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Child abuse Correspondence

The Unz Review

Dear Cesar,

Recently you recommended that I could utilize The Unz Review to offload some of my written thoughts. I’m afraid I still haven’t really engaged with that, although haven’t ruled it out. I browse it every few days, along with scanning Zero Hedge, the latter for occasional economics stubs. Counter-Currents is too much for me—lowbrow, ignorant and tacky.

I have to admit that I feel a bit overwhelmed by the commenters on The Unz Review. From the speech idioms and stylistics I gather they’re mainly Americans. I remember a recent irritation and mild sadness noticing a number of commenters across various articles consoling themselves and gloating over the ‘fact’ that at least we can be glad that their figures in question will, once dead (of natural causes presumably) be burning in hell.

That sentiment seems common, often applied to government agents and politicians. Much with the occasional gung-ho armchair warrior quips—for they are rarely serious or mature—I find myself scrolling through endless low-tier responses and rehashes. Hell exists for them as a passive convenience to punish others terribly without actually having to do anything, as much as that long-term imposition of fear and trauma, much as they all seem confident enough that they themselves are ‘right with Jesus’.

Naturally, bar a successful revolution, the officials in question will not be punished though, and will continue with their agenda until the terminal silencing of comfortable old age, toasted in political reverence by their groomed successors. However, at a gut level, I disliked the invocation of by proxy sadism more than the lackadaisical appeal to unlikely Judaic metaphysics. I wouldn’t really know what to add there—I’m not very adept at political discussions and don’t keep an updated in-depth knowledge of news and current affairs.

On a second point, I’m quite upset that they regularly allow Edward Dutton to post up his cruel religious authoritarianism. I don’t like his research at all, and find the science sloppy, filled with orthodox biases. Flawed premises at the fundamental level. He’d have to start again completely. I thought of your recent post on child abuse. I believe Dutton wrote a piece recently promoting school bullying as a natural evolutionary strategy. Something like that. There was a typically cack-handed piece on schizophrenia also. He seems to self-assign validity to his metrics based upon a cold British public school conservatism more than rigorous impartial science. You can feel the disgust oozing. I’ve read a few of his books also. That awful attachment to genetic reductionist dysgenics and psychiatry. He defines atheists as ‘spiteful mutants’ and maintains that faith in (Christian) religion is another evolutionary advantage.

There’s this rushed feel, as if he is frantic to solve his problem and has had to throw compassion out the window just to be pragmatic before it’s too late and the geniuses run out—a task perhaps not unbearably taxing given what seems to be an extremely low level of natural empathy. As is frustratingly common in these sorts, he vengefully lampoons Vegans in his unfunny, over-long BitChute videos. Thankfully, a few commenters seem to pick up on Professor Dutton’s contemptuous bullshit, although I notice he’s still extremely popular with much of the dissident right, particularly in the UK. In general, I take it the likes of Mark Collett define ‘child abuse’ exclusively as incest and sexual molestation, and even then only really focus on transexuals and Muslim rapists, ignoring the family unit altogether.

In my own life, I admit to you, I was forcefully raped once as a child by an older boy, a Pakistani bully, who made a habit of humiliating me publicly with mockery and physical violence as much as he pinned me down and performed a couple of disgusting acts on me in private. It haunted me for quite a while. Oddly perhaps, it didn’t scar me long-term as much as rendered me cynical and opened my eyes to other races. It remained, always at root, my parents and their emotional (and periodic) physical abuse that shattered me inside though.

My Dad telling derogatory jokes about me to that bully once as they both laughed at me hurt extremely. I was bullied quite a lot at school by a range of rich public school snobs. Almost every day, for ten years. Mum never intervening or particularly noticing hurt me—and continued to socialise with the mothers of those bullying me.

Beyond that, their general toxic pedagogy and petty, humiliating authoritarianism by nature, and their general lack of faith in me and lack of interest in me beyond their desired roles were more unbearable than anything. It lasted right up until adulthood as you know. A matter of recent months. Yes, repeated emotional damage is the most painful to me. I was angry at the Pakistani and his family, pissed off and impotent.

More of a roughing-up setback than a self-implosion though. A violent bar-room brawl measured against a systemic piecemeal suicide. I never expected the outside world to be as kind as I thought my parents would have to be. These damned white nationalist ‘campaigners for children’ never seem to consider this. I’m sorry to read that more regular commenters on The West’s Darkest Hour don’t respond to your materials on child abuse, especially given their aetiological overlaps. I was a little surprised. I won’t write for a while now, so as to let you work.

Best regards,


3 replies on “The Unz Review”

Benjamin is the same person I referred to at the end of my first comment in the featured post.

People have no idea what the most devastating forms of child abuse are. We only see symptoms such as the misnamed schizophrenias, and the common depressions and addictions (less common, though due to the same causes at home, are urges to serial killing).

This is a subject on which the contemporary racial right is as ignorant as the common normie. What I said in the featured post is true: I intend to translate the rest of my books on the subject.

What Benjamin implies is that the so-called dissenters in The Unz Review are so plugged into the matrix that controls them that they haven’t even realised that a pseudo-science taught in universities—psychiatry—functions to exonerate parents who drive their children insane.

In fact, the subject line of the above email is: ‘The Unz Review/neo-Christian Neanderthals’ which is what they are.

I for one barely ever respond to such [admittedly, poignant] pieces because in truth, I do not believe child abuse to be of much relevance to the extinction of the Aryan kind. I’m not denying the existence of the Canary woman. Both the ancients and the foreigners have been abusing their children, and yet, only the Europeans are dying out, in such a horrible way.

And regarding school bullying support – that I would consider a genuine reaction against the libtard toxic positivity trend. At least here, in the Ukraine, such a sentiment was shared by little me – who was never beaten by anyone, yet who yearned to see other children punished for their disgustingly disrespectful behaviour, just as I would later yearn Yanukovich to burn the Euromaidan protesters with flamethrowers (and thus would likely have supported the Freikorps in their fight against Bavarian communists in 1919).

You don’t seem to have understood my books for the simple fact that you don’t know Spanish.

The point is: to save the race we need Kalki. And Kalki is someone who was so badly treated that now he wants to destroy the world.

In other words, without Kalki (i.e. understanding the soul killed by his parents) there will be no salvation.

Regarding what you say about bullying I don’t get you. We are talking about the murder of children’s souls (which can be complemented at school). I don’t know who Yanukovich is but surely that’s another subject that has nothing to do with our issue.

To put it in a nutshell: nobody knows my POV because nobody has read the whole trilogy written in my language, that I mention beneath my featured post. (People who only read in Spanish are much more asleep in the matrix than English speakers, including Spaniards.)

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