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Free speech / Free press Jared Taylor Videos

Jared vs. Jew

After minute 36 of this video this Israeli journalist, Nitzan Horowitz, tells Jared Taylor that his Jewish relatives living in the US, and even he himself, would ban Taylor’s race realism! No freedom of speech in America for such ideas!

Very interesting interview to gauge the Jewish mentality, including the other Israelis who also reacted angrily to Taylor (and spoke among themselves in a foreign language).
As a Priest of the 14 words, I would never engage a Jew in such matters. Remember our code: ‘Speak only to Aryan males’.

43 replies on “Jared vs. Jew”

TJB. This yid is probably talking to Taylor because Taylor is the jew’s sort of WN. You are absolutely right: Engaging jews (and, unfortunately, most Aryan females) in such matters is counterproductive, although I think there is some profit in exposing their authoritarian tendencies for Aryan men to see. More and more Aryan men are realizing that the jew would rather not grant them any rights at all, including the rights to breed and to breathe.

As far as I can tell the survival of our race depends on reproduction and killing of enemies. This is true for all species on Earth. So basically white males have to kill their enemies, primarily the Jews, and ensure white females bear more white children. Fight and fuck essentially. It’s a biological imperative.
At the moment, white males seem incapable of doing this. The number of those who have killed racial enemies or race traitors is small and our females birthrate is below replacement level. The movement wastes its time doing activities that have been proven over the past 73 years to result in failure. White Genocide can’t be stopped by hanging a banner from a highway overpass saying “STOP WHITE GENOCIDE”. Killing and breeding is what will work. But the movement is incapable of doing what will work that is why it spends its time doing what doesn’t work.

Good question: The predicament of the feminized, post-Third-Reich Western male is dire. The only hope I see is, as C.T. has mentioned, the possibility of economic collapse and/or energy devolution. In light of this, I view ownership of firearms and ammunition by Aryan men as crucial, and I believe the jew does, too, which is why he and his allies so vociferously oppose it. A collapse would force cleansing of weaker Aryans in the short term, and it would be preferable to the slow extinction of Aryan Man, even if Aryan Man failed to rise from the ashes (although I believe he would rise from the ashes, Phoenix that he is). From an optimistic perspective, it could force Aryan females to accept protection from Aryan men instead of pursuing careers and producing no offspring or giving enemy races the benefit of Aryan genes, the last an unpardonable offense for which all guilty parties should be dealt with mercilessly.

Whether you like him or not, you can still take inspiration from Charles Manson, as he decided to gather a group of (mostly female) followers and live on an obscure ranch in the middle of nowhere. If there were a race war, then they would be safe.
If you are in the cities during a collapse and a hypothetical race war, then you are guaranteed to go bye-bye.
We have two options here. Armed revolution (here, maybe we can focus on Atomwaffen Division) or just making sure us and our families are safe while we wait (like Varg Vikernes).

What is admirable about Atomwaffen is a couple of things:
1.Their main HQ is in Florida, a concrete rain forest where old Jews go to die.
2.They recommend that you contact them via the Dark Web, which hints that they mean business (let’s hope that’s not just wishful thinking on my part)
3.They are not doing stupid Alt-Right shit which needlessly gets them into trouble. They have had members like Samuel Lincoln Woodward who killed a homosexual Jew and sent to prison for it. Does he complain? No.
4.Then there is the propaganda in college campuses and Universities. This is how you appeal to normies. The white male students with no hope for the future will see that people give a shit about them and the white females will see a patriarchal Aryan figure for once in their lives. Whether they see the light or not doesn’t matter – it is there. More than the pathetic, time-wasting Alt-Right can ever do for the youth.
Slight problem – they are in American only. If they were in Britain, where I live, I would join immediately. Not kidding.
Here is the propaganda on campuses I was talking about:

Excellent observations! Many thanks. I see that Atomwaffen is accepting members only who are vouched in. Otherwise, I should have been glad to put up signs and recommend that my friends join, although I am obviously ineligible for membership.

