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Just an email


Where is the Pierce of the 21st century?


In his most recent article, “New Right vs. Old Right” Greg Johnson said:

The North American New Right is founded on the rejection of Fascist and National Socialist party politics, totalitarianism, terrorism, imperialism, and genocide… For instance, latter-day National Socialist William Pierce routinely pooh-poohed the Holocaust. But he was willing to countenance real terrorism, imperialism, and genocide on a scale that would dwarf anything in the 20th century. [Chechar’s note: see e.g., here] That spirit is what we reject.

While I am closer to David Irving, Mark Weber and Matt Parrott about the so-called “holocaust” than Pierce and most people in the movement, I am tempted to write a short rebuttal to Johnson’s piece because:

1. Fascist and National Socialist party politics would become handy after the crash (cf. Covington)

2. Totalitarianism could be useful for a while to completely eradicate The Enemy and all of our Enemy Worldview after the ethnostate is founded

3. Terrorism is imperative: Without a little revenge (Rope Day) no hard lesson will be learnt by deracinated whites

4. Imperialism will be a must. After the astronomic blunder of exporting Western technology to non-Western nations, some of which are nuclear by now, the only way to make sure that Caucasians will survive with such aggressive competitors is to conquer entire continents for our white children, starting e.g. with Africa and Latin America

5. Comparatively humane genocide—e.g., by separating nonwhite males from nonwhite females, thus preventing mass reproduction—will be unavoidable if such continents are to be fully conquered (as was unavoidable when the Anglo-Saxons conquered your precious lands).

Tempted to write a refutation I said, but these days that I want to study Gibbon seriously don’t have time for a formal rebuttal to Johnson’s reactionary, non-revolutionary article. Nonetheless, I’m so fed up by those unbelievable cheers that his article got in the commentariat section that something must be said anyway. Would you like to write an in-depth article or should I just publish at WDH this email?

We need someone of the stature of William Pierce to write a proper rebuttal to Johnson’s piece. Where the hell are Pierce’s intellectual followers, Mark? Gosh! I only have a couple of years in the movement and it looks to me like the new breed of white nationalists are a sort of typical feminized bourgeois males, unfit for the tough job coming ahead (cf. what Breivik has recently said about the currency crash that’s just around the corner).

Is this a fair appraisal of 21st century White Nationalism?


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Whose “precious lands ” are you referring to in #5? Feels like I’ missing something there. I fully agree with the rest of your points. Would love to see a full fledged rebuttal from you.

Greg Johnson does not speak for the “North American New Right”—whatever that is. If it exists at all it’s some kind of faggot/feminist type of conservatism—a shortsighted kind of thing with limited-goals. Perhaps he should reveal who else he feels is part of this “New Right” so that we can know who they are and decide whether or not to accept or support them.

I’ve seen some talk about permitting queers to walk around unmolested in a new White folkish society. It isn’t even possible for queers to be part of the racial nationalist white folkish society. The racial nationalist Right is a movement of life. Faggotry is a movement of death.

You are right about the new breed of white nationalists. That’s one of the reasons that a protracted period of grid-down guerrilla warfare is so necessary—it will see the attrition of large numbers of unfit whites as well as all non-white human life from Barrow, Alaska in the U.S. and Hudson Bay in Canada to at least as far south as the Panama Canal and probably much further.

In Anders Breivik we are seeing the very beginning of a growing, long-term trend where White men will be striking at the System and its minions and there is absolutely nothing any of the governments can do about it as long as he conceives of his mission alone, executes it alone, and never discusses it with anybody. In other words, these White men will conduct missions that can be executed by one man and he is then limited only by his financial resources and his bravery.

In recent days we’ve seen the use of “white powder” being sent to a dozen or so large corporations. It is suspected that the “Occupy” movement is responsible. At some future point that “white powder” will probably be replaced by disgruntled elements with some deadly virus or bacterium.

Yes, it seems that you have correctly assessed the current WN situation.

What I find bothering with all of these reactionary guys is that none of them is taking seriously the forecasts by dissident economists like Peter Schiff that the dollar will crash within a few years. They write their intellectual stuff as if business will continue as usual, with all of these new books that are now in print by Arktos and CC as a “metapolitic” that will, gradually, sweetly and nicely, change the current paradigm with little if any actual bloodshed.

In which world are they living, Mark? Have some of them at least followed Edgar Steele’s advice to move outside the big cities and store food and drinkable water for a year?

No. The eschaton, which will transvaluate all of our liberal values overnight, will come as a total surprise to all of these soft, bourgeois, gentle types. I look forward to survive it…

But there’s the rub: “lot of them who are preparing” are not the WN reactionaries who still are totally unprepared for the ultraviolence to come.

Yes, that may be true. I’ve read Stormfront quite a bit and there is a forum there that talks about “preparedness”. They seem to be doing the right thing, but I don’t what the actual numbers are.

Anybody living in Los Angeles, San Francisco, or any other major U.S. city is fucked big time—even if they have a lot of survival items. Let’s hope that the really hardcore types are well-prepared. It seems like they would be since they know better than the rest what is coming.

As Pierce put it in his novel, “As the war of extermination wore on, millions of soft, city-bred, brainwashed Whites gradually began regaining their manhood. The rest died.”

