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Richard Miller


Christian apologetics is a dishonest game of ignorance, according to New Testament scholar Dr. Richard Miller (five-minute YouTube clip here). They start with their conclusions and then they do the ‘research’.

One reply on “Apologetics”

From the conclusion:
“There’s a bias that’s built right into that (Xtian apologetics).
They (Xtians) just ‘know’ that we (Anti-Xtians) are wrong.
Some of them will insist that they know I’m wrong from the get-go. They won’t buy my book. They won’t reach out and deal with my actual arguments on their own terms. And they can’t be persuaded because they’re not getting their paychecks for that; that’s not what they went to school for. They’re not on a Truth journey.
They’re going to defend their castle at all costs, and I find that grossly dishonest, deeply ignorant and not worth the time for anyone who’s a serious academic.”

It’s the old adage “It’s easier to deceive than to debunk”.
A waste of time indeed, to attempt apostatizing ‘academic’ Xtians.

If one has a need to be extremely dogmatic about something, one should pick the 14 Words from an early age, and never let anyone dissuade them from that belief.
Defend that belief from attacks such as “we’re all the same race” in the same manner an Xtian defends from “jeezus never existed”.
That way you’re in sync with your instincts while you build a ‘mind castle’ to protect you from the worst kinds of degeneracy.
You eventually become much healthier than 90% of the roaming nutjobs all around you.

Then, should you later meet a priest of the 4 Words, he’ll debunk your 14 Words by revealing what the word ‘White’ really means, and what ‘Must Secure’ really entails.

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