Well, to get in touch with them they recommend you use the Dark Web, which tells me that they are thinking seriously.
I am okay to ignore the fact that their propaganda videos contain anti-music (dubstep, metal, techno), as I think this is a concise effort to appeal to angsty young men who are perhaps a little prone to antisocial behaviour and psychopathic fantasies, as these musical styles are extremely primitive and base. These angsty White youths are more likely to get the job done – killing the enemy, and they aren’t likely to back away or think twice. The perfect killers of our times. They also won’t object if our race finds it necessary to steal White women and marry them (like the Vikings, or the rape of the Sabines).
If you can look past the music, the feeling of it all is there. I would count myself as “an angsty youth” like them, except I listen to classical and some folk music. In short – the propaganda appeals to me, at least the posters.
Why are you “obviously ineligible for membership”? Are you non-white?

NYU is the exception that confirms the rule. Having Jewish ancestry, he believes that the subversive tribe ought to be exterminated.
If I remember correctly, I have some quotations by NYU on this site.

The videos have seemingly disappeared. They were uploaded by a YT user named Charles Zeiger. I hope they have not gone entirely as it is nice to see the left wing teenage nymphets and their uncomfortably aroused reactions.

I can send you the now-gone videos for you to download if you’d like them.
Through appropriate channels, of course.

Won’t be necessary. These were 1-2 minute long news reports covering propaganda posters left by AWD on the college campuses. The posters were in their typically bleak, yet hauntingly beautiful black and white colour with a nice twist on the Wolfenstein: New Order cover (SS soldiers with masks on). The caption on the poster said “JOIN YOUR LOCAL NAZIS”
What I wanted to show was the reaction from one rather… delicious looking Left wing, little red riding hood who says “It was absolutely… disgusting to me.”
The whole situation had very clearly lubed her up a bit.
Thank you for the offer.

atomwaffen, where the rubber hits the road. doing, even if that doing appears hopeless and likely to wreck one’s life. e.g. the history of topeka, ks states that the area was treeless when settlers arrived. who’d a thought 100 years later trees all over the place. someone’s gotta start. i’m 67, nada left to live for. yet the thought of imprisonment with thugs and getting butt-fucked stops me cold in my tracks. all glory, laud and honor to samuel lincoln woodward.

jews react with fury to especially Aryans when they think in the same racial terms, when jews perceive that others can, could and did play their own game. The awake Goyim is struck by jews’ blatant hypocrisy, or, to be more precise, jews’ obliviousness to it, their chutzpah. It is a mentality so embedded in jews’ DNA that this hypocrisy is beyond their conscious understanding, for all strata of jews. Their rabid racial identity is reinforced non-stop by the holohoax, which, according to Israeli polls, is now the single most important aspect of their identity. holohoax indoctrination is not just for the Goyim.

Will Ackerman nailed it in the comments section almost a day ago:
“My (((Family))) living here, they’re totally (((Americans))) Goy. Some day we’re gonna pass a law and (((SHUT IT DOWN)))!!!!”

“The awake Goyim is struck by jews’ blatant hypocrisy, or, to be more precise, jews’ obliviousness to it, their chutzpah”
Aryans were men for 12 years. Jews have been men for three millennia. The weakest kike better radiates an aura of power than the imaginary Volkshalle.
If Jordan Peterson is right, meek in “the meek shall inherit the Earth” actually translates to “the one who can handle a sword but keeps it sheathed.”
Imo, comparable to the classic “by way of deception thou shalt wage war.”

For a second, I actually thought that nyuntermensch was one of IFA’s usernames, along with “typicalniggerbehaviour”, which left me wondering where on earth he mustered up the nerve to come here.
The above commenter is probably the only one to have commented on here over the years who has Jewish ancestry. It is a shame that it is “the-not-properly-white” who are the smartest. It is nice talking to him, whatever his background.

I don’t talk to IFA since he started to bang an Aryan woman in Arizona. But NYU is altogether different. Like us, he is also an exterminationist.
Those who have lost whiteness (even in this pic you can see that a couple of members of my family are no longer white) are conscious—precisely because of what we have lost.

