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My trilogy

Of my trilogy written in my native language the first two books are, once again, available to the public as announced on my site Hojas Eliminadas. I am checking the syntax of the third one before publishing the revised edition, which will be out in May, so I won’t be very active on The West’s Darkest Hour this weekend.

As for most of the English books on the sidebar, they have been under review by Antelope Hill Publishing for a month now, and I can only wait for a ruling. I can’t re-release them to the printer who, for the moment, has accepted the first two of my trilogy in Spanish because I would risk having my account closed. (Those two books in my trilogy already republished don’t deal with racial issues, but how very abusive parents destroy the mental health of their children: another of society’s taboo subjects.)

Antelope Hill is not a self-publishing platform like Lulu, but a publishing company like the others, although it dares to publish racialist themes. Therefore, our movement urgently needs a print-on-delivery service that doesn’t deplatform us at the slightest infringement of political correctness. But as always, that requires a wealthy sponsor.

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