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Blacks Ethnic cleansing

Ukrainians are pretty cool

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Tempest in a teapot. This, too, shall change and be nullified. Besides, the Ukrainians are not the cream of the crop when it comes to white people. This will only be significant when the Ukrainian government follows the youngsters’ attitudes. That will never happen since their leadership are sell-outs. They like NATO and the IMF too much.



OK, so they collapse. What’s your assurance that there will be an awakening?

No assurance. Only a window of opportunity (just as hyperinflation represented a window of opportunity for nationalists in Weimar Germany).

I’m sorry, but a “window of opportunity” says nothing. The situation was much better in the past and Western man was more virile, yet nothing happened except an ever decreasing spiral of decadence and indolence.

South Africa is a fine example of the impotence of Nordic man. They had more reason – immediate reason – to rise up. What was the outcome? Nothing. A few crazies like the Terre’blanche group blustered and actually tried a coup, but the majority of Whites were and still are – in the grip of the NWO.

By window of opportunity I mean that there’s the possibility that some whites start to wake up. Yes: most of them are so profoundly sleeping in the matrix (the metaphor I use is rather like another sci-fi film, where people could be dreaming inside a dream and they had to wake up from about six layers of deep dreams: an almost impossible task!). That’s why in my other post I linked to Pierce’s last words of his novel: the way to wake these deep-sleepers up will be similar to electroshock therapy, but this time not by means of shocking the hardware (the brain) but the software (the mind).

Will they finally start to wake up once the convergence of catastrophes results in pretty hellish conditions for whites so that it might be said that their software is “shocked”, or will they behave as they did in South Africa?

The point is that the American way (i.e., the Enemy’s way: the US, the most serious threat for the white race) triumphed in South Africa only when an all-Am Weltanschauung reigned supreme throughout the West. This will be reversed after the dollar crashes and America gets thoroughly humiliated. 180-degree revaluations of all values happen.

I may not like Auster, but he hit the nail when he wrote:

“Prior to World War II, would any Western country have considered admitting significant numbers of Muslim immigrants? Of course not; it would have been out of the question. The West had a concrete identity. It saw itself as white and in large part as Christian, and there was still active in the Western mind the knowledge that Islam was our historic adversary, as it has been for a thousand years, and radically alien. But today, the very notion of stopping Muslim immigration is out of the question, it can’t even be thought.

“What would have been inconceivable 70 or 80 years ago is unquestionable today. A society that 70 years ago wouldn’t have dreamed of admitting large numbers of Muslims, today doesn’t dream of reducing, let alone stopping, the immigration of Muslims. Even the most impassioned anti-Islamic Cassandras never question—indeed they never even mention—the immigration of Muslims, or say it should be reduced or stopped.

“You don’t need to know any more than what I’ve just said. The rule of non-discrimination, in all its destructive potentialities, is shown in this amazing fact, that the writers and activists who constantly cry that Islam as a mortal danger to our society will not say that we ought to stop or even reduce Muslim immigration. Such is the liberal belief which says that the most morally wrong thing is for people to have a critical view of a foreign group, to want to exclude that group or keep it out.

“The dilemma suggests the solution. What is now unthinkable, must become thinkable; what is now unsayable, must become sayable; and ultimately it must replace non-discrimination as the ruling belief in society. I know that this sounds crazy, utterly impossible. But fifty or a hundred years ago it would have seemed crazy, utterly impossible, that today’s liberalism with its suicidal ideology would have replaced the traditional attitudes that were then prevalent. If society could change that radically in one direction, toward suicidal liberalism, it can change back again. It’s not impossible.”

I put a version of this in the other thread but it seems the discussion has migrated. I’ve modified the end.

“You assume that a collapse, whenever it will happen, will somehow be taken advantage of by ‘the Movement’.”

I assume no such thing, and have never said so. I assume chaos. I agree there is no movement, and that any developments I would consider favorable will be largely unrelated to past efforts. They will arise from the emergent conditions that will be significantly different from past conditions. Some of the resulting trends may have a great deal of potential, such that a little bit of effort in the right places could help set new paradigms and direct societal inertia on a new course that is preferable. I am interested in being able to recognize such things when and where they happen and what to do to prepare for such opportunities if and when they present themselves.

I am absolutely boggled as to why you object to this.

“Western man has lost his fighting spirit and is moribund.”

If that is true, then nothing we do matters. Including trying to oppose the situation. So there’s no point getting upset about it – and certainly no point in getting upset at people looking for ways to disprove the thesis. What is gained if your thesis is true?

I only object to fatuous assertions and puerile pipedreams of some future triumph, that is, somehow, assured to happen. I, too, am interested in what the future brings, but I’m scared more than curious.

But yes, Western man has lost his virility. The evidence is on my side, not yours, I’m afraid. Anyhow, we still fight, in our own picayune ways, because it’s the manly and noble thing to do, regardless of victory.

What can be gained? A serious look into the abyss, bereft of callow ideas and sentiments.

A window of opportunity:

Eomer: We cannot achieve victory through strength of arms.

Aragorn: Not for ourselves. But we can give Frodo his chance if we keep Sauron’s Eye fixed upon us. Keep him blind to all else that moves.

Legolas: A diversion.

Gimli: Certainty of death. Small chance of success. [my emphasis] What are we waiting for…?

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