I am perfectly fine with keeping people like NYU alive and discussing with them, provided they are exterminationist, eugenicist, are not afraid to use or endorse violence, and most importantly object to passing on their genes (like you do). As long as 99% of the sewage is incinerated, then there is no problem keeping around certain individuals who are on the fringe of being Aryan, provided they keep to the above criteria, and they can be useful for Government work.
You, for example, have enlightened me on thousands of topics, including the use of violence, why to reject Christianity entirely and how to spot degenerate cinema (your old post on the CC review of Pulp Fiction).
P.S. Do you know why IFA went the route he did? Did he just give up on the ideology entirely, or did he decide he wanted to “advance” his Armenid genes with a Nordish lass? Bear in mind, this is the same guy who Pierce had two dinners with and temporarily recruited for the NA. His posts also got me to turn my back on entartete musik for good (it was an addiction for me). A shame.

‘and they can be useful for Government work’.

Indeed: it’s imperative to have people like us in the ethnostate. Just imagine how NYU could help the 4th Reich with his vast knowledge of the Jews ways, or how I could help with my knowledge of Spanish (for instance, my work has been mentioned today at Occidental Dissent’s comments).
IFA, on the other hand, has told me he’s a womanizer, and he likes white chicks. (Naturally, these bitches should be more blamed than IFA.) The guy is only doing what his impulses move him to do. In one of the threads of this blog, I said that I hope he doesn’t have kids with this woman (that could instantly convert us, enemies).
Just curious, if you see in UK’s streets someone who looked as I was at fifteen (pic: here) what nationality would you assign him?

Well said! I have the feeling that my Slavic (and probably Asiatic) ancestors who opted for judaism instead of for shamanism, Buddhism, Mahometanism, or Eastern Orthodoxy deserved to be exterminated for failing to keep their blood pure, and I intend to be the death of their diseased gene pool: Both my pairs of grandparents’ lines will die with me, although one of my grandmothers had two sons from a later marriage to an Aryan. I believe that I have no right to reproduce (not that anyone wants to have my baby, believe me) and being aromantic, I don’t really feel that I am missing anything anyway. The real problem is the religious jews who keep their blood pure and breed like rats, consuming everything around them like a tornado or like “The Nothing” in “The NeverEnding Story”; the secular kikes are integrating into the global race-traitor community and ought to disappear in a few generations.

On the (((Christmas))) that has just passed us, I was going through old posts of yours about IFA (dating back to 2011, some of them), and was wondering “whatever happened to this genius Iranian? He has not been mentioned in this blog in a while”. I looked at the comments of “Pseudotradition”, and you had posted a comment in October 4th of last year explaining that you moved the original thread somewhere else, giving a link, and the situation that had occurred.
I was astonished, and saw the picture of him with a blonde, blue eyed slut. A shame to see her good genetics go to waste.
As for your question, I would think you Portuguese at first glance, given the fact that there are thousands of them in the UK. Or at least Italian. Nevertheless, you look a little bit like my father at that age, though there is no evidence to suggest any mud genes in my lineage.
Many “White” English people are mudded. They have Mediterranean relatives, in one way or the other. Mediterranean mothers, fathers, what have you. My family have had multiple family friends who are clearly mud bloods. My paternal aunt married a Gibraltarian (essentially just pale skinned Arabs) decades before I was born and had two children with him, who are now my cousins a boy and a girl. Think this is perverse enough? The male one had two children with a White English woman. They are still kids, but honestly, I hope the line dies with them. As for my female, she is a fat, contemptible coal burner. No loss to us.
You do still have many noticeable White Nordid features. You said in a comments thread years ago about Christianity, to some guy who called you a faggot or a Sodomite, “I have never had a boyfriend in my life, even though I myself was a bit of an ephebe.”
Looking at the picture of you, I see what you were saying.

Yes, I remember that guy: the Catholic Pat Hanagan, an Australian.
He was mad with me because I started to quote notorious homosexualist Gore Vidal (only his novel Julian) in the context of my anti-Christianity, and then his personal attacks began.
He’s another of the old visitors to this site who has disappeared. Like IFA, Pat deleted his blog too. Although I keep Pat’s email, I haven’t tried to contact him since he got mad at me, years ago.

