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Evil Hellstorm Holocaust

Hellstorm (book review)

It is disturbing to learn that, even after almost 70 years of the crimes committed by the Allies against the German people, many white nationalists are still clueless about what really happened right after the Second World War.

Thomas Goodrich’s Hellstorm:
The Death of Nazi Germany,

by J. A. Sexton

What is hell?

I’ve often pondered what the concept “hell” entailed; what it means to be living in the absence of “God,” the supreme creative force behind all life. After reading Thomas Goodrich’s breathtaking and physically nauseating analytical narrative of the burnt offering—Holocaust—of Germany I now know what hell looks like and how its inhabitants live and behave.

Relentless, reckless, and senseless hate of a magnitude so profound, so immense, that I am still unable to understand it. And then the irony of it all: that former inhabitants of EuropeEuropeans—were responsible for inculcating hell in their own Heimat (homeland).

Who but the Devil itself could make a family turn on itself, causing it to tear itself apart in such a murderous, inhuman fashion that the victims are left unrecognizable after all the torture, abuse, burning, systematic rape, and beatings subsides?

Who or what could inspire such madness? Thomas Goodrich answers this question silently, subtly, but matter-of-factly—the Jews in Communist Russia (the former USSR) and Capitalist America and Britain.

Hellstorm is the type of book that changes lives. Goodrich is the type of author who literally puts you, the reader, there in the midst of hell. And what is this hell that he forces you to experience page after page, torture after torture, and rape after rape? One that has been all but forgotten; the only hell the modern age really knows:

The Allied Holocaust of National Socialist Germany

Goodrich describes the Allied-induced inferno in more detail than most need to know to gain an understanding of the depths of Allied criminality and hatred, but the detail is necessary. Without the detail no one will really know what hell is. Here’s a taste of it.

A German woman has her jaws forced open by the filthy brutish hands of a Soviet serial rapist. He literally spits into her mouth and forces her to swallow his salivary filth as he rams her body again… and again… and again—until he’s satisfied fulfilling his oath to Stalin and his chief Holocaust propagandist, Ilya Ehrenburg. Stalin officially sanctioned the systematic rape of German women. Ilya Ehrenburg, for his part as the lascivious advocator of rape of German women, helped the Red Army perpetrate the largest gynocide and mass rape in recorded history.

Commissar Ehrenburg’s pamphlet—distributed in the millions among Red Army troops on the front lines of battle who were already intoxicated with hate and vengefulness as a result of over two decades of Bolshevik oppression, mass murder of their families and mass collectivization—urged Soviet troops to plunder, rape and kill. The final paragraph of his pamphlet entitled “Kill” reads:

The Germans are not human beings. From now on, the word “German” is the most horrible curse. From now on, the word “German” strikes us to the quick. We have nothing to discuss. We will not get excited. We will kill. If you have not killed at least one German a day, you have wasted that day… If you cannot kill a German with a bullet, then kill him with your bayonet. If your part of the front is quiet and there is no fighting, then kill a German in the meantime… If you have already killed a German, then kill another one—there is nothing more amusing to us than a heap of German corpses. Don’t count the days, don’t count the kilometers. Count only one thing: the number of Germans you have killed. Kill the Germans! Kill the Germans! Kill!

And in another leaflet:

The Germans must be killed. One must kill them… Do you feel sick? Do you feel a nightmare in your breast?… Kill a German! If you are a righteous and conscientious man—kill a German! Kill!

Ehrenburg, like any skilled propagandist with a penchant for revenge and training in human psychology, appealed to the basest instincts of his men, urging them to rape and wantonly slaughter other human beings at will. There would be no penalties for this injustice as it was all officially sanctioned. Ehrenburg:

Kill! Kill! In the German race there is nothing but evil; not one among the living, not one among the yet unborn but is evil! Follow the precepts of Comrade Stalin. Stamp out the fascist beast once and for all in its lair! Use force and break the racial pride of these German women. Take them as your lawful booty. Kill! As you storm onward, kill, you gallant soldiers of the Red Army.


The Gynocide

I went into Goodrich’s book expecting to read little more than I already knew about the worst gynocide and mass rape of womankind in recorded history, but I was in for a shock. As an individual who looks out for women’s interests, I was repeatedly overcome with emotion while reading of the indescribable genital mutilations, deliberate and systematic terrorism, gang-rape and wanton mass murder of women. Goodrich:

From eight to eighty, healthy or ill, indoors or out, in fields, on sidewalks, against walls, the spiritual massacre of German women continued unabated. When even violated corpses could no longer be of use, sticks, iron bars, and telephone receivers were commonly rammed up their vaginas. (p. 155)

Brazilian German Leonora Cavoa:

“Suddenly I heard loud screams, and immediately two Red Army soldiers brought in five girls. The Commissar ordered them to undress. When they refused out of modesty, he ordered me to do it to them, and for all of us to follow him. We crossed the yard to the former works kitchen, which had been completely cleared out except for a few tables on the window side. It was terribly cold, and the poor girls shivered. In the large, tiled room some Russians were waiting for us, making remarks that must have been very obscene, judging from how everything they said drew gales of laughter. The Commissar told me to watch and learn how to turn the Master Race into whimpering bits of misery.”

