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On August 18, 2022, Counter-Currents (CC) posted an article that stated:

Greg Johnson has published a recording of himself reading his 2018 essay “Blaming Your Parents,” on the fallacy of blaming one’s parents for one’s misfortunes, and it is now available for download and online listening. The original essay is currently being featured in Counter-Currents’ new Classics Corner (see the right-hand sidebar).

Let’s compare this ultra-naive view of parents with what I said yesterday about Jeffrey Dahmer! And in Johnson’s latest article on CC, we read:

Exciting news! Counter-Currents aims to raise $300,000 this year to sustain and expand our work, including organizing real-world community events and creating a new public policy institute. Last week, we crossed the half-way point.

But of course: the articles published on CC are for semi-normies. It should come as no surprise that someone who doesn’t talk about the most ghastly truths, such as the absolute psychic devastation caused by extremely abusive parents, has the funds to pay for the services of a printing press—and whoever dares to touch on these ghastly subjects by blaming parents has to limit himself to publishing books as PDFs!

Incidentally, I thank W.R. and B.P. for their recent donations. I hope to be able to start on Monday with quotes from The Jesus Hoax.