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Body-snatched white pods


White Nationalism, a hopeless cause

by John Martínez

Today The Drudge Report linked this article about the fifth day in a row of “youths” in Stockholm burning the city.

If you guys have any delusions about regular Whites watching appalling events like these (or, for that matter, the beheading of a British soldier by a repellent Black Muslim in London two days ago), and awakening to the racial dimension of the trouble mass immigration has put them in, you just have to read the comment section of this article to be disabused. Even when the commenters agree that there may be something wrong with “youths” supposedly protesting against perceived social injustices by destroying public and private property at random, they just can’t see the larger pattern of non-Whites terrorizing the White majority—in Stockholm, in London, in Paris—year after year, after year.

This commenter is particularly illustrating of what I’m trying to point at—more specifically, check this specific comment of hers. Here you have a chick who is obviously a Mestiza of whatever ethnic background (Pakistani? Indian?) lecturing European Whites about their moral obligation of feeding, housing, educating and providing jobs to non-white immigrants and their offspring, in the absence of which the said immigrants and their offspring are entitled to burn their cities to ashes.

How could these European societies have gone so low as to allow this surreal situation to become possible? Whatever the answer, one thing is certain in my mind after seeing the popular reaction at these events: trying to save these White societies as a whole is a mission doomed to failure, not only due to the level of moral decadence that the bulk of the public has sunk to, but also due to the pace of miscegenation of the native populations with the non-white immigrants. Whites with non-White relatives are an ever increasingly growing number of people and these folks will never support a White Nationalist movement in their countries. Never. The moronic Mestiza whose comments I linked above very probably has British relatives and they no doubt support her “right” to spit these obnoxious views on the British press.

The point I’m trying to make is this: the cause of White Nationalism is such a hopeless one given the disconnect between the White public at large and our views (which they see as abhorrent and despicable) that, maybe, the most feasible strategy would be to try and save a number of Whites that is just enough not to let the race go extinct; and then proceed to get a Lebensraum somewhere by whatever means. When a huge fire ravages through your house, you don’t try to save everything, just what is really indispensable.

Let’s be honest to ourselves: racially-conscious Whites are by a long shot the most far sighted individuals of their societies. I know that. You guys know that to. But I just don’t believe it is realistic to expect the average white to achieve this level of consciousness.

Historically speaking, Whites hardly ever have seen themselves as Whites proper—but rather as British, French, Germans or simply as Christians. It is true that a number of Germans during the Third Reich and, until a recent past, a number of Americans while in contact with Blacks and Indians did see themselves as Whites proper, but the question is: how long did this racial consciousness last? And if all it takes to root out this racial awareness from their minds is some amount of politically-correct propaganda, then the notion of a solid White, racially conscious nation is a hopeless one indeed—it’s like to consider building a castle on a sandbank.

As a Brazilian, I know where today’s White nations are headed to. Something like 15% of Brazil’s population is pure White, which makes up something like 30 million people. The problem is, the overwhelming majority of these people has non-White friends; has a relative married to a non-White, has married a non-White and/or has himself/herself non-White children. That is to say, the overwhelming majority of these folks are forever lost to the White Nationalist cause—and this will be your situation pretty soon.

In such a depressing scenario, maybe the lesser evil would be to try and close ranks among ourselves instead of trying to save people who do not want to be saved.

Pessimist as I may sound, there is an ultimately successful precedent for our cause: the kikes and their founding of modern Israel. If they have managed to get their own land, Whites can do the same—especially if we give up the naive notion that all Whites deserve to be saved from wholesale miscegenation and the world chaos that will ensue from it. In my humble opinion the Jewish State should be put side by side with works like Mein Kampf as road map for the White Nationalist movement.


Chechar’s note: For articles explaining the meaning of the “Pod” metaphor in the title, just click on the category “Body-snatched pods” below. One of these articles, “Dies Irae,” pretty much summarizes my feelings about mankind in general and whites in particular. It’s probably the most inflammatory piece that has been written in the whole pro-white blogosphere.

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Oh, I was about to forget: this is Brazil, just in case you’re wondering.

Together with the study of how the kikes managed to recreate their lost country, I would strongly advise every White nationalist to educate himself about the Brazilian case, probably the most diverse and miscigenated society on Earth. This will give you guys an idea of what North America, Europe and Australia will look like quite soon — specially because EVERY SINGLE radical leftist piece of legislation that the Left has been trying to push in the First World for decades have already been implemented here, from banning guns (with the net result of 50 000 homicides a year) to banning free speech about the racial question.

This is your future, folks. Welcome.

Lucky you. I had to shut down my racialist blog in Portuguese in order not to have the cops knocking on my door… 🙁

Fortunately, the average Brazilian is too stupid to read in English and therefore I’m safe here 🙂

Same in Colombia, they now approved the “antidiscimiantion law” which basically sends you to prison if you to criticize the holocaust, the fags, the wimminz (feminists) and how diverse is the country.

However, I’m not white. I don’t know what it’s my race, yet I know I’m not negro, I’m not brown, I’m not indigena, I’m not zambo, nor the hispanic that invades other countries.

A shame that Euro-Whites have allowed themselves to sink to this point and the worst part is – they got THE STOCKHOLM SYNDROME – no pun intended.

White Nationalists make several huge mistakes:

They think first about politics. This is their fundamental mistake as no one has ever managed to change a society based only on politics

A lot of them have histories which is annoying as hell.

