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13 books

Most of the books listed below are available as PDFs.

The System has lied to the white man about his History, especially about what happened during World War II, Christendom and how both lies have been transformed into the Woke monster. To become a greenseer who can see the past as it happened, you have to familiarise yourself with four main books:

Hellstorm (book review here)

The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour


Memories and Reflections of an Aryan Woman


______ 卐 ______


Once you have assimilated the above initiatory books, you can complement your new worldview with the following readings:


On Beth’s Cute Tits

On Exterminationism

Christianity’s Criminal History (Vol. I)


______ 卐 ______


If you want to know about my spiritual odyssey, that took me from Jesus to Hitler, there are some autobiographical books available in my mother tongue (and in English a few translations of some chapters):

Hojas Susurrantes

¿Me Ayudarás?

El Grial

Letter to mom Medusa

Day of Wrath

One reply on “13 books”

The first book in the list above is about a real Holocaust committed by the Allies against the Germans after the Second World War: the best-kept secret of the modern world.

For the best-kept secret of the ancient world, how Christians destroyed the classic culture, see the essay ‘Rome against Judea; Judea against Rome’ (pages 33-123 of The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour). Together with Neo-Christianity, the third book in the list above, the Rome/Judea essay is fundamental. *

I consider Savitri Devi’s book, which contains comments by me in the form of footnotes, a sort of catechism of what we believe in, which Savitri calls ‘the Religion of the Strong’.

Anyone wishing to contact me can do so here:

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(*) It is also available in French. An abridged version of the original essay by the Spanish author may be read here. Articles from this site in the same vein that have been translated into German can be read here.

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