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The whole interview

Kevin MacDonald published an article by Tom Sunic the day before yesterday which contains this paragraph:

But even authors complaining about legal duplicity regarding the narrative of Jewish victimhood are seldom consistent. Many of them believe in good faith in the immaculate conception of Virgin Mary and various surreal miracles performed by Jesus and his early Jewish disciples. They would never consider their faith in Jesus a myth, let alone, a hoax, a fraud, or a conspiracy theory. They reject the claims by anti-Christian authors “that Jesus was a deliberately constructed myth, by a specific group of people with a specific end in mind,” as David Skrbina wrote recently.

I’m glad that at least one of the leading white nationalist forums is passing the microphone to someone who says things similar to what we say here.

My previous post contains a link to the confession when an honest student of the New Testament, Richard Miller, saw the light. I would now like to suggest that honest Christians watch the whole interview.

Of course, it is only an invitation to begin to cross the psychological Rubicon, but a baby step in the right direction is satisfying for the moment (the big jump, from 5 to 6, as we saw in ‘The Mauritian steps’ is to leave Christian morality behind).

For Christians, long before breaking with Christian morality one has to break with Christian dogma, and the honest New Testament studies that have been published recently (Richard Miller’s book is just the latest) give me some hope.

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> “long before breaking with Christian morality one has to break with Christian dogma”

Doesn’t the Führer’s belief in an “Aryan Jesus” disprove this thesis?

Aryan Jesus is not the NT Jesus (no mainstream church predicates an Aryan Jesus) but a NS myth shared by Alfred Rosenberg and others.

I’m watching the continuation, and at 23:00, such a brilliant argument is voiced! That quotes in general are not quoted by mentioning the source – just as everyone in Korea knows that the “Dear Leader” is Kim Jong Il! Hence, it’s really good ammo to the idea that Christianity was written to sell the Aryans (and their Med mud slaves) the Jewish perspective.

One could even go the other way, and focus on how the Romulus myth is explicitly not brought up – precisely because it is known, and the Jewish dressing is the new information here.

Just to let you know, César, that I do still visit this site and eagerly devour what you have to say about Christianity. I spam the following comment (which I wrote) on every racialist, reactionary, conservative, and anti-woke video I come across. You will be pleased to know that the replies I get are not always hostile.

“Ever since that video of a tongue-tied conservative went viral a few months ago, every wokester has been smugly asking us to define wokeness. Though their motivation for asking this question is disingenuous, they sincerely believe that we cannot provide a coherent summation. I tell them quite bluntly that Christianity is the axiological antecedent of all egalitarian ideologies. Marxism is derived from Christian ethics, specifically the doctrine of soul equality; the innate value and intrinsic worth of all who bear a human (or semi-human) countenance. Wokeness is Marxism with a shift in focus from economics (as conventionally understood) to culture, race, and sex. In truth, though, it was never about the welfare of the working class. That was a superficial garnish. In genetic terms, Marxism is the revolt of spiteful mutants against civilization. The Left is a coalition of genetic refuse, as Professor Edward Dutton has emphasised repeatedly. It always has been, but the recent waves of woke insanity have made this more obvious than ever. If germs and parasites were sentient, I imagine they would express anger at being identified for what they are and purged by the host’s immune system. Similarly, the woke mob are angry when their mind virus is identified as a threat by healthy, sane people. It is unsurprising, then, that SJWs think the mind virus they subscribe to is harmless and that the healthy immune response against it is the true pathology. Spandrell’s bioleninism thesis is the best analysis out there, by far. In short, the egalitarian Left is quantity and the hereditarian Right is quality.

Ethnocentrism is evolutionarily adaptive and healthy, but it has been pathologised as “racism” by Christianity and the atheist liberals (secular creationists) who, though they disavow institutional Christianity, are still running the Christian software that Western man has internalised over the past two millennia. It has been entrenched in Western culture for so long that many people regard egalitarian values and human rights as self-evident truths. Over the course of 2000 years, it became axiomatic in the Western mind.

Nietzsche was the first to make the connection and denounce Christian slave morality as the original psych-op, but many conservatives and reactionaries who oppose wokeness still don’t understand that Christianity is where the egalitarian poison comes from. It inverted the values of classical civilization, which would have been an immense task in a time before mass communication. Christianity is the nemesis of the hereditarian, eugenic, meritocratic Right, because Christian ethics (soul equality) are antithetical to evolution, a merciless process of elimination. Because evolution is synonymous with life itself, Darwinian explanations for our behaviour are indeed the primary explanations. Christianity has always been a Trojan horse for introducing Levantine malware into the European mind. Unless we successfully extract the Christian cancer in its entirety, we will never traverse the psychological Rubicon. Christianity’s Criminal History by Carlheinz Deschner, The Darkening Age by Catherine Nixey, Dominion by Tom Holland, The Jesus Hoax by David Skrbina, and On the Historicity of Jesus by Richard Carrier are invaluable resources. César Tort, a self-described exterminationist, is the foremost authority on Christianity as the origin of egalitarianism. Two seminal texts, Judea vs Rome and Why the White Man Must Abandon Christianity, are available on his site. My own essay, On the Aetiology of Wokeness, is now nearing completion.”

Here is a comment about the rainbow brigade which I like to spam. In response, an enraged tranny had a go at me on Reddit, insisting that Hitler was a pedophile because he was obsessed with young blonde boys. How’s that for psychological projection? Hilarious!

“Because it systematically targets children, the LGBT cult inevitably provokes a hostile reaction from psychologically healthy people. The Left, of course, are completely oblivious to the unprecedented enormity of the crimes they are committing. It’s hard to imagine a more provocative act than preying on impressionable children. The Left has been warping their minds and mutilating their bodies for years now, yet they have the gall to act surprised when regular people finally reach the end of their tether. Talk about chutzpah. It’s an absolutely astounding lack of self-awareness. Flaunting drag queens and exhibiting your autogynephillic fetishes in front of minors, scrambling their brains with this warmed-over Marxism to the point they want their genitals mutilated… who could possibly object to that? Only us bigots. It’s like Wiemar all over again. The woke mutants today revere disgusting perverts like Hirschfeld. Perhaps now people will start to understand why Hitler fumigated these freaks. They are hostile organisms, and our immune system needs to flush them out like the filthy germs they are.

Hetero couples began practicing sodomy in the last decade to signal their ideological conformity. Sodomy has been encouraged and normalised among heteros as a means of acclimatising them to “alternate lifestyles” and priming them for LGBT activism. This is why there has been a shift in the last 20 years from a focus on breasts, which are intrinsically female, to a focus on the buttocks, which are not exclusive to either sex. The current fixation on obese, gyrating derrieres reflects both a homosexualisation and a negrification of Western culture.

A mountain of data exists to verify everything I say, but because I cannot materialise it within a few seconds, my opponents smugly (and disingenuously) conclude that said data doesn’t exist. They know perfectly well that it does exist (why else would I invoke it?) but they choose to interpret my delay in supplying this data as an indication that I am making it all up. I know their thought process better than they know it themselves. Hard as it may be to believe, I am not actually a mind reader. I know how they think due to my accumulated experiences engaging with them. These interactions soon become algorithmic.”

Now that the Neo-Christianity PDF is available, you could link to it on those forums when asked for details (or even my new featured post on the 13 books).

Where is the PDF located? What do you have in there? I don’t think you can share direct links like that on YouTube, which is where I spam these comments.

Did you ever read Communism is Neo-Christianity by Wesley Lysander? If not, it is another text which I think would complement the others you already have here.

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