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Body-snatched Britons!

How are the British authorities responding to the recent beheading of a UK soldier by a black Muslim? Like Pods naturally!

An 85-year-old woman has this afternoon been arrested after abuse was hurled at Muslims outside Gillingham Mosque.

The pensioner was handcuffed and taken away in a van by officers attending the Canterbury Street mosque for Friday prayers.

As worshippers gathered outside the venue, a woman at a nearby bus stop shouted: “go back to your own country”.

The arrested woman, from the Maidstone Road area of Chatham, was taken away by officers at about 1.45pm and is now in police custody.

An 85 year old… OMG! Read it all!

9 replies on “Body-snatched Britons!”

I’ve been thinking in the ways that the media form opinions or try to influence people.

“Anti-racism” at the same time extreme villanization of Europeans (especially, Germans. Russians, French) and some times Arabs. I know its all part of the jewish agenda.

Nothing would surprise me about this country any more. The Police are an absolute traitorous joke of moral and physical cowards. The military are mercenaries, betrayers of their own history and their individual ancestors. When one dies in a foreign land we are treated to fawning soliloquies from his CO, tight-lipped but determined anguish from any politician happy to ‘mourn’ on camera; each one that has been killed in the wars since 2001 has been ‘a magnicificent soldier’ or a ‘true warrior’, when in truth they are brainwashed morons, cowards, as far removed from the true meaning of a warrior as can be; khaki, camo, silly badges and regimental ensignia does not a warrior make. They are just soldiers, nothing more, nothing less; warriors or heroes? Must be newspeak for cowards or morons. Ten percent of the British population is worth saving, but before the Anglophobes rejoice, that applies to every western ‘democracy’ too. Oh, for the ‘Dies Irae’, where is the starchild?

@X Well said, well said! @Chechar Ive been reading the Meso-American text and was linked here. It really is fascinating and allowed me to view that history through a completely different lens. A revisionist lens if you will. And I say all history should be revisionist. It should revise the errors and poor scholarship of the past upon new discovery, otherwise it seems mere dogma. Anyway I appreciate how you tied in the ethnography, anthropology, theology, and psychology of these cultures.

Thank you, Vacant Serif.

It is pathetic how history is taught. The dark side of a non-Western culture is completely hidden from the public view, unless someone like Gibson makes a film or an obscure blogger translates his texts on ancient Amerinds. We are surely living in a second dark age.

Anyway, welcome to this blog.

More proof, as if it were needed, that the British state is actively operating against the interests of its people. People on the far-left take great pleasure from the harrassment and intimidation of the elderly, whether it is this old lady, Robert Faurisson, John Demjanjuk or Ernst Zündel. That the same people can then pontificate to us about the supposed virtue of indiscriminate “tolerance” is repulsive.

In all probability, the developing situation is part of a plan by the social managers to form a mutation and division of the human race:

1) Small fragment of alienated, literate, and spiritually alive whites who retain some form of culture and history. There is no need to put these people in concentration camps, because there numbers are too small.

2) Lenin’s idea of a Novus Homo – A mass proletariat of mongrelized and electronically zombified pod-people who do little more than go to work and graze like cattle.

“spiritually alive whites ”

It’s a little hard to define what spiritually alive actually means today. Whether evolutionary theory is correct or not, it’s generally understood that a ‘falling away’ in belief regarding ‘the Gods’ is what precipitates a Civilizational collapse.

I’m reminded of the gnostic saying – “If you want to know the end of things, then put yourself at the beginning and you will understand the end” Well millions of our children are taught in schools that we are merely the genetic offspring of some ape-like creature with no higher purpose or reason for being other than random mutation. So whether true or not, this is the forward projected wasteland we have created for our people. Even Hitler knew that it was better to be descendants of Star-like Aryan beings as opposed to jungle beasts… that we came from the ‘Garden of Eden’ and it is our destiny to Return to it.

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