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Berk’s comment

Responding to a few words in my preface to our latest book-PDF (‘Unlike the American National Socialists who now are virtually extinct, today’s white nationalists do not advocate National Socialism, not even in Christianised form’), Berk said (slightly edited):

There has been a massive drop in realism with today’s so-called American White Rightists. Probably around 2000 was their peak, even though they were hamstrung by US Christianity they had a real revolutionary mindset. Today’s USA WN and the farcical Alt-Right were civic nationalists at best and riddled with system-promoted stooges. The fact there is still no viable alternate political party in the USA shows how low they are.

A paradigmatic article that shows how today’s racial right has completely lost its revolutionary spirit is Robert Griffin’s ‘An Exchange with a Newspaper Reporter’ published last week in The Occidental Observer. Griffin makes a list of recommended readings for a normie reporter, and puts Greg Johnson at the top of his list: the quintessential paradigm of the anti-revolutionary spirit that reigns in today’s white nationalism—and the same could be said of the other top racialist sites that Griffin recommends to the reporter.

As visitors to this site know, I don’t recommend immediate revolutionary action. As I said in the preface to our last book-PDF, the System has found a way to tame the blonde beast: control him through pleasure. (I hope that by now, after having left my preface on American Racialism a week up on this page, our visitors have already read Kerry Bolton’s article.)

That doesn’t mean I’m a mere reactionary like the admins of the racialist forums Robert Griffin recommends. My thinking is revolutionary. But I don’t think it is possible to make whites revolutionary as long as the System controls them through pleasure (we have to wait for the chaos that will result from the collapse of the dollar and how it will converge with other catastrophes). By now the excessive timidity of virtually all white males has so unhinged white women that they have become ethno-traitors. I have just replied to an email from a reader of this site alarmed at the mental condition of women:

Have you read my anthology against feminism linked in the featured post?

Women would immediately take our side, and their preservation in the race war if only we behaved like the characters in The Turner’s Diaries.

They are made to follow the strongest, and currently all male Westerners the Establishment allows to speak in the hegemonic media are weak and ethno-traitors. I believe that the real problem is the men, and that if they were to change, white women would change immediately.

It’s curious, I’m writing this the day after watching a few scenes from My Fair Lady (a film I watched as a child on the big screen with my family), including the famous scene of Jeremy Brett playing Freddy Eynsford-Hill when he was head over heels in love.

My sisters loved that movie as kids. It is truly amazing how the relationship between the sexes has changed after a few decades because of what the ancient Indo-Aryans called Kali Yuga (English translation: the darkest hour in history for Aryans).

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People need to remember that revolutionary type Pro-White advocates have long been purged from the internet. If you want to find them, you need to get off the internet and get out there in the real world. I’m talking about the people who told you how to physically fight the system and not end up dead or imprisoned. I think most of them, looking at the state of White America have gone “pool side” waiting for the rest to catch up to them. If they are operating, it would be very low key (indistinguishable from low level crime) since they’re operating alone. If they are actually hurting the system, there is no way they’d admit it so it’s hard to tell what if anything is happening off the internet.

I do think it’s correct that WN has become less “radical” or at least it appears so. It mostly reminds me of , say 1950’s American Civil Nationalism. It’s almost like the “force arm” of a revolutionary movement has been stripped away and you’re only left with the education/propaganda arm.

I see things differently.

To do something revolutionary, you need to know what you are fighting against.

By reducing everything to the JQ, white nationalists only see the tip of the iceberg. What is underneath (Christian ethics) they see nothing.

There can be no revolution without knowing the whole iceberg; bearing in mind that what is under the water (CQ) is much more massive than what we can see from a boat (JQ).

The racial right has not even wanted to take those first steps, let’s say, educating itself with the literature I recommend in the highlighted post.

They haven’t even assimilated the Hellstorm Holocaust. Without NS religious consciousness as Savitri Devi puts it, it will be impossible for them to transcend their reactionary stage to a revolutionary one, even if only intellectually revolutionary for the time being.

Everything was going well until the 30th minute, when Adam Green warned him to stop talking about Jews. Uberboyo was saying things that sounded like they were straight out of The West’s Darkest Hour.

I have seen videos of Uberboyo, then I saw his recent take on “escapism”


I started to dislike him then.
‘Stop romanticizing the 3rd Reich and embrace the future.’
‘The modern world isn’t all bad, and the past wasn’t much better.’
This is anathema to revolutionary thinking.

Like many youtubers, he talks a lot, but doesn’t say much.
No practical advice, hate-free rhetoric with a few drops of crimethink here and there. I’ll give him points for showing his face and using his real voice instead of a text-to-speech program.

How nice of you to tell me that. Even without hearing much of what he says, I had suspected that he might be a semi-normie. No one in fact who speaks like us would be tolerated let alone on YouTube, not even on Odysee or Rumble.

Like many youtubers, he talks a lot, but doesn’t say much.

That’s something that has struck me a lot about youtubers. It’s a weakness to imitate talkative Jews (perfect paradigm: Ben Shapiro). Aryans should be much more laconic. Say only the essentials.

Perhaps people in the USA are just waiting for the collapse, its obvious things are only going to get worse, and until then the system will be very dangerous.

There are people promoting research of revolutionary movements like in Spain and Ireland, even Algeria and Vietnam are good studies, these movements succeded because they planned their own governing system before they came to power.

So there has been some progress in important areas. Its painfully slow to live through the times we are in but historically it does seem to take some 20-50 years for enough people to get fed up to really change things.

It’s painfully slow to live through the times we are…

My nightmare has been, for years, the ‘prison of Time’ as Savitri used to say. For me, a premature delivery of a future not yet verified, such is the exasperation that when I wake up at night I can only reconcile sleep once more by telling myself that the Collapse will vindicate me in the future.

The big question is, when?

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