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2nd World War Kali Yuga

Anglos and Hitler

Hitler and frau

Brian boru:

The behaviour of the British and Americans in their wars to destroy Germany and all that was best in Europe has put them beyond the pale forever.


The truth surrounding Hitler and his catastrophic betrayal by the Anglos is what one finds at the deepest level of the rabbit hole. Unfortunately many on the right are unwilling to venture that deep.

Perhaps this is because the truth is so utterly depressing. Hitler overcame such incredible odds and came so close to freeing the Aryan soul from its Jewish chains, only to be struck down one step from the finish line. I can think of no other feat in western history that rivals it. His success was so critically important, his defeat was our greatest tragedy.

Reflecting upon his legacy inspires me and also fills me with despair. Seeing the growing number of people who are beginning to understand and support him give me hope.


He was a visionary, and a statesman—but no general. Jewish power is based on the slander, and inversion of real history about the events of the Twentieth Century. Hitler and the Nazis are the Trojan Horse, used to colonize the very minds of Western Whites.

Hitler and the Nazis were not evil. You are blaming the victims. How dare you? They made a lot of mistakes—but Hitler was the last White Man that tried to defend his own people.

Every single time any one of you allows a lie to stand—you collude with our murderers. You may want to get rid of Hitler et al—but to allow the slander to stand is simply nothing more than laziness, and cowardice. How dare you?

Telling the truth about the real events of the Twentieth Century does not “keep White Nationalism in a ghetto”—it’s the laziness and timidity and cowardice that does that.

The Worst Generation fought against people who had done them no harm, actively participated in the Civil Rights dismantling of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and did nothing to resist the 1965 Immigration Act, “Women’s Lib”, and the absolute degradation of the culture. The Worst Generation went along with everything, while they wallowed in what’s turning out to be rather short-term affluence.

The worst Generation did immense, civilization-wrecking harm. They set the stage for our genocide. They did wrong—for a host of reasons. And one wrong enabled another.

I’d like to ignore Hitler—but I’m not allowed to. The Jewish Media parades his demonized corpse around 24/7. I challenge any of you to turn on a radio, a TV set, open a magazine, or website, and not have poor old Adolf thrown right in your face. His name is invoked in the weirdest, and most unrelated situations. We will never be free of Hitler until we stop caving to the monstrous and fallacious demonization of Hitler.

This generation should be called out for what they’ve done. They should be ashamed of themselves. The ones that are around can still vote. Their shame should be held up as an example to future generations. The Founding Generation will feel repulsion of the deeds of the Worst Generation.

Adolf Hitler and the soldiers of the Reich did not bring death and destruction. Talmudic Jewry, and their vile Shabbos Goy sell-out whores, did that.

Refusing to accept this alienating and self-obliterating lie is what sets us free.

Flattering the soldiers of World War II as “The Greatest Generation,” is one of Satan’s most beloved and successful tricks—cosseting human vanity. If that generation, and the succeeding generations, get hung up on that meme, that fraud, that con job, then it becomes more and more difficult to assess, with each passing day, the true, real-world legacy of that generation. Why do any of us want to lock ourselves into a mythos, created by our enemies, that leads directly to our dispossession and genocide, simply to flatter old men?

When I challenge these oldsters—and every last one of them is a Christian—I tell them:

“I know it’s terrible to have to accept the fact that the ‘biggest’ event of your life was a terrible, horrible mistake. But you are going to have to deal with this when you face God—so get used to the idea now. Think about how you will account for this…”

30 replies on “Anglos and Hitler”

I find your dogged anti-Americanism irrelevant if not completely impotent in what is a worldwide war against people of European descent.

Most White Nationalists have already come to the conclusion, even if they themselves haven’t admitted so, that they are Whites first, and Americans far second.

You demonize a position that no one in the movement really takes: that being a dogged loyalty to the “American way”

I dream of a National Socialist Imperium stretching from California all the way East to Vladivostok. I think its best you leave your intra-European grudges aside, understand the problem objectively, and put heart and soul into European salvation.

Re “my dogged anti-Americanism”: You can find it to be whatever you want. That is your business.

You fool yourself re “that they are Whites first, and Americans far second.” White Nationalists? Murkan White Nationalism (it is after all exceptionalist and imperialistic) falls like a rock. It is finished.

Re “National Socialist Imperium stretching from California all the way East to Vladivostok.” That’s not a dream; that’s an hallucination.

Optimism rules the day in my world. I was listening to Mein Kampf on audio book (The Ford Translation) today, and Hitler was speaking about his early days in Vienna. He made mention about his struggle with fellow workers spewing their poisoned attitude towards their own people, and their willingness to blindly follow the Marxist doctrine. He even went so far as to ask himself “were these human beings worthy of belonging to a great people”? The Manheim translation says “I wrested with my innermost soul: are these people human, worthy to belong to a great nation”?

The above reference is around the 44 minute mark.


So here is Adolf Hitler, member #7 of the German Workers Party, founder and leader of the National Socialist German Workers Party, having serious inner conflict as to whether or not his fellow German workers were even worthy of his time and efforts. I’m sure there are many who have pondered the same about “Murkans”.

I applaud your vision, and my experience as an American is that I am experiencing a tremendous spiritual awakening. After an entire lifetime of brain poisoning and degenerate culture, I am lifting myself from the swamp and sharing my experiences with others. I am just a working stiff, and have a great deal to learn about my European connection and heritage. But I am willing and eager, and I’m not the only American that feels this way. I am White first and American far second.