The horror that ensued nearly defies written description, as no written description can actually make a reader of either sex feel and genuinely know the pain and suffering inflicted in this neverending horror show. The victims’ pain and suffering must have seemed like hours and hours… an entire lifetime… I can’t imagine. I try not to imagine it because about 2,000 women in the Nemmersdorf area alone suffered a similar fate.

“Now two Poles came in, dressed only in their trousers, and the girls cried out at their sight. They quickly grabbed the first of the girls, and bent her backwards over the edge of the table until her joints cracked. I was close to passing out as one of them took his knife and, before the very eyes of the other girls, cut off her right breast. He paused for a moment, then cut off the other side. I have never heard anyone scream as desperately as that girl. After this operation he drove his knife into her abdomen several times, which again was accompanied by the cheers of the Russians.”

Stop. Picture it. Imagine it. Live it.

Force yourself to see your own body mutilated in similar fashion; force yourself to picture a knife plunging into your abdomen again… and again… your short lifetime come to this end: you know you are about to die. You are being murdered; your body brutally tortured by a mob of brutal sadists. Try to imagine the horror and the helplessness you would feel as your person was mutilated and your very life bleeding away on a table.

Can a human being really suffer a worse injustice than this?

Now… step back out of the scene and analyze this needless, inhuman horror with the gift of hindsight. This victim was not just the victim of these Red Army men, reduced to base animal instinct and mentality, but she was also the victim of an ideology inspired by Judaism and a Jewish propagandist named Ilya Ehrenburg. Leonora:

The next girl cried for mercy, but in vain—it even seemed that the gruesome deed was done particularly slowly because she was especially pretty. The other three had collapsed, they cried for their mothers and begged for a quick death, but the same fate awaited them as well. The last of them was still almost a child, with barely developed breasts. They literally tore the flesh off her ribs until the white bones showed.

Loud howls of approval began when someone brought a saw from a tool chest. This was used to tear up the breasts of the other girls, which soon caused the floor to be awash in blood. The Russians were in a blood frenzy. More girls were being brought in continually.

I saw these grisly proceedings as through a red haze.

Leonora tried to dissociate from the situation, which is one of the brain’s foremost methods for dealing with psychological and physical trauma. But to no avail, the Russian and Polish “soldiers” disallowed it.

Over and over again I heard the terrible screams when the breasts were tortured, and the loud groans at the mutilation of the genitals… It was always the same, the begging for mercy, the high-pitched scream when the breasts were cut and the groans when the genitals were mutilated. The slaughter was interrupted several times to sweep the blood out of the room and clear away the bodies… When my knees buckled I was forced onto a chair. The Commissar always made sure that I was watching, and when I had to throw up they even paused in their tortures. One girl had not undressed completely, she may also have been a little older than the others, who were around seventeen years of age. They soaked her bra with oil and set it on fire, and while she screamed, a thin iron rod was shoved into her vagina… until it came out her navel.

In the yard entire groups of girls were clubbed to death after the prettiest of them had been selected for this torture. The air was filled with the death cries of many hundred girls (pp. 156–57). And this is where I have to stop transcribing.

Massacred bodies of German children

The Holocaust

The thought of being burned alive is horrific, but the thought of being burned alive because you are trapped in melted asphalt and literally stuck by your own disfigured hands and knees and screaming—in either agony or for salvation from passers-by, or perhaps both—is worse; perhaps even worse than that is being boiled alive in the air raid shelters designed to keep you safe because steam pipes have burst open, unleashing their scorching wrath upon you—just one of millions of victims of Allied “morale bombing”: Victims of your own White racial brethren driven to absolute base madness and inhumanity by Jewish propagandists in the “liberal democracies”.

What did you do to be burned or boiled alive? What was your crime?

You supported Adolf Hitler, the man who dared to stand up to international finance and the Jewish system of systematic international monetary and spiritual enslavement.

That was your “crime” and the “crime” of millions of other “statistics” in Germany and Europe who were incinerated, melted, tortured, strafed, raped or blown into body parts by their own racial and cultural kindred in the USSR, Britain and America.

The core of the firestorms often reached 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit; the flames 1,300 to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit. A Holocaust in the truest sense of the word: a burnt offering of the Germanic race—women, children, refugees, POWs, the elderly, and even animals at the Berlin Zoo—to the Christian-Jewish “god” Jahve. The truth is that this was the single largest burnt offering of human flesh to the Devil in recorded history. And for what? For what did hundreds of thousands of German victims suffer: international finance Capitalism.