If you read that thread carefully, you can see his slow descent into madness. He was trying to act calm, but then called you and idiot. You continued to debunk his defences of Christianity, then dropped his act completely, calling you a Mestizo who worships a Sodomite.

As for mixing blood – If you found an angelic nymph who loved you as you did her, would you be content marrying her, provided the certainty that you would never impregnate her?

I would abduct a Sabine woman who misbehaved in the degenerate West, but alas I’d have to ask a comrade in arms to be the baby-maker 🙂
P.S. I’m about to send you an email about Soberana’s chapter 3.

Seeing as we appear to be the topic of discussion here:
I am a member of AWD and we ARE in fact serious.

Wait a minute. You are a long time commenter here, right? That means that Cesar and the ideology of this blog really is having some serious influence with serious people. This is excellent news.
The AWD is not in Britain, but we appear to have the System Resistance Network, which from what I can tell, is inspired by James Mason and the AWD. Though I am more inclined to be sceptical about these groups, as up to this point, they have been talk talk talk.
Please, don’t mess this up, don’t be another Order, another Eugene Terreblanche. If we lose now I don’t think we will have another chance. For the love of all things holy – don’t rock the boat. Sink it this time. Be the iceberg.
I think you would need a total 3000 members to rape the System. What would you say to that?

We need only 40 to start the show (after the dollar collapses). Did you miss my exchange on Twitter with Normal Spear about how to silence the MSM?

There is an organization in Britain called Woden’s Folk which believes the leader Hitler prophesied he was paving the way for will appear in England. But before you write them off, remember the plan of the SRN appears to be to wait for the “inevitable” racial holy war lead by the Great White Leader Kalki who will lead the Last Battalion of Aryan warriors to victory over the hordes of untermensch.
So a lot of the strategy appears to be wait around until Kalki shows up. But Kalki might never show up and our race will simply go extinct. Time is running out, especially in the USA where Whites are a minority now or soon will be, and the only ‘plan’ there seems to be Harold Covington’s Northwest Front and the mass Alt-Right LARPing about an ethnostate. There’s AWD but they seem too small in number to affect change though I hope they can do something.

Forgive my late response, I rarely get time to check notifs.
For one, yes, I am a long time commenter and Cesar’s writings have influenced my thought greatly.
Also, SRN is affiliated with AWD and I’ve spoken to their members, as far as I can tell they do take Siege to heart and are at the very least influenced by it to a significant degree, though I’m not sure if that’s official dogma.
As for the three thousand men I would agree completely. The real problem as of now is the many people who ‘support’ us but would not in a million years join.
These people are mostly Christians, of course.

What problem do these cowardly whites present? How much of a burden will they be in preventing armed revolution?
The solution I see to this is “the frail whites will serve as prey to the Aryan predator.” Numbers don’t matter, just willpower and resources (guns, knives, bombs).

They don’t necessarily present a ‘problem’, they’re just a nuisance
(The latest craze is the Christians calling us ‘Satanists’ and claiming we hate whites)

I have heard that Anglin is constantly “calling you out” on GAB. Though, of course, Anglin is only worthy of time because of his anti-feminist position. He has no other useful qualities, and I honestly think he is in the Alt-right for fun – he doesn’t take it all too seriously. He is in fact just an obstacle, making sure people still hate AWD and anyone else like SIEGE readers who are able to look life in the eye.
I saw them on a livestream chat the other day. They make the biggest lies up about AWD because the truth makes them uncomfortable. They were calling you Atomcucken Division (I am being serious right now), Satanists, and spergs (their go-to when they cannot argue). They are all just a bunch of little kids who have their mind in the sky. They have a vague, silly end in mind for which they have no means. It is all just talk of ethnostates which will still be rooted in Americanism (mammon worship, glamour, Libertarianism – enlightenment values). Mike Enoch’s insane solution to the JQ is to deport them all to Israel. They are afraid of violence, and think it is mature and healthy to throw the Division under the bus whenever they get the chance. They are worse than the anti-Whites. Only recently have I realised how pointless they all really are.

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