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Another book in PDF

In the featured post I said:

This is the migrant’s seventh and final step. He has finished crossing the river and is finally on dry land, albeit with his feet still wet in the damp, dark sand of the beach, even if he has a few more steps [emphasis added] to go before he touches dry, clear land.

Those steps, already on our side of the shore, are optional in that he who has crossed the Rubicon can continue to educate himself as he sees fit. Personally, it helped me to understand what has happened in North America, which is where I live (although south of the Rio Grande). That’s why I put together a new book which, for the moment, is only available as PDF: American Racialism from which I would like to quote the first pages:


______ 卐 ______


Editor’s Introduction

In his book Dominion, Tom Holland said that the most serious enemy of Christianity was National Socialism because no one—since Constantine—had challenged Christian morality as the Third Reich did. I agree with Holland and, accordingly, the first two pieces in this anthology touch the Christian Question.

The first is an abridged 2012 exchange between two Americans: Alex Linder and Brad Griffin, taken from Linder’s forum. In contemporary US racialism, Linder has been a fierce critic of Christianity. Griffin, on the other hand, is a Christian. Despite his anti-Christianity, Linder believes that the scale of values we inherited from Christianity is a secondary factor of white decline—I believe it is the primary factor—and blames Jewry as the primary aetiology. Using the alias Hunter Wallace, on his blogsite Occidental Dissent Griffin maintains that modernity is responsible for white decline and rejects the idea that egalitarian and universalist liberalism grew out of Christian morality, while Linder believes that liberalism is an offshoot of Christianity.

Regarding the second article of this anthology, fifteen years ago Griffin published a long list of American racial history on his website that is worth quoting, also in abbreviated form. Curiously, Griffin acknowledges, as does Tom Holland, that a form of Christian evangelism brought about the emancipation of blacks in both the UK and the US. But as a good Christian, unlike Holland Griffin is always careful to avoid the letter ‘C’ and blame Christianity plain and simply. Paradoxically, Griffin’s long list republished here corroborates Holland’s thesis in Dominion: How the Christian Revolution Remade the World. Although the racial instincts of the Anglo-Germans in America were healthy, compared to the Christian ethos with which the US was founded those instincts proved to be rather weak and, ultimately, the anti-racist forces overwhelmed racialism.

The following essay came not from the pen of an American, but from a New Zealander: Kerry Bolton, who has doctorates in theology. His academic style contrasts with the informal style of the bloggers in the previous texts. I include this third piece, ‘A contemporary assessment of Francis Parker Yockey’ because it seems clear to me that the American racial right has failed to realise that the project of nationhood represented by the US has been even more toxic for racial preservation than the communism of the former Soviet Union. Never mind that the American Yockey did not focus on the racial factor: what matters is if his critique of American culture is valid. Incidentally, Bolton said at the end of his essay that a Russia-China alliance would never happen, but recently it happened thanks to the Ukraine war. He failed to see that runaway egalitarianism metastasizes and ultimately leads to racial and political suicide.

Bolton’s essay is a splendid introduction to Yockey’s thought. In my journey of understanding the world, his article shed light on why it is currently impossible to preach our faith to the masses of white people: the System found a clever way to ‘control them through pleasure’. The passages Bolton wrote in which he refers to Aldous Huxley, in contrast to the failed Orwellian attempt of ‘control through pain’, should be read with care.

This said, I do not subscribe exactly to Yockey’s or Bolton’s worldview but to Savitri Devi’s post-1945 National Socialism, which is why the penultimate text in this book tells the story of NS in the US: ‘History of American National Socialism’ by Martin Kerr, the longest article in this anthology. This movement tried to mix the unmixable. For example, in the article we see images of an American flag next to a Nazi flag; and at a huge convention of American National Socialists we see a huge effigy of George Washington. But you cannot love two masters because you end up loving one and hating the other, which is exactly what has happened to the racialist movement. As we read in Kerr’s essay:

…the Bund adhered strictly to German National Socialism internally, but in terms of public outreach it advocated an ideology that was an awkward fusion of National Socialism and the Christian Nationalism of the times. ‘Christian Nationalism’ was roughly equivalent to modern White Nationalism. It was not a religious movement, per se; rather, by ‘Christian’ it was understood that Jews were excluded.

Inadvertently, this has been the scourge of American racialism. If Christian nationalism was more or less equivalent to contemporary white nationalism, both represent a clear regression compared to the Führer’s point of view.[1]

In Kerr’s article we will see that, unlike George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967) who tried to create an American-style National Socialism sympathetic not only to Christianity but to capitalism, his successor Matt Koehl (1935-2014), who was born the same year my mother was born, tried to stick more closely to Adolf Hitler’s original idea. One of the aims of this book is to honour Matt Koehl’s memory as the paradigm for anyone trying to emulate Uncle Adolf. If the organisation Koehl inherited from Rockwell was unsuccessful, that is because in the West’s darkest hour it was impossible to engender a true light of dawn. That light is only beginning to be glimpsed with deeper studies on the origins of Christianity, and how Christian morality permeates deeply into today’s secular world (see Neo-Christianity, listed on page 3).

Unlike the American National Socialists who now are virtually extinct, today’s white nationalists do not advocate National Socialism, not even in Christianised form. If we recall the parable alluded above and the impossibility of loving two masters, they have de facto chosen the effigy of Washington. But the final article in this book, a brief presentation on the books of my Daybreak Press, points to ideas that could potentially represent a breakthrough for the ideological impasse that has most racialists stuck in the middle of a psychological Rubicon.

César Tort
24 July 2023

[Read the book here]


[1] After publishing this book as a PDF, I will put together a couple of shorter PDFs: one that collects some passages from Richard Weikart’s Hitler’s Religion, and a 2022 translation of the Introduction to the German edition of Hitler’s after-dinner talks. In those talks and Weikart’s book it is clear that the Führer’s view was anti-Christian: something he reserved for his inner circle of friends.

2 replies on “Another book in PDF”

Caesar, thank you for posting all of this despite your painful situation.

It’s great that you honor Mr Koehl. If National Socialism failed it was because of rotten American culture and identity. It definitely has to be destroyed for NS and the white race to survive, at least as a first step.

..today’s white nationalists do not advocate…

There has been a massive drop in realism with todays so called American White Rightists, probably around 2000 was their peak, even though they were hamstrung by US christianity they had a real revolutionary mindset. Todays USA WN and the farcical Alt-Right were civic nationalists at best and riddled with system promoted stooges. The fact there is still no viable alternate political party in USA shows how low they are.

On Yockey I recently reread some of his work from 1950’s it was prescient that he said USA can’t defeat “Russia” without infantry, and Russia can’t defeat USA without missiles, as USA is insulated from foreign invasion. But its true I don’t remember much racial religious stuff from him, it was more civilisational – a view from Olympus.

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