So that a few people, mostly ethnic Jews, could continue to make money from money; so that a handful of international “bankers” could continue to enslave and exploit hundreds of millions of human beings.

Western man literally burnt and buried his collective spirit, soul and value system in Germany. Germany became the tomb of the West.

The Viricide

Systematic murder of German women and female Axis collaborators was not the only European gendercide from 1944 to 1950. German men and their Cossack and Slavic collaborators became deliberate targets of Anglo-Soviet viricide in the postwar years. German men and boys were reduced to corpses or skeletons by the millions in Eisenhower’s Holodomor (death by famine). Eisenhower’s camps were designed with one purpose in mind: mass death. Millions of German men and boys died from starvation, disease, exposure, heat exhaustion, thirst, and of course torture, slave labor, random massacre, and systematic execution. After having served in the worst war in Western history, and one of the worst in world history, German men came “home” to nothing more than rubble. Their wives, girlfriends, and children were dead, enslaved, mutilated, driven to madness, missing, lost, or had gone with the enemy to survive and prevent further systematic rape by Polish, Russian, and Mongolian “men.” There were very few “homes” to return to, so thousands of men ended their lives in despair. They had survived six years of horror and warfare only to end it all in the street rubble once called “Germany.”


Because their own blood kindred in America, Britain, the British Commonwealth, and even much of Europe had betrayed them: had turned on them to please their Jewish overlords.

The Spiritual Slaughter

Soviet tanks drive right over German refugees who have survived hell and come so close to salvation, or so they think, in the Allied occupation zone—more aptly described as the Allied destruction zone. The refugees are now just bloodied pulps in the snow, flattened like dough by the tank treks. The Soviet tanks trudge on without even so much as a pause. A German refugee ship capsizes after it is hit by a Soviet torpedo or bombed in an American air strike. All aboard scream and struggle to stay alive; they’ve made it so far, but the vast majority are forced to call the sea their final resting place. Bodies are everywhere in the water. There are literally thousands. Mothers, brothers, sisters, cousins, POWs, and even tiny infants who have just transitioned to life outside the womb and have breathed air for the first time—all dead in a matter of minutes. Some drowned. Many were crushed or torn apart by the rudders. Others froze to death. The sea was awash in human blood and body parts after each and every one of these attacks on refugee ships. No German was innocent. Not one.

This happened to numerous refugee ships. Many aboard were Allied POWs and Jewish camp refugees who had been protected by the fleeing German SS and Wehrmacht men—murdered by their own nation; murdered by their own race.

American pilots swoop down on exposed civilians and refugees in the vast clearing below. They open fire. They actually shoot individual human beings as though they are hunting wild horses or wolves in order to cull them. Machine gun bullets rip into the backs of civilians who had just barely escaped with their lives from the fiery Holocaust that was the city. The holes are the size of baseballs. Hundreds are mowed down instantly or are injured by the fire and debris—nearly all are left to die slow, agonizing deaths in that clearing. All the while Churchill and Roosevelt assure their self-absorbed, apathetic, hedonistic publics, We do not shoot civilians. We do not target civilians.

An older German woman is approached by filthy Soviet soldiers. She knows what awaits her because Goebbels did not lie. She tries to talk them out it. She has children with her. They dispose of the children rapidly, viciously: their heads are rammed into the side of the building. The woman is gang-raped. What does she recall… the rape? No. The sound of a child’s skull when it is crushed against a wall. She’ll never forget that sound. Nor will I because I too can hear it. I too witnessed it. I witnessed it through Goodrich.

And then there were the death camps where over a million German men perished because Eisenhower hated Germans: “God I hate the Germans,” he said. His racism and hate became official policy, a policy of genocide—an American orchestrated Holodomor. Countless thousands of German men were shipped off to Britain and Siberia to serve as slave laborers for the “victors”. Victors of what? Total destruction.

They aren’t paid and most die.

Most white American GIs rob the Germans, starve the Germans, plunder and destroy what remains of the German people’s homes, gang-rape German women, and beat and kill German children and honorable SS men. In the meantime most African GIs act kindly and distribute candy and food to German women and children. It is a bitterly confusing and deplorable world when the alleged “monsters” are the kind ones, and the members of your own race—your own blood brethren—act like deplorable beasts with no conscience. And yet this was the reality of Germany after 1945: an unpredictable dichotomy; an alien world.

While this horror is unfolding, Roosevelt (and later Truman) and Churchill cheerily offer Stalin half of Europe. They are more than happy to accommodate nearly every demand drafted up by this “Man of Steel.” The result of these Anglo accommodations nearly defies description: the greatest mass expulsion and deportation in history (upwards of 13 million); the mass murder of millions of Germans and their allies in Russian, French, Jewish, and Polish retribution camps and prisons dotted all throughout Europe and the USSR; the systematic mass rape and murder of German and collaborator women (an estimated two million); and the deliberate secret starvation of the Germanic race as spelled out by the Jewish advisor to Roosevelt and Truman, Henry Morgenthau.