There is a bond I feel with like minded people, and I will actively seek them out. Together we will make progress towards the dream you have, and that I share with you. Although it might not be called NS, it will be an embodiment of those principles.

The Anglos betrayed Hitler? How so? That would demand that they had some alliance with him, or Germany, or anti-Bolshevism, or Europeans in general. None of these existed. The quest of the Puritan commercial class of England for world domination started long before Germany existed, and the rise and of Hitler was no more than a long chapter in the story.

One goal of England has always been that no nation control or dominate the Continent. Alliance with Russia helped achieve that. Tsarist Russia? Communist Russia? It makes no difference. Geography matters, politics don’t. No bureaucrat or businessman in London sheds a single tear over a Jew murdering a Ukrainian. The Ukrainian to him by virtue of ethny (Slav) and religion (Orthodox) is not a fellow white, not a Christian at all (Elizabeth I speculated on the possibility of allying with Moslems against the Catholics and Orthodox) and not even a human being. The Jew on the other hand is a good fellow who can be counted on to be helpful.

Yes I’ve read that. Could be Cromwell in Ireland. Didn’t start in the 1940’s, goes back to the 1640’s. How you see things of course depends on your perspective and how you classify people.

Hitler admired so much the English and their empire that that love should have been appreciated. You have to see the films showing Hitler watching a movie—his favorite—of how the British conquered India and how highly he expressed his views on these Anglos to understand why Hellstorm was a horrible betrayal.

You seem to be interpreting world war 2 through the context of petty state nationalism. Hitler wasn’t just fighting for Germany, he was fighting to ensure a future for the entire Aryan race.

The british sacrificed the collective interests of the Aryan people in an attempt to maintain a petty, shortsighted economic hegemony over Europe. They were motivated by envy versus the common welfare of our people.

The great irony is that their actions resulted in the destruction of their empire, whereas if they had allied themselves with Germany (like Hitler had desperately wanted) they would still remain a world power to this day.

What are one of the unfortunate after effects of a defeated Germany?

London currently turning into the new ‘South Bronx of Europe’.

The truth is utterly depressing, echoed from Alan Bloom’s, The Closing of the American Mind, on the post-war sociocultural arrangement:

“We have here the peculiarly American way digesting Continental despair. It is nihilism with a happy ending.”

Don’t question anything, history is over, just smile!

The Anglo-Judeo Globalism is the NWO Chechar. Its like Revilo Oliver wrote in his last book, The Jewish Strategy, the only hope is a total collapse.

I agree (the system has to collapse for us to have hope) because liberal-capitalism, in its American incarnation, is impossible to ‘argue’ against.

The system itself allows freedom of speech, because speech is meaningless in such a system. Therefore why ban it?

American heroes, Pierce and Rockwell, were given free reign to denounce the system that they lived in, because their enemies knew that liberal capitalism is impossible to combat from the inside, unlike Soviet Communism, which required great restriction of speech and various other forms of freedom.

It is the distinction between public and private speech. In private you can pretty much still say what you want–to those of like mind. At least in America, if not in Europe-England. But even in America, if you say the truth about Jews, negroes, or express a traditional opinion about women and homosexuals, you risk losing everything, starting with your job if your employer finds out.

I agree, but when Pierce and Rockwell were alive, living in a liberal-democratic-cosmopolitan society, free speech was permissible, but totally irrelevant. Not enough people cared. That tells me that the problem is the capitalist-bourgeois system which stifles idealism, vitality, and truth, not free speech restriction.

It goes back to the Orwell vs. Huxley debate.

Orwell feared Stalinist repression of free speech. In the Soviet Union and increasingly in the E.U. countries, his predictive fears were correct.

Yet, in the Judeo-capatalist stronghold of the U.S., suppression is completed with the velvet glove, though in many ways, in equally sinister ways. Huxley was right in this regard.

Its not that the truth would be suppressed, but that people would molded via modern media to be empty vessels far too demoralized and apathetic to even care to hear it.

We lost this war a long, LONG time ago, and everything since has been the effects of this occupation. Whites first lost the religious against the Jew, then, the intellectual war, followed by the culture war, and finally, the physical war.

1965 immigration, civil rights, today’s “comprehensive immigration reform” are all the choices of an occupation government long after the war was concluded.

The problem today, is that Whites refuse to believe that cataclysmic war was fought in the first place. Jews, on the other hand, have been fighting this ethnic war doggedly since their inception as a people.

@Mister Deutsch
You’ve hit the nail on the head here. How do you appeal to idealism amongst a society that has been reduced to persuing personal gratification?

The utter cluelessness of the proles has convinced me that western civilization is doomed. The most optimistic outcome that I can hope for at this point is that it collapses before it comsumes the Aryan race.

Very well said, bluegrass. I would add, and topped off by the recognition of The Noahide Laws by the Senate in 1991. New Zion has become its pre-ordained destiny. ZOG is peanuts. Zionist Occupied Culture somewhat closer to the mark. Zionist Occupied Soul, bingo!

So true.

To paraphrase the good Mr. Covington: “If I could start this whole thing over again, I would have started with a religion.”

I would have started with a religion

Also said by Pierce, Koehl, Rockwell, Klassen, Lane, and how many others? It seems like a recurring theme.

Pierce’s talks about cosmotheism are what originally led me to White Nationalism. Although i’m convinced that any prospects in this area will haft to come after political victory and be propelled by a benevolent media.

Is there a superior path which you purpose we follow? Or are you just here to offer blind criticism?

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