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Kalki Savitri Devi

Savitri quote

‘I have, in 1971, found in India more echoes than ever of the expression of my passionate expectation of the Kalki avatar and the end of the Dark Age. Others await it as I do, and they too don’t feel that there is anything to deplore at the thought of the end of man—except for those few whom the last divine Incarnation will welcome as collaborators, deeming them worthy to open with him the Golden Age of the next Cycle.’

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Hello Caesar, is not related to the topic at all, but I wanted to share it here anyway.

Something that stroke me recently was a sight I had when I went out riding my bicycle around the neighborhood I live on.

In one of the parks nearby, there is a basketball court where a couple of very aryan looking children were playing with a group of negro teenagers. There was also a young blonde woman around her 16s with an adult black male practicing separately.

All of this while having a speaker playing grotesque ghetto music out loud. It was bizarre witnessing all of this, and it is happening in mostly white suburbs. Clearly, a adequate image of the ongoing degeneration of this country.

I remembered what you mentioned about music and how important it was for the health of a people. Here, hip hop and other nigger/degenerate music it is far too prevalent among americans, especially young ones.

I wonder if Savitri had anything to say about Raspail’s ‘Camp of the saints’ and his Indian turd-eater apocalypse novel.
She waited for Kalki, which didn’t come in her lifetime.
I sincerely hope that His avatar has already been born; a man many times worse than Lenin, Stalin, FDR and Mao. May he push the proverbial Button and start a chain reaction to bring Dies Irae to every city on this earth.
Until then, many more Benjamins will pass through soul-crushing adolescences. Many more blood-boiling vistas of White defilement will occur like Jamie witnessed.
I said before that I will only share strength in this blog, and I will not fall into despair like Nietzsche and Joseph Walsh did.
Remember to stay sane, stay healthy.
We aren’t ‘waiting’, we are preparing for Kalki.
And ‘Preparationism’ is Accelerationism.

One of the things that some visitors never understood about my work in Spanish is that here is where the real power lies.

Using Game of Thrones metaphors for things that didn’t happen either in the novels or on HBO, imagine that the one Bran loved the most was precisely his dad before he pushed him!

After Jaime Lannister pushed his son Bran off the top of the tower and he broke his spine, if the child survived psychologically, the betrayal transfigures Bran into the night king. It’s exactly like the obsidian dagger we saw on TV when the children of the forest stick it into Bloodraven’s heart and he got transfigured, turning his eyes blue. But the difference is that, in real life, it’s your beloved dad who did it. Either you become insane like my sister, who now has passed away (cf. my book ¿Me Ayudarás?), or you tell yourself: I want vindication without losing my sanity (i.e. Kalki).

Vindication is not even taking revenge on the father who threw us off the tower/stabbed our heart because all of humanity is now the target of exterminationist desires. (Remember that I’m using one story to devise another.) Just as Bran forgave Jaime talking to him by the Weirwood tree, since so much seeing the past paranormally had already crumbled his previous self, the new Bran’s Self no longer even wants revenge on his father alone but on mankind that allowed all that in the first place (or rather: metamorphosing the best of humanity into a new humanity).

Virtually one hundred per cent of the people I know whose fathers have thrown them off towers, or stabbed their hearts, never turn into night kings nor do they change their eyes to deep blue. It’s like what I said in another post: out of a hundred insects only one successfully metamorphoses and comes out of the cocoon winged.

The rest just die cocooned.

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