Their marketing is literally designed to drive off most people. It just doesn’t work.

The focus should be placed on fighting the mentality of the modern day and showing where that came from. Once everyone can see that it comes from really bad places, they shouldn’t be too hard to convert.

The solution in my mind is religious first and foremost. The new mentality must reject the ideology of the laws of commerce and the yahwehist universalism that form the core of the mindset of modernity. Religion must become a fertility religion that encourages the propagation of the people as the manifestation of God upon the earth. The irreality of money and the laws of commerce must once and for all be rejected and the institutions based upon them must fall.

Yes, but how can you ‘market’ WN?

Nietzsche already stated half a century ago that you cannot ‘market’ anything to the Last Man.

The Last Man blinks. He doesn’t want tragic realism, he wants Coca-cola and a smiling Obama Presidency.

It’s not that WN turns people off, its that it would require them to put some effort into their lives and cognition rather than being on auto-pilot.

I think that the best way is to show how the banksters and other types like that are behind this whole mess. If people can get that fact, then they will be much more receptive to the message overall. There is a mental shift that will be necessary to move over to WN. Creating a mistrust of the intellectual foundations of society is always essential. Most WN’s after all first learned about the fake money system and other supreme flaws of modernity hence why many come into WNism as libertarians of some kind. Once you no longer trust the people who created your mindset and begin to see them as wrong, your mind will be freed and you can explore alternatives.

Most whites today are just mutts that look Aryan. They have minds that are worthless which shows their utter bankruptcy of soul. Sure, some of these guys may even by somewhat racial, but their minds are nothing but a corrupt social construct. Nothing would be better for Real Aryan Whites than for these fools to drop dead. Harsh language, but corruption only breeds corruption.

As far as Aryan racialists are concerned, there are no countries worth saving, most people are not worth saving, so yes underground organizations focusing on preserving the best are quite warranted. As far as others are concerned, they can go on and live in their multiracial countries with their fake mentalities. Sooner or later the system will fail, but that’s their choice.

[John Martinez], I generally agree with your sentiments and points. However, I think one of your points merits a refutation:

“Whites with non-White relatives are an ever increasingly growing number of people and these folks will never support a White Nationalist movement in their countries. Never.”

Historical evidence to this particular point actually leads to a contrary conclusion, surprisingly. If you look at recent ethnic/racial conflicts within the 20th century, what is so surprising about the matter is how generally intermixed these racial/ethnic groups were in terms of intermarriage/mixed communities before the bloodletting took place.

The most assimilated Jewish community in the world was in early 20th century Germany, with something around a 50% ratio of gentile marriages amongst the Jewish population. (American’s Jewish population runs an even higher proportion than that, I believe. prophetic?) However, though so highly mixed, this German population had the most organized and effective response to the Jewish question of any Nation in recent centuries.

The black neoconservative Thomas Sowell has a font of information on the histories of racial and ethnic conflicts. An interesting point of his was that in 1955, Tamils and Sri Lankans had a much more hospitable and intermixed relation than say, American whites and Negros.

However, by 1985, the bloodletting in Sri Lanka would prove to be vastly more intense than even the most bloody racial conflicts of American racial history.

Yugoslavians were heavily intermixed, yet their conflict was unquestionably intense.

As to a White Zion: I agree. There are often times I wonder if the Jew is making some sick revenge upon our people by turning us into a diaspora in our own lands, something akin to “we will do to you what you have always done to us.”

Though, Brazil is no stalwart defender of Israel, so it puzzles me how a Brazillified West would be capable of defending the Jewish state in comparison to how effectively White, christian-zionist America has proven to do so.

Historical evidence to this particular point actually leads to a contrary conclusion, surprisingly…

Actually, Martínez is right because he’s speaking of Latin America, where I also live.

A couple of months ago I went to the funeral of my blond cousin; I mean, as a boy he was Scandinavian blond here in Mexico.

I was shocked when I visited his Facebook page and found my cousin with his best friends: some AMERINDS and Mestizo kids. What shocked me the most in the funeral was the scarcity of whites.

In Mexico (and I guess in the rest of Latin America too) once a cousin, brother or relative starts to relate to non-whites the already weak white ethnic bond evaporates quite rapidly.

I could speak about my relatives at length but I believe those confessions should be kept for my auto-biographical writing. Suffice it to say that even without genetic mongrelization, social miscegenation in Mexico leads directly to white suicide.

There’s no question about that. We have experienced here no less than 500 years of that ethno-suicidal phenomenon.

But will the empirical circumstances in Europe facilitate a situation similar to Latin America, or is Germany in the 30ties or ex-Jugoslavia a more likely outcome?

You and Martinez are implying a very strong path-dependency once racial miscegenation has become pervasive. Bluegrass points to historical evidence which contradicts this assertion. In truth, the evidence is far more muddled.

Personally I believe that nothing will be done to reverse the miscegenation epidemic, as long as the humanist-egalitarian ideology reigns supreme in the west. If this ideology somehow becomes discredited and dismantled, alot of very different developments suddenly become possible. So i guess this boils down to the proposition that history is very “open”.

Ofcourse as it is right now, the west(Europe + white Americas) is doomed.

By the way, I agree with your analysis regarding the jewish question, and yoiur dismissal of “mono-causalism”.
And thanks for an interesting blog.

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