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Bicausal corollary

These days my classification of “bicausalism” has stirred a long discussion through several threads at Occidental Dissent (see, e.g., here):

1.- Monocausalists – Most of the commenters at Age of Treason, and people like Dave Duke whom I deeply respect. These people believe that there’s but one cause of our woes: the subversive Jews.

2.- Bicausalists Type A – Those who, like Alex Linder and some commenters at Linder’s VNN Forum, believe that Jews are the primary cause of our woes, though there are other important factors as well. Unlike monocausalists, these bicausalists also blame our parents’ religion.

3.- Bicausalists Type B – Those who, like Tom Sunic, Manu Rodríguez and I believe that there’s something seriously wrong with us, extremely wrong actually. Whites’ mental issues (which include a Calvinist type of Old Testament Christianity that conquered North America) are the primary infection, and the Judaization of the West, a secondary infection (like AIDS / pneumonia, etc).

This is my corollary to the above classification. Note that I have added a #4, which means an antithetical monocausal stance to the one mentioned above. (Keywords: AoT = the blog Age of Treason; GoV = the blog Gates of Vienna):

1. AoT-like monocausalism – blames Jews 100%, Whites 0%

2. Bicausalism Type-A – assigns a blame above 50% to Jews

3. Bicausalism Type-B – assigns a blame above 50% to Whites

4. GoV-like monocausalism – blames Whites 100%, Jews 0%

Of course, in bicausalism you can either blame one or the other in diverse ratios depending on the specific bicausal individual, say, 90 / 10 percent or inversely; or 45 / 55 percent, etc.

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I’ve stayed away from this idiotic issue, because only febrile, utterly ineffective oneline Asperberger sufferers create arcane and wholly irrelevant categorization games, – while the West literaly burns.

What a waste of time…..

stann the Man!, lol
I like Denise, but that was a good reply to her poo-pooing this topic, brother!

There’s a lot more involved in the destruction of the West than just Jewish machinations.

Darwin wasn’t a Jew. Nietzsche wasn’t a Jew. Heidegger wasn’t a Jew. Aleister Crowley wasn’t a Jew. There are a lot non-Jewish Satanists around.

(The rest of the comment - removed by admin)

Unlike Denise, who I have great time for, I found the series of posts and comments (here and on OD), to be fascinating. I wish more had participated though, for example, an appearance by Alex Linder would have been a great addition.

Thanks, Mary.

When Linder wants to respond to a non-VNN Forum thread, sometimes he just copies and some relevant comments and paste them to his forum to be able to reply unmolested (by obnoxious commenters like OD’s so-called “No-man” who definitively was not trying to communicate with us in good faith).

It is a subject that I suspect the heavy weights like Linder and Johnson will be a little reluctant to discuss. For instance, Johnson invented the unnecessary category “bicausal Type-C” because IMHO he wanted to look more intelligent among us. But he really is a type-A insofar as he blames more the tribe than us.

Keep tuned. In another entry this day I’ll offer my views on why I shifted paradigms. Cheers!

Those that the Bicausalists blame, that is Christians of any type, are just an extended phenotype of Jewry, along with Muslims, Marxists, Progressives, et al

There is more than one white race. A race is an inbreeding group due to geographic isolation.

There is a big difference between Anglos and Germans. In the 109 events of expelling the Jews, Germans did 33 of them. German speaking nations (excluding Hungry and Czechs) did 40. France did 12 and Italy 11. England did 1. That’s 1500 years of history. This is despite Jews using German names. Germans could still sniff out Jews and expel them. Jews make it easy on the Anglos and they still don’t get expelled. Blood Zuckerberg could be any easier.

The racial differences between Anglos and Germans is that Anglos are capable people, but very susceptible to servility to the Jews. Jews simply pit one race against another. Anglos empower Jews to destroy Germans. Anglos are the Jews meal ticket to world domination. They couldn’t get Germans to do that for them.

Germans are capable, but naturally unruly, despite the bull about following orders and being orderly. They are unruly to outsiders and inwardly stubborn. Perhaps that is inherent to being the center of Europe and fighting off invaders on all sides; whereas England is looking to get an advantage on Europe and worm its way in and control Europe from the islands. So, Jews are welcome co-saboteurs. England is not European country in outlook. How many nations of Europe has England been at war with? Almost every one of them.

The Anglos have a lot to do with the Swedes and seem to be a mixed breed of Swedes and Celts. When a conservative sees a Jew, he gets a boner. Anglos are the same. Why can’t their stomachs turn and hurl at the Jew? Why isn’t there a biological reaction of disgust at Jews? What’s with the boarding schools? I don’t understand that either.

All Europeans can do their part to throw off the Jews, but not Anglos. They are the weak link to the white race vis-a-vis the Jews.

The desire for the whole world to conform to the same vision is the mind of a self-righteous simpleton, but that is the perfect-mindset for a Jew-lead Christian, or Jew-servile and Jew-envious Puritan, or a secular mono-mind PC enforcer. The mono-mind can’t stand dissent.

Maybe that’s why Anglos invented free speech because they needed it.

The Ancient Greeks didn’t need free speech. It was a given.
The national spirit of Germans goes back to Arminius. The German tribes put Germany above tribal differences. It took Christianity to pit Germans against Germans. In the end, Germans were able to put Deutschland uber alles. The Irish and the British aren’t able to do that.

Jews don’t call themselves Jones, Smith, and Worthington, but the Anglos still retreated. They have nation-envy. They want to be a people too, a blessed people, children of God. They want God to pat them on the head and say, “good doggie!” The Jews do that for them.

“Good doggie, you’re exceptional. You’re the greatest there ever was. You’re #1.” A country that isn’t a nation is a country in search of the trappings of nationhood, and Judeo-Christianity is the only wet blanket available for genocidal imperialists.

If you could cure the Jew-servility in the Anglos, you’d save the world.

Fortunately or not, the Jews via Pakistanis are solving the Anglo problem. Sooner or later, Germany will be the last tribe standing to repopulate Europe. I wish I could see 200 years into the future; maybe I already do.

That Jews keep returning to Germany, despite, the crap of six million boggles the mind. They either don’t believe it; they can’t get enough, they can’t get it when people don’t want them around; or are so driven by their drives they can’t control themselves as stalkers of the German people.

Anglos need to get Linderized, but it’s not in them.

Anglos can’t wake up.

There are exceptional spirits, rare birds, and we’ll take’m. Once they are on our side, they are very capable. Can the unruly Anglos break the monopoly of the mono-mind norm-enforcers in time?

It’s amazing how much more courage people had 80 years ago, and how much they stood to loose, and how much they lost, yet, they did it. There is a huge spiritual difference. Scared versus a desire to mix it up with the Jews because competing is fun. We are competitive in all sports, but not in fighting Jews for power, and boxing the Jews out of power, as if it is against the rules of the game. We gotta let the Jews win. Why? Cus they’re Jews.

We need to see the rules of the game not as a constitution, but as life itself. Everything is fair in race war.

To nit-pick, Mono-causalist, Bi-causalist I agree, but then the reality is Multi-causalist.

The west is feeling the force of a convergence of factors, including christianity, jewish-communist subversion, multiculturalism, a very destructive and self defeating WW2 (led to pacifism and refugee worship and anti-racism (as anti-nazi policy) to justify Allies barbarous crimes), and the highest standard of living EVER.

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