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Daybreak (book) Daybreak Publishing

Grammarly review

As I am reviewing the PDFs, I was surprised that the Daybreak articles hadn’t been checked by Grammarly, the syntax checker I use. That means that the current version is riddled with syntax errors, as they are old articles, prior to my use of Grammarly. It will take me a while to go through the whole book, as I have to do one or more home print-outs of each article after the Grammarly review, to polish up the syntax.

It is worth saying that I have just added an article to Daybreak that will appear, in PDF, when all the PDFs have been revised. I refer to the one piece of mine that Counter-Currents published: a magnificent quote from José Vasconcelos that would serve Americans well in understanding the tragedy of Mexico.

In the next few days I will be busy revising Daybreak