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A body-snatched Spaniard

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Your reference to body-snatching is interesting, because I’ve read in a number of opinion blogs that those who run Hollywood tease white people by telling them what the Jews are secretly doing in metaphorical sequence on film.

Two movies, with Nicole Kidman, come to mind. ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ is a movie which essentially conveys the message that our leaders are satanists in disguise who put on a public persona of being angelic.

The second, is ‘The Invasion’ which is an update of the original body-snatchers movie, whereby people are turned into hive-minded cyborgs by an invading race via a virus.

The question is, once you fall asleep can you ever wake up?

But the big, big difference is that unlike the silly remake, in 1956 everybody understood that the “Pods” were the deranged Leftists that McCarthy rightfully persecuted. The political side of the film was completely lost in the remake.

The remake was less about politics, more about the ‘borg’ mentality which has infested American society of late. If you look at the younger people in America, especially the teens, they are like drones with no humanity or emotion, raised in a simulacra of existence.

“When she told me that her parents hit her as a child, I suggested her to do a serious mourning to process the trauma: say, something like writing an autobiography like the one I had written.”

How should one go about writing their autobiography? Would it do good for someone who hasn’t suffered significant abuse?

Then I would suggest to start with Kafka’s Dearest father and with John Modrow’s How to become a schizophrenic to see what do I have in mind.

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A lot of problems could be solved, if (adult) children were given the same power over their (elderly) parents, as (adult) parents are given over their (small) children. Give children the right to retaliate against their parents, that is, make killing reciprocal; abortion vs. euthanasia.

This is interesting… But why aren’t other cultures enraged and revolting against their culture (thereby supporting the West)? Are they too oppressed to do so? Only the West allows the hate to be expressed in such a way?

I agree that Leftists are full of an unending, irrational (scary), and destructive hate.

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