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God Oracle of Delphi Roger Penrose


There are ineffable things that cannot be communicated through reason.

The 14 words (aesthetics)

The day I visited Jez Turner and his London Forum group was the only time in my life that a reader of The West’s Darkest Hour, an artist I think, mentioned the Maxfield Parrish paintings I had added on the sidebar in the old incarnation of this site. No one else has mentioned that to me, presumably because the spiritual side of Aryan beauty, perfectly depicted in those idealised nymphs, can only be seen by a few.

One of the commenters who used to comment on this site, on the other hand, sent me an email in which he said, alluding to those paintings, that he was only turned on by the sight of women naked in erotic art! Unlike him, one of the nuclear engines that moves me to blog is that spiritual call, which far transcends the mere instinct, to the point of wanting to preserve those creatures for centuries to come.

The 4 words (ethics)

The 4 words, eliminate all unnecessary suffering, are also ineffable and complement the psychogenic emergency of he who already tends towards overhumanity. Like the 14 words, one cannot educate a subject in them: either you feel them or you don’t feel them from childhood. But the most serious thing is that the four words wrap up the fourteen words, as we can see in this email I sent to Roger Penrose in January:

I have just read your book The Large, the Small and the Human Mind where you say at the beginning that one can very well adopt the view that the Platonic world contains, besides mathematics, other ideas such as goodness and beauty. I have also been watching your videos and I was greatly impressed by a similar pronouncement of yours: that beauty encompasses mathematics and that goodness in turn may encompass beauty.

Just last year I finished my magnum opus that I started in 1988: a new genre of autobiography in several volumes. What struck me when I watched you on YouTube is that I came to the same conclusions about goodness and beauty but from this new literary genre that we could call ‘total autobiography.’ It seems as if the universe and the inner Self reflect each other, as the ancients Greeks used to say in the temple of Delphi.

‘Goodness’ is what I call the four words which, although it sounds very nice, is ultimately a call for extermination because the Neanderthals are producers en masse of an enormous amount of unnecessary suffering. So in a conflict between the 4 and the 14 words the Overman prioritises the four. Savitri Devi in her books, and the first thing Hitler and his henchmen did when he came to power (banning vivisection), gives a clue to what we mean. But the way I say it in my trilogy is more direct, frank and brutal than what the Nazis did or what Savitri wrote.

In a way that was not expected or regarded as likely, Penrose’s cosmology and total autobiography might be one and the same:

Know thyself and you shall know the universe and the Gods…

9 replies on “Delphi”

I post this entry because I believe that those who don’t innately feel the 4 words shouldn’t comment on this site (I mean, those who don’t give a damn about needless suffering).

The person who emailed you about erotic art was me, wasn’t it? I don’t recall ever saying anything about Parrish. I refer to the biologically illiterate portrayal of the female face and form that was ubiquitous prior to the 20th century, beginning with the Ancient Greeks. I know you have repeatedly refused to discuss the matter, and I can only conclude that this is because my observations regarding said biological illiteracy is a source of embarrassment for you. I see no other explanation. You aren’t the only one to be dumbfounded by it, though. Roger Scruton drew a blank as well. It must have been incredibly embarrassing for him that I had noticed something so incredibly obvious which he and his esteemed Oxbridge chums had been oblivious to all their lives.

Regarding suffering, I would of course agree that, since life is a zero sum game, the suffering of others will be necessary and unavoidable in order to benefit us. We are alive and have interests. However, when it comes to the unborn, all suffering is unnecessary and unjustifiable, since they have no interest in coming into existence. I did a reading of my essay An Indictment of Life on Danny Shine’s youtube channel (social experimentalist) a few months ago. I hate the way my voice sounds when recorded, but I can’t do anything about that. It was very well received.

I’ve only your first line and won’t read further:

The person who emailed you about erotic art was me, wasn’t it?

No: he is an American.

Really? I could have sworn it was me. Who was he? Anyone I would know? Anyway, you really should read the entire comment. It only takes a minute.

As I said in another thread to another commenter, I don’t have time to read all the long comments.

The American I refer to posted under two pseudonyms. The first was a common name; the second contained the word “Box” and a surname of sorts. He has nothing to do with you.

Yes ‘Rebel Mountain’, I’m back. Penis going well? Have you replied yet?

Sorry Cesar. One odd-novel P.S. I’m really off now, monitoring memories of something very dark. Very dark. I would do slower. Just in case.

Dear Adunai,

I take it you like the taste of animal blood very much. Here, this being Cesar’s wall and of all, of his site, it’s h9is comment space. I’m embarrassed for myself before him, not knowing either where to fit in enough to type. I’m no good around friends.

An experiment, I suppose, you and me and now and nothing else. Maybe later I’ll come a cropper so to speak. There was you thinking me the quiet polite one. Mr shy guy, new guy’s first day at the office. I establish my hierarchical place with whatever prudence fits the moment. It’s been done already. The rest is life.

I see you’re very good, Mr Army Lord, right while ‘yer’ at it. I can type here and tell you just that, and my own leader can see me, and here I am. What in the f*ck will you do, so very at it. As at it as Ed Sheeran, or Boris Johnson, crying in the waves. Continue that blunt whole. Even Thom MacDonald could deck you better than I could. He’s probably enough you. How many questions. You sink and think. You have missed you own skull charging.

Bye for now, and I hope my experiment for two – my chosen experiment, and some honest protection; me might think. If you don’t like it, Cesar might not like my words. It might be that, despite my every pain everywhere. You have that. Here we go. I don’t want to lose faith in him. Stay busy, as at it as as ever, yes. I suppose so.

Some regards, if i have to,

PS. Cesar is too hard a taskmaster for me, but a brilliant “Dad”-type pal, at my father’s level. I can’t have both at once. 400 words and all these thoughts, and a big cloud of blood and pus yesterday as i cried and whimpered as my brilliant profound dentist, all professional in his care, pulled out a 10.5 = 20 level operation on me, and I felt that happen. The tooth-jaw interaction situation seems a bit better. I am pain round a bone, or I am life and then meat, and then a bone. What in the fucking fuck do you you think I think of you, Adunai?

A reply if you like. He is older than me. I stand here, pompous or else. Maybe I will not be. Upstarts.

Hello again Benjamin,

I think it would be wise to leave Adunai alone on this forum. I don’t think he will comment here again (and there is not much point in addressing him if he is not going to respond).

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