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Movie revisited

I would like to say one more thing about Sound of Freedom, which I already mentioned on Thursday. Since it continues to be a box-office hit in the US, and since my speciality is an independent study of child abuse, I would like to add this postscript.

I think it was only yesterday that I detected why the hegemonic media hates the film. Since they’re self-righteous they are convinced that they, they alone and no one else but them are the holders of the new tablets of the law (equality of race, gender and sexual identity). In that tunnel vision, only transgressions against the new trinity are considered sinful.

Movies like Sound of Freedom, filmed by traditional Catholics including the Mexican producer and lead actor Jim Caviezel, which denounce a form of sin completely outside that trinity, amount to nothing less than a contest over who defines morality. This is why they’re attacking the movie: it’s the competition.

Christian factions in the past, and neo-Christian factions in the present, are so exorbitantly intolerant that they won’t tolerate the slightest dogmatic distance between them.(*) And nowadays the average Westerner has to worship exclusively the new egalitarian trinity. (Once, according to the progressive vanguard, society accepts trans kids their next planned step is to push for the ‘rights’ of paedophiles.)

The other point I wanted to make is that, as Benjamin has rightly pointed out to me, there are far more serious ways of injuring the inner self of a child than what a paedophile, who is a stranger to the family, does. And those more serious ways of destroying a child’s soul are completely outside the field of vision of the conservatives who are acclaiming Sound of Freedom.

If you are familiar with my work, you know that the victims of a paedophile—say, the two surviving siblings of the film—can keep their ego from crumbling because, after all, their father didn’t betray them. Quite the contrary: he loves them like a father loves his children in many other movies that are nothing more than prolefeed for the proles.

In real life, when the parent himself is the perpetrator—and we are talking about forms of abuse immeasurably more devastating than sexual abuse coming from a foreign—the child’s mind goes haywire, and he or she is no longer able to recover. Read the middle part (pages 31 to 191) of my book Day of Wrath to see what we mean.


(*) Christians have always been going for the jugular of other Christians ever since Constantine empowered them. ‘Wokism’ is but a secularised faction of Christian morality. If you are a new visitor, see also the book Neo-Christianity clicking on the pinned post.

3 replies on “Movie revisited”

The above post is only 453 words long; Jef Costello’s ‘Sound of Freedom’, published this week on Counter Currents, is 1,942 words long. But compared to what I say above it looks like a normie’s article.

I know stories of people who had abusive parents (or great grand fathers also) that ending up destroying their lives because of an inherent self hatred, or falling victims to exploiters.

Is there a way to help these people?

On a purely rational level, let them read my Day of Wrath. On an emotional level, let them read my Letter to mom Medusa. (I feel strange writing this, because right now my mother is dying…)

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