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Daybreak Publishing Kriminalgeschichte des Christentums (books)

2020 edition!

In addition to the already published text, the Second Edition of Christianity’s Criminal History incorporates entries 101-124 of the series on this website that do not appear in the First Edition, which only contains the first hundred entries.

He who doesn’t want to purchase a hard copy can read the PDF.

I’m releasing the PDF for free because Christianity’s Criminal History is another of the books that I consider basic to reach the lands of National Socialism. Just see how American white nationalists, so reluctant to go full Nazis, are stagnated in the middle of the psychological Rubicon, as I explained a couple of days ago.

While knowledge of the Jewish question could be the ideal platform to have a good grasp of the Christian question, even secularists in the movement refuse to see the latter in full light. If they weren’t so programmed by their parents to bend their knee to Jewish deities (and this is where the usefulness of my autobiographical philosophy is apparent), in the most natural way they would migrate from the JQ to understanding the CQ.

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Look how, talking about the Virginia gun rally today, RamzPaul depicts Nazi symbols as something bad:


In fact, the blunder of Charlottesville were the hundreds of American flags, not the single Nazi flag. If WN was not fake, they’d never, ever use the enemy (i.e., the American) flag.

New here. Bear with me,if you might?
Haven’t bothered posting on any websites for a very long time; yet I find this one exceptional in that the owner and moderator,and so many of the participants have many ideas with me in common, videlicet: National Socialism is THE penultimate solution for any group,clan,tribe,nation,collective of any humans for peace and general prosperity for all involved (i.e., Natural Law.).
I have reviewed the broad span of history (as so many of you have,obviously,and thank you for your contributions),and found that pure and unadulterated “Fascism”,(as Rockwell would have posited it),was the normal state of Mankind before the degeneration into Judaic “brotherhood”.
And,thus,we sadly bear witness now to the results.
And,do please correct me if I am in error in that assessment of the general consensus,by all means(!).
I absolutely concur with the reality of the “Yahweh/Yeshua Cult” that permeates so much of the West having driven into the dirt so much of What Could Have Been…The insidious parasite/vine of Judaism has almost choked the very Life’s-Breath from that Mighty Oak,the World Tree,Ygdrasil: the Aryan Race (and I do not position myself as personally some SS “Ubermensch”,for the record)…
The losses of Blood over Jewish superstitious poisons can never be replaced…From the Thirty Years’ War until the Eisenhower (REAL!) Death Camps,it has been the Germanic stock that has been bled and bled again.
And the poor Rossiyans,well any degree of “quality” was hunted down and brutally murdered:at the hands of the very Bolheviki that Uncle Adolph sought to keep from dominion over ANY nation…
But there are to me very fundamental solutions to this rampant epidemic that threatens to snuff out what remains of Viable Humanity that I likely hold in common with very few. I shall keep that to meself for the time being…no need to stir that particular stew just yet…
The book,Fair Race’s Darkest Hour,itself,is an incredible compilation and most excellent writing.I haven’t seen anything like it in many a year;I want to personally thank you,Sir,for your diligent effort…and the website here is of great taste and very well-composed,indeed.
I would have no issue with “letting it bear all”,regarding upbringing,background,etc., yet I am (I hope that the Sincere,and not needless “adversaries” will understand) just dipping back into deep waters that i have not fathomed in quite a time(?)…
In due time,aye?…
I am eager to participate,when and where applicable and appropriate.

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