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My mother (1935-2023)

9 replies on “My mother (1935-2023)”

My deepest condolences, CT.
I can’t imagine what you’re going through now.
Thank you for all your work. You’re a good man.

Some people never even meet or are raised by their reaI biological parents. Let alone two parents who are versed in Music. As to what Mauricio said I will add only this: same here.

Having read “Letter to mom Medusa,” the dark theme in the music video seem an apropo obituary. Can’t imagine you can bring yourself to attend her funeral?

The dark theme was composed by my father. My mother used to play this piece even, if my memory serves me correctly, a month and a half ago, when she was already ill. When she played this piece for the first time I was in her belly, a few centimetres away from the piano, before I was born. That’s why she asked me two or three months ago what I felt when I listened to El Orador (‘The Orator’).

My sincere condolences to you too, César.

Besides it’s quite an interesting piece of music; the interpretation seems on point as well.

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