I want to add to my post at 6:36 pm above that we have seen in recent weeks a case where some “Occupy” movement people were arrested for plotting to blow up a bridge somewhere here in the USA. It turns out that one of their group was an FBI informant.

We had another case just a week or so ago of some Whites in Florida where ten people were arrested on federal charges relating to their preparation for “the coming race war”. They were arrested in a FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force (JTTF) operation that was based on “informant testimony”.

Now is not time for group efforts. That will come later when there is more chaos with the food distribution system breaking down, the healthcare delivery system, the transportation system, the electrical grid, and Wall Street and the financial world seriously damaged and there have been a few food riots across America, racial unrest in the streets, daily flashmobs, etc. At this point there aren’t enough Breivik-like missions, the “Occupy” movement hasn’t shut down the shipping docks yet and the distribution of goods by semi-truck trailer is still operating. And the enemy, of course, has his eyes and ears wide open and has “listening posts” everywhere.

At this time only missions carried out by one man have much hope of being successful. With an individual effort, like Anders Breivik, where no discussion or display of intention occurs beforehand, one can strike and inflict serious damage. Missions carried out by a single individual are the only type any race patriot would be wise to consider until societal conditions worsen.

Until then we will ask all writers of White fiction to develop one-man scenarios, including how patriots should equip themselves for one-man missions, what types of missions that will be “high impact” and have a blood-curdling effect, specific brands and models of equipment, information on the acquisition and use of certain types of matériel that are traditionally used by resistance groups, perhaps some ballistic information—you get the idea.

And now Greg has put his little piece into radio format.

I said that I find it bothering that virtually all commenters are cheering Greg’s emasculated piece. This can only mean: (1) that every commenter in that thread is a non-revolutionary, castrated dupe, or (2) that Greg is censoring genuine criticism.

Like other white nationalists Greg is:

• willfully of ignorant the coming eschaton

• he promotes non-WN, homo writers in his site

• doesn’t say a peep of how the “gay movement” contributed to destroy the soul of his beautiful city (cf. Hitchcock’s films)

• writes and publishes silly reviews by others promoting traitorous Hollywood films and degenerate music that so transparently express the current degeneracy of the white psyche

• and, finally, this week has presented us a castrated view of Nationalism with no basis on the real world (the social and racial havoc we’ll see right after the coming crash)

What we can take from Greg’s CC, despite his enormous limitations, is the good stuff:

• articles that present us with conservative thinkers we had never heard of before

• articles celebrating the Führer’s birthday

• the unearthing of gem articles penned by Pierce decades ago

• and a miscellaneous of truly germane articles

However, since I see no honor among the nationalists—honor understood as a combination of valor and honesty—, I’m finding increasingly difficult to communicate with these guys. Not only because Greg has apparently banned me from commenting at CC, but also because we are living in different mental worlds. The West’s Darkest Hour is becoming more and more a soliloquy.

This rant aside, there’s an issue where we differ, Mark.

I don’t believe that lone wolves like Breivik will proliferate in truly substantial quantities. Characters like Pierce’s lone hunter are the rarest among the very rare. I believe that all of us will have to wait in the smelling and obscure, labyrinthine trenches for a couple of years until the dollar collapses. Only after the white people become truly angry after the eschaton will any revolutionary activity have a window of opportunity.

What you say above is absolutely right: the horrors of a post-crashed America will force many whites, including these phony nationalists, to grow a pair.


You Wrote:

“I said that I find it bothering that virtually all commenters are cheering Greg’s emasculated piece. This can only mean: (1) that every commenter in that thread is a non-revolutionary, castrated dupe, or (2) that Greg is censoring genuine criticism.”

It probably means both. But he surely is censoring criticism, trying to make it seem that they all agree with the phony future he’s trying build. Once things start happening in earnest on the ground his world will crumble. Any known WN figures who are associated with him will also be frowned on.

In any case, Johnson’s view of things will remain fantasies on the Internet. In the real world thing will be nearly the way I’ve outlined them. That’s all that matters.

“Fantasies on the Internet”—this is it. And I guess something similar will be said about most featured articles at AltRight and other sites. All of these guys must have missed the most lyric, poetic piece I’ve found in WN: Faye’s Mars & Hephaestus.

One thing about the lone wolves: in many cases you won’t know that they are carrying out WN missions. The cases will be reported on television as just “crimes” for which they have no motive and no suspect. For example, in cases where the lone wolf struck only one time but never after that. Do you see what I mean?

Other cases there will be many dead that the enemy can attribute to a known or suspected WN. Or there may be cases where there are many enemy dead but there is no suspect.

So what I’m saying is that in many cases there will be action but nobody will ever know who did it and so they will never be able to determine the motive (but it will actually be WN action).

Whatever happens, the daily action by many lone wolves would be a good thing.

At least one commenter, Jim Stark, has protested in that thread (“I would add that a New Right would have to embody more masculine ideals. I didn’t see too much of that in the essay…”) A pity that Stark’s POV is Christian (cf my latest post).

Lack of masculinity, or as I prefer to say manliness, is what bothers me of Counter Currents—especially the fake masculine writers I talked about in previous threads.

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