The Toll

Between 20 and 25 million Germans and collaborators perished in the years after the war had officially ended. It is a crime that will never be forgotten, and it is a crime that will forever stain the hands and national consciences of the former USSR, the United States of America, Great Britain and her Commonwealth nations, and perhaps more pointedly the Anglo and Slavic races of the White supra-race.

A little German boy holds a lantern as he sits in a wagon en route to the Allied lines in the bitter winter snow. He’s with his mother. She’s bleeding profusely; she’s dying. The German doctor who the little boy was lucky enough to hunt down is doing his best to perform a tamponade (a blockage) of her uterus. She was brutally, viciously raped. Did she survive? Goodrich doesn’t say, but the prognosis and tone suggests she didn’t make it. She was a German. She supported Hitler. She was a Nazi. She deserved it.

She deserved it.

So said the Allies in the years following the war: Germany merely got what she deserved. The “morally superior” White nations of the globe had smashed ultimate evil: the Nazis; the German race.

Never has a greater lie been told. Never has so much hatred and vengeance been poured forth onto one people and one nation that had chosen not to abide by the laws of international bankers and financiers who wish only to enslave, plunder, steal and when necessary, kill. And most of the White races of the world were more than willing and eager to take up the flag of international Jewish money power and to smash the one White race that opposed it with such honor, valor and sheer might—so much so that it took all the best brain- and material-power of the entire White supra-race and all the monetary power of its Jewish financiers and overlords to break its back. And yet… and yet… it still was not broken. Goodrich ends the book with a tone of hope.

Beyond Hell

When all had been destroyed, when all seemed to have been lost forever in Year Zero, the Germans proved once again that such was just not the case. Brick by brick and hour by hour they rebuilt upon the ruins of God’s Empire a new Germany. No Holocaust by fire, no gynocide, no viricide, no famine, and no other inhuman atrocities could obliterate or subdue the Germanic element of the White race of humankind.

Even though Germany today is still an occupied nation with a hurting people, she still possesses that flicker of life and spirituality that the other White races and nations lost long ago when they sold their souls to Judaism and the Jewish “god” of hatred and revenge, Jahve. “Unbowed, unbent, unbroken.” Such are the words of an album released by a European band named Hammerfall. And such are the words that describe the German people, the German folk, and the German race. The only ones who bear the burden of bloodstain and guilt are the Allies. No crimes in recorded human history surpass those inflicted against Germany and Europe by the United States, Great Britain and the former United Soviet Socialist Republics—all with Jewish spiritual, media and financial backing and support.

The death of National Socialist Germany was the death of Western man and everything he once stood for.

I must thank Thomas Goodrich. Hellstorm has changed my life.

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“Between 20 and 25 million Germans and collaborators perished in the years after the war had officially ended. ”

I’ve been researching the Holocuast for over a decade. I have a substantial library of books about it plus books on ancillary subjects relevant to those events including accounts of the DPs who were relocated. I’ve read about post-war reprisals against German civilians, but I have never run across anything that comes close to this wild claim. What’s it’s source?

Well, as a reward for their treachery against their own race, the American and British are now being destroyed by the demonic monsters for whom they fought and destroyed Germany and Europe. Poetic justice, but of little comfort to our race and civilisation. I can never avoid sneering with contempt at the idiots strutting in their berets at the Cenotaph in London each November 11th. They seem incapable of ever learning that they fought on the wrong side and actually brought about the nightmare that they see all around them today in the jew-created cesspit that is modern Britain.

General Patton ‘The Fightingest General’ and the venomous snake he came up against ‘Ike’ or should he be referred to as ‘Kike’ Eisenhower


i wrote the above book…….i died a thousand deaths in so doing…yet i felt i HAD to finish it…for them…….thanks to mr. sexton for his review. like himself, i have never been the same man since. i am sad…but i am also extremely mad….extremely mad.

Dear Mr Goodrich,

It is a great honor to see you here.

I also suffered unbelievably while reading… just the review. It was so shocking that, to date, I have been postponing ordering a copy of it.

But the info is of paramount importance! I believe that if that info reached the masses it would change the prevailing (anti-German, anti-white) paradigm.

Would you allow me to quote excerpts of your book (as I just did with William Pierce’s history of the white race)?

