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“The blood flowed ankle-deep in the streets of many of Europe’s great cities”

Along with the justice brought to the white women who had sex with blacks in the “Day of the Rope” in the last pages of William Pierce’s The Turner Diaries, originally published more than three decades ago, I enjoyed the fate of the feminized western males in the final, apocalyptic stages of the coming racial wars in North America and Europe. Pierce wrote:

“For the first time I understand the deepest meaning of what we are doing. I understand now why we cannot fail, no matter what we must do to win and no matter how many of us must perish in doing it. Everything that has been and everything that is yet to be depend on us. We are truly the instruments of God in the fulfillment of his grand design. These may seem like strange words to be coming from me, who has never been religious.”

Although I am not a religious person either, my chosen images at the right side of this blog, the Florentine Fete murals exhibited at the National Museum of American Illustration, reflect better than a thousand words what we have in mind: the potential divinity of the white race.

To avoid anachronisms, below I slightly edited the final pages of Pierce’s 1978 masterpiece, the toughest book in the white nationalist movement. Take note that in real life there were speculations of blacks lapsing into cannibalism after Katrina hit New Orleans. No ellipsis added between unquoted paragraphs:

Food became critically scarce everywhere during the winter. The Blacks lapsed into cannibalism, just as they had in California, while hundreds of thousands of starving Whites, who earlier had ignored the Organization’s call for a rising against the System, began appearing at the borders of the various liberated zones begging for food. The Organization was only able to feed the White populations already under its control by imposing the severest rationing, and it was necessary to turn many of the latecomers away.

Those who were admitted—and that meant only children, women of childbearing age, and able-bodied men willing to fight in the Organization’s ranks—were subjected to much more severe racial screening than had been used to separate Whites from non-Whites in California. It was no longer sufficient to be merely White; in order to eat one had to be judged the bearer of especially valuable genes. In Detroit the practice was first established (and it was later adopted elsewhere) of providing any able-bodied White male who sought admittance to the Organization’s enclave with a hot meal and a bayonet or other edged weapon. His forehead was then marked with an indelible dye, and he was turned out and could be readmitted permanently only by bringing back the head of a freshly killed Black or other non-White. This practice assured that precious food would not be wasted on those who would not or could not add to the Organization’s fighting strength, but it took a terrible toll of the weaker and more decadent White elements. Tens of millions perished during the first half of that year, and the total White population of the country reached a low point of approximately 50 million.

Outside these zones of order and security, the anarchy and savagery grew steadily worse, with the only real authority wielded by marauding bands which preyed on each other and on the unorganized and defenseless masses. Many of these bands were composed of Blacks, Puerto Ricans, Chicanos, and half-White mongrels. In growing numbers, however, Whites also formed bands along racial lines, even without Organization guidance.

As the war of extermination wore on, millions of soft, city-bred, brainwashed Whites gradually began regaining their manhood. The rest died.

The Organization’s growing success was not without its setbacks, of course. One of the most notable of these was the terrible Pittsburgh Massacre. The Organization had established an enclave there in May of that year, forcing the retreat of local System forces, but it did not act swiftly enough in identifying and liquidating the local Jewish element. A number of Jews, in collaboration with White conservatives and liberals, had time to work out a plan of subversion. The consequence was that System troops, aided by their fifth column inside the enclave, recaptured Pittsburgh. The Jews and Blacks then went on a wild rampage of mass murder, reminiscent of the worst excesses of the Jew-instigated Bolshevik Revolution in Russia. By the time the blood-orgy ended, virtually every White in the area had either been butchered or forced to flee. The surviving staff members of the Organization’s Pittsburgh Field Command, whose hesitation in dealing with the Jews had brought on the catastrophe, were rounded up and shot by a special disciplinary squad acting on orders from Revolutionary Command.

The only time, after that November, that the Organization was forced to detonate a nuclear weapon on the North American continent was a year later, in Toronto.

Hundreds of thousands of Jews had fled the United States to that Canadian city, making almost a second New York of it and using it as their command center for the war raging to the south. So far as both the Jews and the Organization were concerned, the US-Canadian border had no real significance during the later stages of the Great Revolution, and conditions were only slightly less chaotic north of the border than south of it. Throughout the Dark Years neither the Organization nor the System could hope for a completely decisive advantage over the other, so long as they both retained the capability for nuclear warfare. Then, of course, came the mopping-up period, when the last of the non-White bands were hunted down and exterminated.

