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Iranian for Aryans latest entry is called “In case it’s not published,” in reference of a proposed comment for a thread in a Counter-Currents article, of which I quote most of it below:

I wrote the following commentary in response to this essay.

Sound and fury signifying nothing. There’s nothing “Radical Traditionalist” about these “works”.

If you want real Tradition check out music from the Western canon: chant to (some) Shostakovich; take your pick.

Modernists, almost all of whom are either degenerates, charlatans, or both, represent a creative and spiritual anti-Tradition degeneration. Pärt, like others, saw that his serialism was not filling concert halls nor paying dividends, so he followed the changing times and attempted to create a niche for himself. The result? An empty and very insipid attempt at “numinosity”; if one may deign to call it such.

20 replies on “Pseudotradition”

The above was originally posted in the Addenda almost five years ago and you still can see the 2012 comments there (click: here).

But now IFA has deleted his site. I was going to invite him for an episode of WDH Radio when I remembered that he, who’s living in the US, is apparently dating white women. I can only hope that he won’t have any kids with a white partner or what is left of our previous friendship may altogether disappear.

But the real trouble is not him but the white traitors. For example, in a sane society those women who recently died in Las Vegas should have been married with whites and taking care of their white kids—etcetera.

A shame. I did not expect it from him. His prose was so good.

Whenever you talk about White whores, do not forget about feminized White males who do not want a family. Or worse – who marry [often Mongolid] non-Whites. Aren’t they as bad as White whores?

On the topic of including non-Aryans, even a Negro could be a proper CT-inspired National Socialist provided he genuinely despises his race and wishes for its complete annihilation. But such a concept if difficult to grasp even for the staunchest racists – one of the reasons this angelic blog is unpopular and incomprehensible. Too many racists are cultural relativists in disguise.

Absolutely incomprehensible to them.

In fact, in the 2018 edition of The Fair Race I’ll add Albus’ letter that I published recently under the title of ‘Burn them all!’ referring to the Xtian churches worldwide—payback time for what they did to the temples and statues and libraries of Greece and Rome.

If you keep in mind ‘Apocalypse for whites’, which final version I’m about to review (or penultimate version if another syntax corrector wants to look at it), the last pages ‘Law against Christianity’ say everything, in addition to Nietzsche’s quotes from Genealogy and The Antichrist.

All of this is absolutely incomprehensible for nationalists. They talk and talk about ‘cultural Marxism’ without realising that it is merely the tip of the iceberg of ‘cultural Christianity’.

P.S. I am a fan of the last paragraph of the first chapter of For the Hitler Youth by Helmut Stellrecht, ‘But if your blood has traits that will make your children unhappy and burdens to the state, then you have the heroic duty to be the last’.

‘But if your blood has traits that will make your children unhappy and burdens to the state, then you have the heroic duty to be the last’

Can I express my humble opinion on a special aspect of the sexual topic? I don’t mean to hurl anyone by my comment and I do respect your efforts for this blog, dear Cesar and other mongrel commentators, because it gives real inspiration and truly valuable information for me unlike most of the so called “NS” web resources. Therefore your non-whiteness isn’t a problem for me if you maintain the proper level of intellectuality, honesty, tactfulness and taste, and if you hold your words and emotions in leash. But when I read what you non-white guys (like Cesar, Iranian and Nyuntermensch) talk sometimes about regret for your racial imperfection and about your fixation on Nordic girls, sort of “I have love affair with a white lady, but I don’t like to have children or I don’t want to impregnate her” or even “I’d like to see my fair cutie pregnant, so I’ll ask my white comrade to be a baby-maker”, and when that’s said with perceptible morbid aspiration and martyrlike whining, I diagnose not a noble asceticism for the sake of interrupting your impure bloodline, but your hidden depravity, envy and “das Ressentiment” in those tales of your Little Reds. Being a white male I feel a sacred rage and an instinctive necessity to defend these virtual Aryan women from your subliminal infringements on their honour and to leave your perverse company following Cesar’s wise advice “to speak with (REAL and PURE) Aryan men only”.