With compliments,

César Tort (a.k.a., “Chechar”)

my brother….take what you will from the book and put it to good work……let me know how i may help, in any way. i am way beyond keeping quiet.

bless your good heart,


Dear Mr. Goodrich:

I have read your book “Hellstorm.” It is a record of the most heinous crimes ever committed! We here, in The Netherlands, commemorate the Allied victims on Satrurday 4, May as we every year do since the end of WW II. Untill now, however, there is still no day of commemorate the German victims. Now, listen to this: Here in Holland, is a city, named Vorden. Besides an cemetry of Allied victims, there happen to be also a little cemetry of a couple of German soldiers of the Wehrmacht. The number of the buried soldiers is 10 á 15. The city of Vorden has as is always the case of course), a mayor, Mr. Alderink. When he decided as a gesture of recincilliation to commemorate not only the Allied victims but also these couple of German soldier, all hell broke loose! Well, what happened?

A Jewish organisation and certain Jewish people began to wail and protested against the commemoration of these Germans. In Dutch papers appeared angry collumn’s and articles from people who made it clear that this kind of commemoration was out of the question. The pressure became so heavy that the mayor and his entourage decided not to pass by the little German cemetry, although the judge during a court case had ruled that it was allowed to commemorate also these Germans! These are one of the things wich happen, here in Holland. And than I have not yet talked about the so-called “Anne Frank-three!

thank you for the comment, ton…..nothing says better who REALLY won the war than your anecdote….it wasn’t the dutch who won the war, nor the americans, british, canadians, or even the russian people. the only winners of ww2 were the jews. all the other peoples of the earth lost some or all of their freedom in that war, even though they may have fought on the ‘winning side.’ the jews won that war and today, as they keep the world in a perpetual state of war and attack, through their proxies, all those who stand against them, and as they consolidate their world-wide power, we have that proof right in front of our eyes. those who cannot or will not see the simple truth in this matter are either blind or ignorant or cowardly. i am neither blind, ignorant or cowardly and will do all i can to enlighten the world to the danger, as i hope you will.

again, my friend, thank for the story, sad as it is.

Agreed. It could never be circulated in American, Canadian, french or British schools… fat chance

Reblogged this on Rise of The West and commented:

It is almost impossible to predict the Future with any certainty; but a rising West is nothing if we cannot remember the best and the worst of our evolution. Since The Rise of The West concerns both the ‘once and future west’, and after reading this Review, felt obligated to recommend this work which is both ‘horrible’ and ‘truthful’.

Let us never forget the losses we have had inflicted upon us and our children, and never forget our clarion call: “We must secure the existence of our people and a Future for white children.” – The Staff

What is the proper address to link to this Book and its Publisher? Would like to link in blogroll.

Like your style.


gave my daughter an original copy of the Daily Mail “Lest We Forget” my father had given to me… I now feel that I should get her a copy of “Hellstorm” which goes to prove that two wrongs don’t make a right when inhuman beasts are allowed to take revenge on the innocent to gain power through unspeakable blood lust act’s of cruelty……

I’m a fifteen-year-old German and I can’t even begin to imagine this kind of thing happening to me. The treatment of the German Race after WWII was absolutely horrifying and disgusting. This isn’t the kind of stuff anybody hears about in the media. History is written by the victors, remember?

There is another excellent book on this tragic subject. It is Der Deutsche Aderlass by Claus Nordbruch, and it was recently released in English with the title of Bleeding Germany Dry. It is available direct from Grabert Verlag, or from Nordbruch’s site.

From Amazon Books:

This wide-ranging and richly illustrated book deals exhaustively with a subject that many consider heretical: the legal issue of Germany’s demands for a peace treaty and constitution as well as reparations and compensation for the German people.

The author is a strong critic of the Federal Republic’s standard response that the injustices perpetrated on the German people “by foreign powers are rooted in injustices committed by the National Socialist regime”, and consequently the Germans “must abstain from making their own demands for compensation against these states”.

Dr Nordbruch exposes the hypocrisy of such self-protective assertions. He concentrates on giving the reader unadulterated depictions of the premeditated mass atrocities connected with expulsion and deportation of German people, as well as the mass rape of German women and girls, and the Allied campaigns of methodical plunder throughout Germany. He does not omit the well-documented tortures and murders of millions of German civilians and prisoners of war in both East and West, and he devotes an entire chapter to the question of foreign workers in the Third Reich. This is compared with the historical facts about the question of German forced labourers.

Nordbruch is the first author to document the actual extent of exploitation of German labour by the victorious powers, Bolshevistic as well as “democratic”. After an extensive investigation of these issues, the author presents Germany’s ethical and political grounds for claiming restitution. He provides a thorough explanation of the legal arguments supporting such compensation under international law.

Bleeding Germany Dry is an accurate and hard-hitting revision of Nordbruch historical events that for over half a century have had a decisive influence on the policies of Berlin and Vienna.

I must try to get a copy.

