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Daybreak (book)

Edited preface of ‘Daybreak’

I am the author of the essays collected here. They have all been edited for publication in this anthology and they appear in the chronological order in which, unedited, they were added as blog entries from October 2006 to August 2020 on my website The West’s Darkest Hour (WDH). I wrote them in English as my second language and have now used DeepL Translator to correct the syntax for this book. Another anthology I compiled, The Fair Race’s Darkest Hour, collects essays by other authors, also published on WDH. The Fair Race represents a paradigm shift in white advocacy, and I recommend reading it before this book, which takes for granted much of what is already covered in The Fair Race.

White nationalists are wrong in their diagnosis by blaming only Jewry as if whites were not responsible for their decline. The true diagnosis of the West’s decline is Christianity, or rather, Christian ethics. In short, Christian ethics plus the false and lying narrative about National Socialist Germany is a lethal cocktail for the Aryan mind. The transvaluation of Christian values plus the truth about Hitler’s Germany means the liberation of the Aryan psyche.

Unfortunately, there are no true apostates from Christianity among Westerners, not even atheists. Their sense of guilt and so-called human rights are ultimately Christian ethical mandates in secularised form. Not wanting to see this—and the last essay includes a critique of Kevin MacDonald for this blindness—means that the pro-white movement is in its infancy.

In Europe, the situation is even worse, since after the Second World War all racism was banished by the American Diktat, and without a European First Amendment, even anonymous bloggers have not been free to dissent in Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. So we have no choice but to continue to focus on American racialists.

There is a lot of doublethink in believing oneself to be anti-Semite or Jew-wise and still be living by the precepts for gentile consumption that a Jew wrote in the New Testament (see, for example, ‘Romulus and Jesus’ in this anthology). Moreover, none of the major figures in the current American movement proposes armed revolution as in the novel The Turner Diaries as the only way out. The pacifism of white nationalism is a consequence of the fact that those who promote it have been unable to break with the American way of life. The current generation of whites on both sides of the Atlantic, feminised to the core, is the perfect antithesis of the Spartans, Republican Romans, Vikings and National Socialists we studied in The Fair Race.

Here I include translations from my magnum opus, De Jesús a Hitler (‘Eschatology: the cult I left’, ‘From the Great Confinement to chemical Gulag’ and ‘Introjection’). Although four essays are more or less five thousand words long, most of the articles were originally short blog posts. Three of the long essays, including the first two, are not about race or Christian issues. One thing that surprises me about dissident voices is that almost none of them realise that psychiatry has no scientific basis (see e.g., ‘On depression’). I include those long essays because it is important that white men also wake up to non-racial issues. The first article is about the risks of falling into cults, as happened to me after my parents abused me at home. As far as short articles are concerned, which are the majority, if someone wishes to give a book critical of American white nationalism to a friend—albeit critical from the point of view of National Socialism—this is your book.

Only the Aryan has the potential to achieve divinity, as can be seen in the cover image, Daybreak by Maxfield Parrish, which is also the image I have chosen for WDH. The moment when the white man sees the religion of our fathers as responsible for the West’s darkest hour will represent the breaking of dawn: an era that was Adolf Hitler’s dream.

September, 2022

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I will now delete the obsolete preface entry. Tomorrow I will upload the PDF of the whole book.

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