.

And why is anti-music so popular? Is that a choice the Whites made due to individualism? Or is it a consequence of a technological civilization that aims to mass-produce everything? As Savitri Devi wrote in The Lightning and the Sun, modern man is now more conformist than ever in the past due to literacy and radio.

What is degenerate music even about? Scruton talks about how it is manufactured by machines, and is dull and unimpressive, but from my experience, it is the opposite- it always employs a steady cheerful rhythm and a vocal, and the theme is usually love. What gives? Have women’s tastes played a part as an influence?

But of course, the meta-perspective is such that art genres cannot be critiqued, as the sacred creed of individual choice and freedom is itself above scrutiny.

The reason the Libertarians “fear” Nazism is because Libertarians are the upper crust class of Anarchists. Simply they are Anarchists who are well off and the reason they want a “Free Market”, which doesn’t exist in reality, is so they can continue to maintain uncontrolled ability to run racketeer schemes to skim the system, such as in things like Real Estate, etc… That’s why they are in such fear of a collectivist system where they might have to actually perform honest work.

Thank god the Libertarian movement over the years has been dying off and less people have taken interest in it because the thing is they have no unity or principles, and they also turn a blind eye when it comes to racial issues, even obsessively trying to court non-whites into their circles, and many of them also have no problems with LGBTQ.

When Libertarians gather with fellow Libertarians, they always put on a fake happy face as if they have camaraderie with them, but as far as meeting up at the gun range, they have nothing else in common.

I view the Libertarians as a threat as much as any Communist or Antifa agent which someday we will have to dispose of.

“Do you know of anyone who wrote about the problem of degenerate music after 1945, aside of W. L. Pierce?”

No, but Henry Ford wrote about it in 1921 in his book, “The International Jew.” Volume 3, Chapter 47.

“Many people have wondered whence come the waves upon waves of musical slush that invade decent parlors and set the young people of this generation imitating the drivel of morons. A clue to the answer is in the above clipping. Popular Music is a Jewish monopoly. Jazz is a Jewish creation. The mush, the slush, the sly suggestion, the abandoned sensuousness of sliding notes, are of Jewish origin.

Monkey talk, jungle squeals, grunts and squeaks and gasps suggestive of cave love are camouflaged by a few feverish notes and admitted to homes where the thing itself, unaided by the piano, would be stamped out in horror. Girls and boys a little while ago were inquiring who paid Mrs. Rip Van Winkle’s rent while Mr. Rip Van Winkle was away. In decent parlors the fluttering music sheets disclosed expressions taken directly from the cesspools of modern capitals, to be made the daily slang, the thoughtlessly hummed remarks of high school boys and girls”

(C.T., I don’t know how to do a link yet, so sorry about putting the
whole address here. I thought your readers might like to read the whole thing;)


Yes: but what I have been trying to say in this blog is that we have an Aryan problem as well.

For example, white nationalist Greg Johnson has been promoting degenerate music on his webzine. If the Jews are the primary cause of degeneracy, how do you explain that Jew-wise white nationalists like Johnson also promote such music?

Similarly, Andrew Anglin has stated on The Daily Stormer that one of the great things that we have inherited from the last decades is rock music. He is very Jew-wise. Yet, like Johnson, Anglin’s music tastes are part of the problem of white decline.

There are many other examples of Jew-wise white nationalists liking degenerate music. Just listen to the music they use in their podcasts!

“Yes: but what I have been trying to say in this blog is that we have an Aryan problem as well.”

I know you have, I agree with you. Euros added more sadism and cruelty to Christianity that the Jews ever had in mind. But brainofboltzmann’s question promoted my memory of Henry Ford, so that’s why I wrote it.

If you’re asking me why Greg Johnson promotes degenerate music, is probably because 1. He likes it and 2. He hopes to provide a point of reference that “normies”can identify with.

I understand he’s a homosexual, so I assume he does things that are far more degenerate than listening to degenerate music. As far as Anglin goes, he changes his position more often than most men change their socks. So who knows?

“Just listen to the music they use in their podcasts!”

No thanks! I’ll take your word for it. The only “white” sites I read anymore with any regularity is this one and a small blog of a friend of mine.

I agree with what you say that the Jews are the great subverters. But what worries me is that even the anti-Semite racists gladly consume the garbage that the Jews produce for Aryan consumption.

If only normies consumed it I’d not have criticized so persistently the anti-Semites’ mono-causalism. But the fact that even some Jew-wise folk love some aspects of such subversion moved me to elaborate a theory, bi-causalism, as whites are complicit of their own dismissal.

Most people in the United States aren’t even racially aware, C.T.
Much less being Jew-wise or Christian-wise

They can’t even see that they, as white people, are a distinct
species separate from blacks, browns or yellows. I only knew one person in all my personal acquaintances who could see it. And yet there is is, right in front of your eyes.

Things are already collapsing, not because of the dollar, but because of multiculturalism.

It’s a hot mess.

Whoops, sorry, I misread you, C.T. You’re talking about why racists
consume garbage music, but I went off on a tangent,

I looked at the counter currents website, but I couldn’t find any music you mentioned. I listened the Greg drone on for about 5 minutes
but all I heard was blah blah blah. “What the founding fathers meant by all men are created equal,” blah blah blah. At this point in time, who gives a shit?

I think Johnson is interested in entertainment and making money
so he’s trying to appeal to the people most likely to buy his products.
My guess is that garbage music appeals to his customer base.

I don’t have a problem with people making money. Everybody has to eat and has bills to pay. But Johnson can’t want things to actually change, because then it would disrupt his cash-flow.

That’s my guess.


I don’t read Johnson’s webzine anymore. But if you click on the above category, ‘degenerate art’ (between the comments section and the article, e.g.: here), you’ll find several old articles where Johnson promoted degenerate music.

Some classical music is exceptional. Some is good. A lot is tedious and boring.
What is most inspiring for me is European folk music, with a little American mixed in.

As far as white nationalists promoting debased music: I was always befuddled when Harold Covington would talk about listening to the Jefferson Airplane, a 60’s ‘counter-culture’ band that had three half-jews in it. That and constantly promoting a sitting-duck Northwest Homeland is what made me stop paying attention to him.

I’ll stick with Linder libertarianism as far as what form of government is preferable for a white nation/ethnostate.

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