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Sound of freedom

I don’t go to the cinema any more, and the film won’t arrive in the country where I live until the last day of next month anyway. But considering that long ago I wanted to be a film director; that the producer of this movie is Mexican, and that this film with a minimal budget beat the latest Indiana Jones monstrosity, I would like to say something.

In the first place, I’d never have added a post about this film but it struck me that the System was so bothered by it—I didn’t understand why.

After a brief investigation, I remembered that Hollywood had promised that by 2024 only films promoting the LGBT+ agenda would be considered for the Oscars. As the Woke vanguard finds itself at the moment, the ‘T’ in the acronym above is no longer the spearhead in their ongoing Cultural Revolution but rather the ‘+’ which includes the sexualisation of children. Recall, for example, how Netflix released a film that sexualised eleven-year-old girls.

A film like Sound of Freedom, which denounces child sex trafficking, makes a lot of noise on this agenda. It is as if the System wants, after normalising the ‘T’ of transgender adults, to take the next leap forward which already started with trans children and the mutilations of girls’ breasts and boys’ genitals that are still unbanned in most of the West. Sound of Freedom simply sheds light on another of the darkest forms of child sexualisation: child trafficking.

On this site, I have mentioned Agustín Laje, the Latin American equivalent of the American Matt Walsh. In this interview just uploaded today, he appears not only with the Mexican producer of Sound of Freedom but with Jim Caviezel, the lead actor (the same one who played Jesus in Mel Gibson’s famous film).

Although it is laughable that Jim Caviezel talks so piously about the Virgin of Guadalupe, and the Judeo-Christian god in the Spanish/English interview linked above, the film contributes to denouncing one form of unpardonable child abuse.

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The widespread hatred of paedophilia among the right-wingers is a perfect example of your old [howling at the] Moon Tarot card. I myself used to struggle to give examples of it, and now I see it. The Putin-worship is another. Are they sublimating their unconscious hatred of Negroes into a still-respectable outlet?

I don’t think you would have liked to be kidnapped at the age of 5 and used sexually 10 years for $, and then sold your organs when you are no longer “carne fresca” (‘fresh meat’—I’m quoting what the Mexican producer said to Laje in the interview linked above).

Not denying its evil, I’m merely distraught at how a much larger evil (Africans and Jews) are not even considered as such. Hence coming off as fake and in denial. And especially considering how that kind of paedophilia has been appropriated by the haters of any male sexuality.

It’s interesting that Jim Cavieze is in this. The guy must like provoking the Hollywood system. If I recall he was unofficially blacklisted for a while after appearing as Jesus.

In Minnesota, there has been trafficking of Nordic girls by negro pimps since the 80s or so.

After the girls run away from home due to broken families (i.e divorce, mother has full custody), black gangs “harvest” them and are relocated to work as prostitutes in NYC or Detroit.

They are targeted precisely because they are Nordic and states like Minnesota are considered as farms of blonde hair, blue eyed girls.

Horrifying business. This is the fate of thousands of Aryan girls every year and is all happening under the nose of the USA government.

They allow it because most of the perpetrators are negroes and they are holy cows for the system, and most people here won’t talk about it openly for the same reason.

Bringing up the topic of child trafficking defies most taboos in the woke era.

I have a vague impression that there is a conspiracy theory current that views landmark films as ordered by the ZOG well in advance for some nefarious agenda. I could totally imagine the Alien horror classic from 1979 serving to stifle people’s Faustian optimism for space exploration.

On the other hand, all the retrospectives I have watched highlight how messy and random film creation really is. It does seem that memorable films fill a hole already existing in the current culture’s imagination. See Dark City – The Matrix – The Truman Show from the 1990s, The Matrix was the most breakthrough technically and visually, but there were others.

Hence, a Ridley Scott of the alternate universe of Hitlerian victory would have put his talent to much better use.

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