Again, I did not mean to abuse you, especially as I suppose you gentlemen twice or even thrice my age, so don’t be offended at a presumptuous juvenile.

One last little thing. Unlike Iranian for Aryans, if the lad I was at fifteen walked into one those meetings of Greg Johnson or Richard Spencer, he may have been considered white because of their (erroneous) standards of whiteness.

That’s why, during the first couple of years of commenting in the WN forums, I said I was white (like the Portuguese or Italians that Jack refers to while looking at my pic). It was only later, while assimilating the New Racial Classification of Evropa Soberana, that I realised that I was deluded, and that I was not white.

But certainly what I am is different form being a Persian or an ethnic Jew.

Cesar, I don’t understand your role “after the crash” and during “chasing after Little Reds by real wolves”, I mean you (Spaniard), Iranian (Persian) or Nyuntermensch (Jew).

If I comprehend right, you intend to try on yourself a kind of racial inquisitor’s cloak on the Day of the Rope. But what and who will grant you the Castilian Wolf’s mask and the rights to judge misbehaved and wellbehaved White women?

You are still not reading the above links. Had you read them you’d know by now that it was William Ventvogel, an Aryan, not me, who wrote:

The White warrior aristocracy would develop a creed of fanatical protection of its women—much like the Old South—a Castilian intolerance of dissent, ready to eradicate any hint of threat—and this includes the defection of White women.

“The White warrior aristocracy would develop a creed of fanatical protection of its women—much like the Old South—a Castilian intolerance of dissent, ready to eradicate any hint of threat—and this includes the defection of White women.”

Ok, I accept these words coming from the Aryan’s mouth. But I’m interested in other thing: what are you (Spaniard, Persian and Jew) impelled by when you, not being even Whites, raise your voices and sell yourselves as mouthpieces for Nordic supremacy and extermination doctrine? I could understand the sufferings of a noble soul in an imperfect body and sympathize it, though it seems to me very unnatural and perverted, because you are sharpening a knife and some day it will turn against you.

I am NOT jew.

And if the ethnostate is formed while I’m still around, I’ll leave the State the option of letting me help them with my vast knowledge about ‘the trauma model’.

Re your 5:08 comment:

I am not talking about IFA or NYU but for Aryan males. Have you read that section, linked above, taken from the 2017 edition of The Fair Race?

Well, yes. It’s on “witches’ brew” question and on importance of awareness of white men’ feverish impotence with reprogramming or backoff it to primordial (Dorian???) manliness for white man to return his fair women forcibly. Am I correct?

@Musik_ist_Tot There are three types of racists in this discourse.

1. The benign Richie Spencer’s alt-right. All races should strive for survival, but live in peace with each other.

2. The most radical racists. All races should strive for survival and extermination of others.

3. César’s angelic racism. The only ideal of beauty is possible to be reached by Aryans alone. Anyone in the world smart enough is able to recognize it.

To be fair, type 2 is the most intuitive, and is more than enough for building an Aryan empire that will nuke China and sterilize Africa. But it could be prone to defeatism I guess? (Hitler was sure Russians proved out superior than Germans in the end.)

You nailed me (see also here).

From my POV even a substantial quantity whites are ‘white trash’.

I remember some years ago while watching a TV movie—I couldn’t believe it: the chosen location was precisely the place where Parrish had painted his ‘Florentine Fete’ murals long ago.

I immediately noticed the aesthetic gulf between the chosen white women acting for the movie and the paintings in the background.

The first type’s error: these days White race can’t live in peace with other races just because it should strive for survival. Otherwise they inevitably guzzle it with all its “good intentions”.

The second type’s disillusionment: the general war of all against all leads to Aryan defeat. Other races are more thirsty, more sly, more revengeful.

The third type’s idealism: it seems too aesthetical and “from an ivory tower”, denying the first type’s “humanitarianism” and the second type’s “troglodyte darwinism”, but it’s only way to answer all question from Aryan psyche.

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