I have read part of Hellstorm. It is difficult to go on to read page after page of unimaginable crimes committed against Germany and the German people. To draw such hellish hatred from the Good People one has to suppose that Germany holds a key position in world history. And I think that German being has always gone beyond commerce, power, domination, money, but has striven for an earthly ideal of human freedom and communion with nature which sheds the primitive value system of gold, avarice and covetousness. I can’t put my thoughts more succinctly and less flowery at this point, but it is clear that Germanity is unlike other manifestations of being. I think that the German soul has a genuine way of being happy within this world, perhaps because the old gods hold still sway and make their presence felt. Pope and Emperor, Church and Reformation, Paganism and Christianity, Democracy and Leader Elect have found their strongest contrary expressions in Germany and for the time being Democracy has won out as Western-style Parliamentarism with all its degeneracy, venality, mendacity, hypocrisy, the exact opposite what Germanic community is: Independence and faithfulness to an elect leader, putting community before individuality as the upmost guiding principle.
I have recently acquired some books on the anti-German propaganda in the English-speaking world. As difficult as it is to read Goodrich’s Hellstorm, as difficult it is to read Vansittart’s writings. This man carries a large part of the burden of criminal guilt in inciting unrelenting hatred against Germans and Germany and to bring to an end Europe’s development towards freedom for its people and freedom for its manifestation in the world. Even in 1943 (“Lessons of my Life”) when the million-fold murder resulting from his and other’s incititement to hatred and inhumanity was daily broadcast, he continues to utter his ideas of the German lust for world conquest, even manifest at the time of Hermann the Cherusker who fought against the Romans in Germany. Apparently, if Germans wanted foreign powers not to mingle in their affairs this was an expression of bellicosity and a plan for world domination, and so it is today.
To understand why that should be so is a key element in history.

To gain the visual impact of Jewish communism upon the Russian people watch their films. “Vodka Lemon,” “4,” “The Thief,” amply display the vicissitudes of Jewish Communism upon the Russian people. When I first began watching these films (thanks Netflix) I was stunned at the portrayals of which nothing comparable is seen in either American or other foreign films. While the message is invariably bleak, there is always a nod towards hope at the end. Oddly enough, some of the best war movies I have seen are produced by the Russians and their former satellite slave states. Among these are “Ballad of a Soldier,” “House of Fools,” “Alexandra” and perhaps best of all “The Ninth Company.” That particular movie was amazing in its similarity to my military experience. It was like watching my own company speaking Russian! Every American soldier posted to Afghanistan should watch the “The Ninth Company.” What ultimately blew me away was the discovery that this story was based on actual events. For another mind bending portrayal of the true horrors of war try “Deathwatch.” The ending of that movie left me stunned. Ostensibly a horror movie (a genre I normally avoid) this movie travels far beyond any other horror movie I have ever seen and therein lies the difference between these films and Hollywood. Not just visual fluff, these stories will make you think and perhaps reconsider your own ideas about such matters. When I look at what Jewish Communism did to the Russian mind, I shudder at the thought of what they have in store for the rest of western civilization.

I have only been able to read the first two chapters. Truly it is a book that would shorten your life expectancy if you read it to completion.

What was done to the German Volk during and post war was an EVIL that can only be justly avenged on the Day of Judgment. My heart bleeds for the relentless and savage oppression that they had to endure, especially the women and girls. And for what?

(NS) Germany wanted to be free of usury and the International Shylockian control of world finance (who wish to eventually transfer to Israel the status of Ruling State).

That’s all. In fact she was perhaps the only nation in the Modern West that was waging a JUST STRUGGLE to free herself from the (unholy) Judeo-Christian rapprochement that led to the creation of (Modern) Western Civilization: Secularism, Liberalism, (Usury) Capitalism, Communism, Zionism, Feminism, Nation States, Colonialism, Materialism, Multi culturalism, promotion of Usury, Homosexuality & Promiscuity et al being the illegitimate children of this unholy marriage which seeks to impose on Mankind its (messianic) rule from Jerusalem.

Those who forced the world to war 100 years ago and emerged victorious and then forced the world to war again and emerged victorious again are now forcing the world to war AGAIN. Hellstorm NEEDS to be read by ALL peoples so that they may know what to expect should they stand up to resist.

But stand. We Must!

The losses of Germans during World War Two were about 9 million. The military losses were about 5 million. This is what I read in the Atlas of the Second World War. 20 million Germans dying cannot possibly be true. Also, about 15 million or so Germans from Eastern Europe were expelled in 1945-1950, but those cannot be counted as deaths because they were simply deported. Most survived the deportations. But all German ethnic minorities in Russia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Poland and Czechoslovakia were permanently destroyed, their property was confiscated and given to other eastern european peoples and they were expelled permanently.

Firstly, I just found this blog a few days ago. I am truly in awe with content and quality of it.

I just finished this book. (link)

I post this as it relates to Thomas Goodrich’s book which I have just purchased. I must admit after hearing his interviews a year ago or so and reading the excerpts. I am finding it hard to even want to start reading it.

