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Dymphna has died

by Rollory

Given how important GOV [Gates of Vienna] was in the early days of the 9/11 dissident right, especially as a place where people came together to toss around ideas and evidence with relative freedom, I believe this is of interest to Chechar at the very least. Certainly some of Chechar’s (and others’) arguments that were made in GOV comment threads were very important in shaping my own way of thinking.

That the owners of GOV themselves were never persuaded by certain arguments doesn’t negate the value of the discussions they fostered.

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Editor’s comment:

GoV’s commenter Conservative Swede taught me to think a lot about axiology and Christianity ten years ago. What you say is absolutely true. In fact, these days I have thought exactly the same about white nationalism in general and MacDonald in particular.

Baron Bodissey’s GoV focuses on Islam and when I was a fan of that site I used to be a counter-jihadist.

MacDonald’s TOO focuses on Jewry and when I was a fan of that site I used to be a monocausal anti-Semite.

Now I know better but both were very useful stepping stones in my crossing the psychological Rubicon. It is always interesting to revisit our previous steps while crossing the river and this, of course, included Gates of Vienna in my own path.

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Speaking of our intellectual adventures a decade ago, today I re-read the longest entry ever I’ve posted. It is a 33, 500-word collection of comments that in 2010 I posted in the old incarnation of this site: a bitter discussion between Trainspotter and Hunter Wallace. The latter favoured doing immediate activism, and working within the system through FAIR, Glenn Beck, NumbersUSA and the political mainstream.

It was precisely my epigraph in that post quoting Rollory, the author of the above obituary, what throws light about that huge entry in a single paragraph. Obviously, this was posted before Trump and Charlottesville:

“Activism at this stage doesn’t matter. There needs to be a critical mass of the general white population that is receptive to a potentially revolutionary message before anything of the sort will make any headway. That requires much greater social problems and disruption than are yet present: ordinary people need to be feeling it regularly at the dinner table, and more immediate concerns than American Idol or X’s Got Talent. The iron is not yet hot, striking it now won’t accomplish anything.”

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I’ve been rereading the Trainspotter discussion. In light of events since, it’s fascinating. Right now I would make two comments

1) the left has, over the course of the past 10 years, started to seriously lose the battle of ideas for the first time in centuries, first with Neoreaction (which was too big-brained and abstract but did manage to produce some useful tools, and particularly in shattering preconceptions about our society) and second with what’s become called the Red Pill: understanding the true nature of women – which is the precise opposite of everything we’re told it is. If anything can be the magic bullet that will swing the broad population behind us, correct and true understanding of sex – the most basic and primal motivation of any living thing – will be it.

2) Charlottesville was the culmination of Hunter Wallace’s street activism advocacy (he was there that day). I live not too far from that town (more than a few minutes’ drive, less than a day) and have spent a fair amount of time in it. I didn’t go that day, because it seemed like they were vastly overstepping their real support – which is exactly what proved to be the case.

I may have more to say later, but for now – with the benefit of ten years’ hindsight, Trainspotter was still spot on.

It is a pity that Trains has stopped commenting, as far as I know, in the WN forums.


I guess you have already seen Dymphna’s pic in the Baron’s most recent article about her?

In his obituary, the Baron omits that she was a pretty disturbed woman. Even a European donor of Gates of Vienna acknowledged it through email long ago.

Apparently, Dymphna had been a victim of parental abuse. In my personal correspondence with her, I detected that she defended her parents; that their parenting was ‘good enough’. I also detected that she was reluctant to ponder in the content of my articles that her husband was publishing on GoV (child abuse articles that eventually appeared in WDH within the Day of Wrath series).

My conclusion back in 2010 when I suspended correspondence with the Baron was that, unlike me, Dymphna was a thoroughly immature person as to processing the pain of bad parenting. This is typical among abuse survivors. Since processing the pain is a daunting task most victims simply avoid it.

I have written a lot about the subject but it’s a subject for books, not for blog posts.

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