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European beauty

Nida (German: Nidden), a resort town in Lithuania.

2 replies on “European beauty”

A country Englishman once told me that an architecture must reflect the people living in it.

If the building is beautiful, then so must be the residents who built it.

But the beauty of the building is long gone if the original residents are replaced by ugly ones.

Just like what happens when a German town becomes a ghost town (due to low birthrate) and it is repopulated by negroes or other non whites.

I briefly visited the Polish city of Wroclaw a few years ago. It was, of course, once known as Breslau and was every bit as German as Munich or Berlin. During the Soviet siege of the city during the last months of the war it was largely destroyed. Like in everywhere else in the new Poland all the former German inhabitants were driven out, often with maximum brutality. The old centre of the city has been restored, and one must say that a fair job has been done. However, one suspects that it is only a faint reflection of what the city must have been like in 1939. There is even still some evidence of the battle and occasionally an original German street sign from back in those times. All over eastern Europe the Germans were the great civilizers. They built the roads, railways, bridges, commercial and public buildings and their castles and churches were everywhere to be seen. Even the most humble buildings reflected the orderly mindset of the German people, as is suggested by the poster above. The defeat in 1945 was such a catastrophe for our race and civilisation that one wonders whether we will survive it.

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