My only complaints in this book is the author emphasis that Hitler and the national Socialists were a Christian party holding up Christian values. Most of the WN can’t seem to separate the two.

Christianity is a semetic book for semites. It has no place in European peoples lives.

Also, he kind of side steps the Holocaust and its fraudulent numbers etc. Also his whole Kazars are the etc…

Great blog here thanks

There seems to be a lot of false information in the book. Thomas Goodrich is no historian, he is an “author” with no formal education in history. That means he doesn’t know how to handle the historical sources and cannot distinguish reliable from unreliable sources. Apparently, he does not cite his sources in the book either. […]

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Wrong: he does cite his sources and he has written several historical books. I would recommend reading the book before just jumping here trying to refute it (that’s why I removed the rest of your comment).

Also, Tom graduated from a prestigious Midwestern university with a BA/History-Honors and was later asked to join the faculty at that same college. He has written ten history books well received.

By the way you are from Budapest, right? (Just curious whether you are Jewish or not.)

I would like to add that other Authors have written almost identical accounts of what happened in post war Germany. There is “Gruesome Harvest” by Ralph Franklin Keeling, also “Crimes and Mercies” by James Bacque, also “Jewish-Run Concentration Camps” in Russia, also “The Nameless War” by Captain A.H.M. Ramsey.

“There seems to be a lot of false information in the book.” Well, that sound very nice. But it is (as usual with people who don’t understand true history) not convincing. And, honestly, I don’t know who “huskep” really is. There is just one who has no formal education in history, and is not a true historian: Me myself! But…I have one thing what I can’t find with you: a sound common sense! And that means that I will never say that a particulair book is not based on truth by saying”He (or she) has no formal education on history.” Regarding the book of Mr. Goodrich: It is a very, very good book!

I’m half way through this book. I’ve had for three months and just got enough courage to start reading it, thanks to this blog..
It never lets up, page after horrible page. I feel I owe it to the real victims of this jewish massacre to read their story.

I know you have a different opinion on the jew death toll. However, when put in contrast to the millions of non-jews killed by the allies, it makes the 6million that we are lied to about, just seem like it wasn’t enough of them died. Too bad it wasn’t the elite jews that were rounded up and deported. Also makes you wish Hitler was a little less civil in his treatment of the them and the allied POW’s

It really puts you right there with them, when the bombs hit and the rapes and murder begins. It is must read.

The Truth is that the “glad stirrings of genocide” lurk in the heart of EVERY MAN, yet only the Nazis had the courage to acknowledge the Truth. Well, so do the jews. White Men have to come off the moralistic rubbish i.e. “we burned the heretic in order to save him” self-deceit and face the Truth. No pity, no remorse, no fear. In the words of Bowden “I have no regrets” We can condemn the Allies but that still doesn’t change the fact that the liars won and the forces of deceit and darkness are still winning ath this present moment.

Absolutely: and I hope that in my coming PDF (see my latest comment in the thread on “The Drink of Despair”) I can include at least a sentence about this very subject.

Thank you for this review. I knew about many facts stated in this book, but not all – and perhaps more importantly, I wasn’t aware of the books existence. I will definitely recommend it in my circle.

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About working on his book, “Hellstorm: The Death Of Nazi Germany, 1944-1947”, Thomas Goodrich wrote:
“I died a thousand deaths in so doing… yet I felt I HAD to finish it… for them… I have never been the same man since. I am sad… but I am also extremely mad… extremely mad.”
You will understand exactly why he spoke these words by reading the below review, and much more so by reading the book itself. A fair warning would be appropriate, though. Knowledge like this is, like Nietzsche said, “for all and for no-one” in a sense that very many people would live much happier lives not knowing any of it. Possessing this information, on the other hand, puts you in a role of a complete, utter madman. A one strapped in a room with no windows. Sanity today means believing lies and being biased. Meanwhile all your speculations and theories about why the world today is what it is are gone completely. Your perception of what reality is is suddenly so different than that of a regular person, reaching to such person and trying to talk about it will, for them, feel like being appraoched by an autistic child. And why wouldn’t it? When you know the truth, all values you’re so eagerly tought your whole life are brutally turned upside-down, with a unexpected punch in the stomach happening at the same time. The ascent then is excruciating, it tears your soul apart time after time after time. Why allow it? Why not just continue your life, caring about things you cared about uptil now and not pondering on the past that much? You won’t change any of it and knowing the truth about the past can be such great pain as to bring total social insanity. But you can alter the future, at least for your loved ones – start with them, ALWAYS start with them. Don’t enlighten the whole world, your closest circle matters the most, you can take care of the rest only after you had taken care of them. Because we, as Europeans, and our children, and their children afterwards, are much worse off living in a world filled with lies. Lies that concern us directly and change the culture, demography, political process, economy and morality of the European people.

