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Possessed whites

Jordan Peterson may be a sophist but he does well to remind us, quoting Jung, that the human being in general has no ideas: he is possessed by ideas.

Since the Imperial Church destroyed the Greco-Roman world, whites literally became possessed by Jewish ideas. Think about how many centuries the possessed ones bent their knees to deities like Yahweh and his son Yeshu.

Whites are so possessed that even the souls of the supposed rebels of the anti-white zeitgeist continue to be possessed by this idea. And I mean not only white nationalists who remain Christians. Every time I see more clearly that the fact that books like Who We Are remain unpublished, even by secular racialists, is because Pierce breaks away from Christian ethics by advising ‘extermination or expulsion’ of non-whites throughout his book.

Understand me well: like the normies, all racialists in today’s world are possessed by an unhealthy idea. And like the normies they will remain possessed until the day of their deaths, as Thomas Kuhn saw. There are exceptions of course, including some commenters who have visited this site. But in general what Jung said remains: human beings have no ideas; they are possessed by ideas. And the idea that in this age governs westerners, including secular white nationalists, remains Christian ethics.

It is true that white nationalists are not normies. But since they are unable to break openly with Christian ethics they are in no man’s land. The metaphor I have been using is that, although they left Normieland, while crossing the psychological Rubicon they stayed in the middle of the river. They are unable to continue crossing into the lands of National Socialism, and will remain unable to cross it until the day of their deaths. The magnet exercised by the precepts of Yahweh and his son Yeshu from the side of the river they left behind is irresistible.

Our only hope is to appeal to the very young generations, perhaps teenagers or children, who in the future will read The Fair Race: a compilation that, as I promised yesterday, in the 2020 edition I added a paragraph in the introduction (and deleted the PDF of 2019).

Above, Catherine gets a woman released from her pact with the devil before dying, a painting by Girolamo di Benvenutto (1470-1524). What Girolamo ignored is that Christianity itself is the devil, and that we must get whites released from their devilish pact before their race goes extinct.

12 replies on “Possessed whites”

Ayn Randianism (“objectivism”), just a dumbed down version of Nietzsche’s delusional sophistry. If she wasn’t a Joo she’d be far more revered as a profound thinker by WNs.

Why do you call Nietzsche’s ideas ‘delusional sophistry’? Have you read the final segment of the book Rome vs. Judea; Judea vs. Rome? It’s a collection of extremely insightful quotations by Nietzsche.

I’d be very sceptical of books, allegedly written by Nietzsche, that were translated by Walker Kaufmann, a diaspora german jew, who had an ax to grind with (surprise) the germans, and is the most widely sold translation of Nietzsche’s works. A key omission from (((Kaufmann’s))) translations of Nietzsche is his obfuscation of Nietzsche’s endless war reality, which the jews certainly do not want released into the mass consciousness. The implications of an endless war philosophy destroy every psyop the jews have ever constructed.

I never use Kaufmann but the German-Spanish translations of Nietzsche’s books by the Spaniard Andrés Sánchez Pascual. (In English I like Hollingdale’s translation, Penguin Books.)

It’s just my personal opinion. Yes I have and I dont deny that he was insightful, even though I’m skeptical of his overall message. If he’s taken too seriously then we have a society crawling with Leopold and Loebs. Which personally I’m against.

The underlying issue with Randian Objectivism is that it’s elitist Individualism on a mundane, plutocratic level. Randian Objectivism is the hegemony of the Mercantile caste, whereas Nietzscheanism is the hegemony of the Warrior caste. The former is a shrewd Capitalist, the latter is a Kämpfer. The acumen of the banker is sterile against the ebullient thumos of the berserker.

Ayn Rand was a nasty jewess that pushed “rugged individualism” which is the jews main social psychological tactic to divide and then conquer populations, and another reason why the jew network made this disguisting creature famous for novels that are essentially garbage. Individualism is a very sophisticated mind trick that isolates the individual in individual pursuits, leaving him utterly powerless against the united jew front. They’ve proliferated the focus and philosophy of individualism in one form or another, in both religion and science because jews fear a united people. It isn’t a coincidence that the abrahamic religions direct the individual to put god before everything else, including his family and nation, has him judged as an individual, and has him focus on an afterlife which he alone must achieve. Be aware of anyone pushing individualistic ideas. WE live on an endless war planet and only survive as groups. Besides, everything ANY jew says is a lie.

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