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Personal responsibility

In the context of who is ultimately responsible for our condition, Jews or Whites, at Occidental Dissent the blogger Occigent said:

Personal feuds are about as fruitless an endeavor one can engage in, and this issue appears to be as intractable as the Catholic/Protestant/atheist issue. But this is an important distinction, and I’d like to restate my case in a less defensive way, and not in response to any specific personality.

So this much I will tell you:

Anyone who tells you that the state of the ethnic ship upon which our mind weapons are mounted is not now and has not always been our direct and personal responsibility is a Jew-trained welfare mind white house migger that should be immediately cast overboard. We’ll be lucky enough as it is to get this rusty old scow to safe harbor without that dead weight.

We are the most powerful people in the world. We can change the future tomorrow. Don’t let the victimcrats hobble your vision, your clarity, and most important of all, that lost Jewel of White Civilization, your personal responsibility. To your people, to your culture, and to God. Do not ever let someone get in the way of that responsibility. They are the enemy. And they will drag you further down into the pits of hell.

Repeat. Our ship is not the Muslim’s responsibility, it is not the Jews’ responsibility. It is our responsibility. So wake the fuck up and stop giving other people power over you.

Thank you.

And in another thread:

People: get real. We love what the Jews do for us. We love the entertainment, we love the lasseiz faire attitude, we love the sex, we love the drugs, we love the rock and roll. And we get drunk on it, and they take it too far.

But for God’s sake, open your eyes. Get real with yourselves. History is rife with whites who would sell their soul for lollipop, as is WashingtonDC, and as long as there are such whites, which will be always, there will always be Jews to accommodate them.

Do we wish that Jews would not accommodate us in our sin? Yes. We do. Is it the Jews’ fault that we sin? No. It is not. It is our fault.

Right now, as we speak, there are probably a million Jews engaged in commerce and entertainment to fill the needs of 100 million white sinners. And we do nothing to stop it. And that’s their fault?

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A plea into the wind, beautifully expressed though. When it hurts enough, then yes, maybe. Until such time, the culture of victimhood serves the purposes of an infantile “White geNOcide” meme.

Monocausalism seems to be most popular with relatively uneducated/fanatical European National Socialist types. It isn’t nuanced or especially cerebral, but it’s a convenient gate to open for useful idiots.

The Islamists use monocausalism to recruit suicide bombers. It’s a smart tack and one that works for certain crowds.

Still sounds like a Straw-man to me. I’ll use the ‘Mongols Example’ ie. The Mongols have just burnt and pillaged the village in the next valley. You realize that they’re on their way to your home but you’ve been neglectful in preparing your defenses… You’ve been drunk and wasted the time away thinking no-one would ever harm you. Now that you realize this – What do you do?

Yeah we can all sit around recriminating ourselves, but guess what – they are still coming! It doesn’t matter if you work out the perfect equation for assigning blame because it won’t STOP THEM. Really, stop telling us it’s not the Mongols’ fault because ‘fault’ or ’cause’ doesn’t matter.

The saddest thing is, that while 90% of the village is asleep, the Watchmen who have seen the horde, still haven’t come to the realization that they are on the eve of complete subjugation and destruction.

The village is sound asleep, and not too many more are going to wake up … for the right reasons, that is … saving your wallet is not a noble reason for ‘waking up’. We are like kulaks in 1928. Totally defenseless, and more importantly, without any form of representation.

Is there one, ONE (!?) great statesman or rich white person publicly on the side of White Nationalism?

Without power and money, ideas are useless. I suspect this is why we still have freedom of speech … our enemies know it doesn’t matter at this point.

“People: get real. We love what the Jews do for us. We love the entertainment, we love the lasseiz faire attitude, we love the sex, we love the drugs, we love the rock and roll. And we get drunk on it, and they take it too far.”

That’s why I say we should call White Nationalism, instead, White Aristocraticism. Meaning that the best elements of our race are considered noble and spiritual (human beings), while the rest are merely prolish material support (useless eaters).

Would you die on the battle field for the average (white) Joe? Not me.


The problem is not to cull out the mongrels, the Judaized, the degenerates, the moral prostitutes from a healthy mass, so that the cull can be destroyed and the mass saved. The problem is to pick the few who embody the best of what the West once was and to take the necessary measures to see that that which they embody does not perish with the mass.

The problem is that if you base your strategy on a white aristocracy, that can turn very quickly into a white ruling class and non-white peasants, after which you get India.

Hat Tip to: (link)

It’s a hard pill to swallow because of all the “facts” that say that were whites, europeans (spanish and danish, especially), who brought the african slaves to the “Nuevo Mundo”!

Transmillenium, let me respond by copying and pasting a recent comment of mine at Occidental Dissent (which presently is discussing the term I coined, “bicausalism”):

I myself have gone through the three stages and wouldn’t have reached the last one hadn’t William Pierce and Arthur Kemp written their histories of the white race.

It shocked me to learn that whites have been losing all racial wars since the white civilizations in the Middle East and the Greco-Roman world flourished. The moral of their two books is that miscegenation with nonwhites caused all of them to decline.

But the crux is that the drive to miscegenate was always the same drive that, millennia later, moved the Iberians when they conquered the New World: economics over race policies, or as I like to say, the One Ring of Greed and Power.

In Pierce’s and Kemp’s books you can see the spectacular conquests of whites on non-white cultures in the Ancient World, as far as India. But after a few centuries they always lost ethnically. Why?

If these authors got their facts right, it’s a shock to learn that the mestization that the Iberians committed in the Americas, always chasing after the gold of the Aztecs or the silver of the Incas, had already happened in the Ancient World. Even other pro-white authors recognize this. Rome, for instance, “was never really a people, never a nation. It was merely a system, a machine… Rome populated itself by opening its gates to refugees from other cities… the Roman machine liquidated this founding stock and replenished itself with foreign blood until it became too weak to assimilate new peoples.”

The One Ring is the culprit here. “In ancient Rome, as in modern America, the economic system and its imperatives [the “Ring”] are treated as absolute and fixed, whereas the people are treated as liquid and fungible.”

Such a quotable quote! […]

Fortunately, the coming crash of the dollar and the total and unconditional energy devolution the world will experience later in this century will grant whites one last chance to destroy the Ring…

Look at how fast Rome and Spain fell after their empire expanded due to mercantile values … I think something else happened, namely the interests of Jewish bankers in both cases.

Re “total and unconditional energy devolution the world will experience later in this century will grant whites one last chance to destroy the Ring.”

Yes, one shot and one shot only. It has to hit its mark. (Btw, the descent curve has in all likelihood been entered upon. That is not exactly “later this century.”)

James Mason stated something along these lines: “The decadent ruler takes the jew into his bosom, the righteous ruler kills or expels him.” Decadence is your root cause. Or, prosperity is the enemy.

As an aside Chechar, I finished Covington’s Quartet after your excerpts prompted me to pick up the series. Thank you. A Mighty Fortress was perhaps the best WN novel I’ve ever read.


My sister is 21 y/o and she goes to Spain every 6 months to babysit and learn the language (a family pays her to visit). She loves the culture and the people, as opposed to America.

Do you have optimism about your homeland? Do you identify first as a Spaniard or a white man?

I haven’t seen you post anything about Franco …

We live in the jewish box… Money, religion, media,… Under total jewish control.

Wall Street jews financied their Bolsheviks co-ethnics but very few know this… Even muslims prayed in Jerusalem direction until 632 AD…

Kudos to Occigent for his presentation; the second Thread was worthy of note, for the depth and common-sense approach to our present, if not our historical life.

We are Masters of our own ship, or we are not.

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