If you think Nazi Germany to be embodiment of Western Civilization, honor and valor then try to explain it in simple words to my grandmother who at 13 years old witnessed mass execution at the marketplace of small polish city, then her family was deprived of their home and she was driven as a slave laborer to Germany until the end of war. She sure must have missed something about the Nazism appeal, when she finally got back to ruined and sacked country to receive the exhilarating news that her 5 year old brother died during one of hungry winters.
I found it despicable that pukes like You, pampered by peace and wealth that was unthinkable 60 years ago in Europe, keep endorsing the high and mighty ideas of nazism, communism or either of those oh so appealing totalitarian ideologies. Luckily there are still few old people who remember, and few young ones who would gladly bash your teeth in.

Well, Polish guy, let me quote a part of your comment here: “…keep endorsing the high and mighty ideas of nazism COMMUNISM or either of those oh so appealing totalitarian ideologies.” (capitals added.) Since the fall of the Berlin Wall in November 1989, just a little part of the former classified Communist archives are available for the public. Among the people are historians as, for an example, Juri Lina and Frank Britton. They researched those formerly secret archives and what did they find? That Communism was a Jewish ideology! And do you know what the late great historian, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn once said? He said this:

“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. The October Revolution was not what you call in America a “Russian Revolution.” It was an invasion and conquest over the Russian people. More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their bloodstained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history. It can not be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. THE FACT THAT MOST OF THE WORLD IS IGNORANT AND UNCARING ABOUT THIS ENORMOUS CRIME IS PROOF THAT THE GLOBAL MEDIA IS IN THE HANDS OF THE PERPETRATORS.” (capitals added.)

That’s one point. Now I gonna say something of the origins of the German-Polish war. Adolf Hitler did many attempts to get the free city of Danzig (wich was stolen from Germany by the Allied victors affter WW I and given to Poland) back to Germany. He offered the Polish government many peaceful solutions. The Polish government refused them. They had the promise of France and England that might Germany attack Poland, the Polish government had their support and that’s why they put up a stiff resistance against the goodwll of Hitler’s intentions. Meanwhile, many border incursions took place whereby Polish terrorist attacked German civilians. The same time, thousands of Sudeten Germans in Poland were put in jail; others were tortured, bereft from their possessions, and many were killed in the most brutal way imagible. The climax occurred on “Bloody Sunday” in the city of Bromberg where circa 3000 Germans were killed by Jewish terrorists. And the Polish government did nothing to prevent this. And it was then that patience of Hitler came to an end; after months of peaceful negotiations with Poland for a peaceful solution of these massacres and the city of Danzig to no avail, he decided to invade Poland. And all this can be traced back to just after WW I when Poland openly attacked Germany. For those who still believe that the invasion of Poland by Hitler was a “surpise attack on a peaceful Polish nation”, think again. And Polish Guy, I don’ blame you for this. I suspect, you could be an upright and honest Polish man who might don’t know the real history of the beginning of the German-Polish conflict what eventually would lead to WW II. Yet, this is true history. And I am very sorry for the suffering of your loved ones during WW II. But his will not change true history.

Wonderful to have found your blog via a comment you posted at occidentalobserver.

I found your blog while watching “The Greatest Story Never Told”. As an American I was baffled by the US’s actions… Why is it always that our leaders are such scum…? Well, I do know, because of money. I was raised believing we were just in what we did. I feel like I was lied to all this time, and I was completely ignorant about what really happened. Though I feel that there were atrocities committed by all involved, nothing is comparable to this, and nothing excuses how it seems to all be covered up. I wasn’t even born until the 1980s but I still feel awful… :/

I wish I’d found out about this sooner, but beyond a basic high school education I never delved more into this until today. It’s no wonder they are still trying to make whites feel guilty even now (regardless of nationality). I guess they wont be happy until we’re gone. :/ Not that I’ll ever understand why. I have always believed in “Live and let live” but that seems to be impossible so long as there are those who wish otherwise.

Anyway, thank you for your post. I’m gradually opening my eyes, I’m just disappointed that not enough people know this side of history.

One can forgive those who simply didn’t know. The problem can be fixed through education in the truth. Those who wilfully refuse to know and learn the truth can not be forgiven for they are traitors and enemies who will side with the enemy and try to stop others from knowing and believing the truth. For them there is no salvation.

There is only one basic truth about our enemy that really matters and it can be found in John 8:44 in particular and John 8:31 to the end of the chapter in general. We are up against the devil and his children the Jews and they are all die hard and compulsive liars and murderers.

Just read this article, even though it was published some years ago. I have already read much about post WWII atrocities against the Germans, but I was still very emotionally affected and literally physically shaken by this article. ALL JEWS must be exterminated…all of them or the same damn thing will be repeated over and over until the earth is literally a barren rock, devoid of life.

You’re right. I’d go so far as saying that the future will be Aryan and NS or it won’t exist at all.

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