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On Ann Coulter’s account I just responded to the question by another woman, ‘What’s the Biggest Lie you were sold by society, previous generations, the media, or our leaders?’:

That the Nazis were the bad guys in the movie and the Allies the good guys. They hid from me the Holocaust that the Allies committed after 1945 (link).

Will free speech really come to Twitter?

2 Replies on “Twitter

  1. The Hollow-hoax is the lynchpin of mainstream media today. It’s the first step towards Level 2.
    Truth is, whites today are pity-loving neochristians.
    Whites may stop pitying jews once they’re found out to be false victims, but they will only save themselves from extinction by drastically reducing their misguided ability to feel pity.

    Abhor pity towards Mankind.

  2. Biggest “western” societal lie? That christianity coming from the middle-east & south mediterranean brought civilisation, “enlightenment”, peace! and democracy to Europe.

    It was the exact opposite.