With the principal centers of world Jewish power annihilated, and the nuclear threat neutralized, the most important obstacles to the Organization’s worldwide victory were out of the way. From as early as that year the Organization had had active cells in Western Europe.

The disastrous economic collapse in Europe in the spring, following the demise of the System in North America, greatly helped in preparing the European masses morally for the Organization’s final takeover. That takeover came in a great, Europe-wide rush in the summer and fall, as a cleansing hurricane of change swept over the continent, clearing away in a few months the refuse of a millennium or more of alien ideology and a century or more of profound moral and material decadence. The blood flowed ankle-deep in the streets of many of Europe’s great cities momentarily, as the race traitors, the offspring of generations of dysgenic breeding, and hordes of Gastarbeiter met a common fate. Then the great dawn of the New Era broke over the Western world.

As everyone is aware, the bands of mutants which roam the Waste remain a real threat, and it may be another century before the last of them has been eliminated and White colonization has once again established a human presence throughout this vast area.

But it was in that year, according to the chronology of the Old Era—just 110 years after the birth of the Great One—that the dream of a White world finally became a certainty.

6 replies on ““The blood flowed ankle-deep in the streets of many of Europe’s great cities””


Thanks for posting this about Dr. Pierce and The Turner Diaries.

I fully agree with your feelings about this, especially your first paragraph.

Even in death Dr. Pierce remains the global leader of Aryan man.

To my mind, the fact that no white has found inspiration in Pierce’s Hunter, by actually doing vigilante work in a big western city, speaks volumes. A lone wolf would not even need a concerted effort to start targeting mixed couples—and in Europe he would not even face death penalty if caught. And even if caught our hypothetical hero could inspire copycats. But let’s face it: whites, including white nationalists, behave like pussycats, not like tigers. Will the ZOG cunt be ever fucked with that tiny, pussycat pecker?


That’s a great reply and so apt. I hope you’ll post that over at TOO in the comments section of an appropriate blog entry. LOL

All of this talk of voting, elections, and candidates coming from the White advocacy people makes me want to vomit.

I expect to see things happen as the western world continues to deteriorate, but I’m not going to hold my breath until then.

Is there any reason that a terminally ill White man, except under very special circumstances, should not make a kamakazi-like one-time strike against the enemy? Or, if he can get away with it, make 3 or 4 strikes at high-profile race traitors—White women with niggers, for example.

Ward Kendall is writing a new novel about terminally ill patriots above 60 years old that have nothing to lose and start a little revolution of their own in the US.

IMHO even better than intimidating mixed couples on the streets would be to bring anti-white reporters to vigilante justice (you know, the kind of UK “reporting” that trashed Emma West recently). That’s a lesson that valiant Muslims taught the West. A quarter of a century ago the western press still showed some valor, at least to challenge the fatwā issued against Salman Rushdie. Not anymore. After the murder of Theo Van Gogh and the international fuss about the cartoons, westerners were intimidated to the point of shameful dimminitude.

If primitive Muslims could have their way with the western press, what would real Aryans accomplish once they regain their courage?

Wow these books by covington are totally amazing. I’m completely caught up and have to get them. Already read the Turner Diaries off the internet (my library didn’t even have the name or author in it’s archives, hmm wonder why?).

These books should have a bigger audience, people would absolutely thrill to the idea of challenging the prevalent mass-pc-one-way-of-acceptable-thought in their own minds.

People love to be doing something “bad!” oooohhhhh! that they know they shouldn’t be doing and these books would be a huge hit with white people if they knew about them, IMO.

I don’t know if I’m getting my point across? But some people will know what I mean. People don’t dare think outside the prescribed, acceptable spectrum (I’M NOT RACIST! RACISM IS BAD! I’M NOT BAD!) but they are always, always attracted to things that are “forbidden” because they are very seductive. And once people got wind of these books on a large scale, more people would start writing the same kind of books IMO. Spread the word!

After the dollar crashes white Americans will finally start to think outside the box. My big hope is that Covington’s novels as well as the Diaries will become bestsellers even if the System decides to censor the internet (both Pierce and Covington’s PDFs are already safely saved in our PCs and we may still circulate the novels with our friends).

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